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Positive Third Plateau Experience
DXM & Brainwave Generator Program
by user
Citation:   user. "Positive Third Plateau Experience: An Experience with DXM & Brainwave Generator Program (exp22428)". Aug 8, 2007.

0.5 cups oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  536 mg oral DXM (liquid)


Hello. I'm writing to give a report on my experience last night. I have used dxm once before, 4 days ago, but it was only a small amount and was taken over a long period of time so the effects were rather weak and shortlasted.

Last night, I had about half a cup of some liquour of 16% alcohol, as alcohol is a mild cns inhibitor and was recommended to limit nmda antagonist neurotoxicity, in addition to possibly enhancing the effects of dxm in small quantities. So, following this, I quickly took down two bottles of cough syrup, in total there was 536 mg dxm which brought my mg/kg level to about 10 which is well in the range of a third plateau experience. They were different brands, the first one tasted really bad, in thinking about it I now feel nauseous, it was a thick and sticky syrup. The next bottle was thankfully much lighter and helped wash out the taste of the first. After this I went to brush my teeth, as I wanted to make sure that I would not vomit and get rid of any of the dxm before it is absorbed. I sat in my room alone, fairly dark, and put on the film baraka and began to watch. In the first 30-60 minutes all I felt was a light headed feeling, dizziness, and maybe a little bit stoned. I noticed myself often changing my focus from the film to something stationary like the curtains or my wardrobe. In focusing on objects things gradually began to fade around, my attention was lost in them. I made sure I was very aware to what was potentially placebo effects and what was not.

I noticed I truely began to feel it when I looked at the curtains..the details seemed to get whiter and whiter, everything started spinning.then my vision was gone. My body had a sensation of pins and needles.then nothing. I was in a strange world. I could sound. My thoughts were rather normal, I was thinking about previous experiences I'd read and enjoying it, then I brought myself out by opening my eyes. This began to happen more and more, and I listened to some music - j. S. Bach. Whenever I 'left my body', I would always come to this world of music. I decided after this to turn off the film while I still could and put on a brainwave generator program I had downloaded. I set it to oscillate at 6 hertz black and white pulse and a varied sound, in the theta range. I found this greatly aided in these states of leaving the body.. This happened more and more frequently, in the other world I felt a strange feeling.. Like I was asleep.but. I cannot explain. I thought about my family and my girlfriend.I tried to bring back memories, to go back, but it did not do very much, my thought processes were very normal.

Now came a break, I cant say when this happened. My short term memory appeared to have disappeared almost completely. I remembered I was watching a movie, about this loser messing with drugs alone in his room. Then it suddenly came to me that it was not a film and this was happening. I cannot explain. But the concept of 'self', 'me', 'I', was totally alien. There was no subject to the events that took place, things just happened. I was watching a movie, but there was no watcher, it was just a film. At this point things became very strange. I remember that I was frightened initially at a particular occurance.. What would happen, is I would contemplate doing something, like 'perhaps I should go to the bathroom', and before I'd finished thinking about it I'd realised I'd already done it. I was in my bed thinking about going to the toilet, then I just realise I am already in the toilet, I think on the way back, better be careful not to trip over, then I realise my face is already flat on the floor. The movie phenomenon happened repeatedly. Somehow I have very clear pictures of myself in situations where I was but I was looking at myself. I was 'watching the movie' where the kid was in the bathroom, lying against the wall, bruised, then I suddenly realise it was me, I was back inside, then I was in my bed again.

Because of this, the flow of time and sequence of events were not linear.. Sequence of events a b c d often flowed a c c d b a c.etc. At one point I was convinced I was a rhinocerus, I thought my bed cover was my body, and it made sense to me that of course I was a rhinocerus, everyone is, how is it conceivable that we are not? I remember waking up in my bed many times, thinking what a strange dream, turning the light on, and seeing I am still in wonderland. The proportions of things were vastly exaggerated.. The ceiling could have been a kilometer away, my hands were as big as my body, and so on. I remember talking to someone during the experience, there was always someone with me, that I had to look after, and someone else. I realise now they were just all different parts of 'me', probably the reason it was impossible for me to understand this unifying concept of me, since there were so many versions of it all existing at once. I remember the dreaming off, losing the body, it was amazingly pleasurable. I also found it initially very difficult to shut my eyes, and they would vibrate with the pulse of the computer screen at 6 hertz. Whatever music I played - bach, pink floyd, tool, all seemed to be in rythm with the theta frequency.

The trip lasted until about 5 o'clock in the morning. By this time I was starting to get worried, as I read it lasts for about six hours, but it had already been more than 9. The onset was slow though, I told myself. Then I suddenly experienced. My life, coming through so fast, everything tangled up, and I realised that I had always been insane. That I had always been like this, that many of the people I knew did not exist, that my girlfriend, who I love more than anything, I would never see again.was she real? Did any of them exist? Where is she? And then the voice was laughing and saying, now you see, now you see. This I found frightening, but thankfully I slept soon after. I expected sleep, as I remembered reading that dxm interferes and inhibits the normal function of the posterior cingulate cortex, which is thought to be responsible for these self-critical abuses that I experience a lot anyway.

Well, after waking up I felt quite good, its almost 1 now. I feel tired and still a bit dizzy, as I havent really slept properly, and also I notice if I close my eyes there are strange blue and black images. My reaction time is still a bit slow and so on. Overall, it was a very good experience. It is frustrating that I cannot remember more of it. I intended to try to resolve some personal issues but by the time things had settled in they were too intense for me to think of anything at all. As I mentioned, I couldnt even understand this notion 'me'. I feel tempted to experiment with it again soon, but I dont think I will in the very near future. I will at least try to follow the plateau = break level rule (so a three week break) which I didnt for the mild buzz on friday night.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22428
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 8, 2007Views: 37,469
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DXM (22), Mind Machine Devices (301) : Combinations (3), General (1), Alone (16)

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