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Amazing, Nothing More
Nitrous Oxide & Methamphetamine
by Dahveed
Citation:   Dahveed. "Amazing, Nothing More: An Experience with Nitrous Oxide & Methamphetamine (exp22397)". Oct 18, 2006.

0.6 g smoked Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  10 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)


About three weeks prior to the experience at hand, I happened upon a party where many of my old high school buddies were hanging out. I had been having some luck with moving some Ice, (I wouldn't call myself dealing at the time, but I was hooking friends up and getting good portions for free) so I took my buddies in to another room and we started smoking. A younger guy, N, had followed us up nosily, probably seeking to smoke some pot, and became curious. He offered to trade me a whippit for a few hits from the pipe.

I accepted the offer as it had been some years since my last episode with the sweet gas that resided in the filth of the adult video shops. I must admit, this experience was unlike any other I had up to this point. It rivaled my experiences with mescaline, which I never thought could occur. One single breath sent me tumbling into a world that I could not ever begin to describe.

A few weeks passed and I had made friends with N, as I was now doing whippets quite often, seeking that world once again. N kept trying to explain to me why he enjoyed them so much. He taught me about his experiences with Nitrous, and I showed him the endless world of Meth.

My final experience with Nitrous, in this little binge, was by far the most life altering experience I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. On this particular night, I had smoke about half a gram out of my meth bong, before even thinking about whippets. I went to get another gram for some friends of mine, getting a bit of personal for making the trip, and on the way back, I could not help but stop at the Adult Video that beckoned me from the highway.

We smoked only a little more speed before I left the group. I went into the walk-in closet, turned off the lights, and filled one large punch baloon with three cylinders of the gas. It was my first time to ever attempt three, though many years ago I remember doing much larger hits off of a tank. I invited a girl I was hoping to entice into the closet with me, thinking over my last few experiences, and deciding that a babysitter was not a bad thing. She shut the door, and darkness surrounded us. I began to inhale. After three or four breaths, the world I was in began to melt away, I relived several moments in my life that brought many of problems into perspective, and then I found myself in darkness. Afraid. Confused. But the answer was clear, I was being born. I had just died, and now I was given a second chance. I jumped to my feet, and the world that had been created crashed to the floor. The girl grabbed my arm thinking something was wrong, and reality set in.

I screamed and cursed the girl, explaining that I was on the brink of discovering some great thing that the human mind was not meant to know. The secret to life, perhaps. We both left the closet and I recounted what happened to all that were sitting around. We smoked a few more bowls of the meth, and I was back in the closet. I quickly loaded three more of the whippets, hoping to get back to the level that I had just found. Once again, the young lady came in, this time, promising to only disturb me if I really look bad. I inhaled again; the last whippet I still felt lingering within, but it was fading. This, however, did cause the current vacation to come much quicker than before. Once again, I was in another world. This time I did not relive past moments, but I remember talking to myself during the out of body experience and telling myself that I should reach forward and find what was there. Slowly I felt something overtake my body. It was my body that existed in the real world, sliding into it's place and washing away my vivid dreams of the future. Darkness, once more, covered me. I truly thought, once again, that I had died. But, at the same time, I remembered my last death, and I began to panic. I reached out, trying to find the answer, and there was a shoulder. Once again, reality set in. I screamed, 'There's someone in here with me... oh, nevermind.'

She and I began talking a bit, as she thought I might be pushing my endeavours a bit too hard. I took what she said to heart, and promised her that if I were allowed one more experience, I would give them up (for those wondering, it's been a good while and I've kept my promise), but this last experience would have to be better than all of the others.

We left the house we were partying at and went to an environment I was much more comfortable in. It was my best friendís house, and no one was home, but I had a key, so we let ourselves in. I laid on my bed in the guest room, and the lights went off. She sat next to me, doing a whippet of her own before I did mine. She too experienced an out of body experience, but could not handle it and flailed her arms and feet as if she was having a seizure. She later explained that she was fighting off some sort of demons, but what was more important at the time, was my final exploration. I did not want to be disappointed.

I smoked a very large bowl of Meth before I did, noticing that the meth was improving the whippets. After feeling contently high, I loaded 4 of the cartridges into a balloon. I inhaled. The world disappeared. I've heard of entire lives being lived on a Salvia trip, but on this whippet, I not only lived and entire life, I died as well. It was the most shocking experience of my life. I went to the world, lived what seemed like an eternity as this alternate me, in clear consciousness. I could write mountains of novels of all of the things I did within those moments that the nitrous had taken control, yet if I did I wonder if anyone could begin to understand. I wonder if even I could understand.

What I went through was more powerful than anything the human mind was meant dream. Then, death. The death was the most uncomfortable feeling I have ever had, but it changed my life. I felt the needle stick into my vein, whatever substance had been injected into my alternate self was painfully destroying my world. I reached out, thinking back to my last experience, but there was nothing. My hand stayed in its position, hoping whatever I was reaching for would come to me. Suddenly, my hand grabbed the hand of the body that reality possesses, and enlightenment set in. I cannot tell you what I learned for you would think me a fool.

I was not harmed by any of my whippet experiments. I did and do take vitamins regularly, and B-12 is very neccessary for Nitrous use if you want to remain healthy. I've been experimenting for many years now with anything that intrigued me, but knowing what I am doing always helps.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22397
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 18, 2006Views: 23,318
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Methamphetamine (37), Nitrous Oxide (40) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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