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Traveling thru Headspace and Time
5-MeO-DiPT & Nitrous Oxide
Citation:   Indigo. "Traveling thru Headspace and Time: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT & Nitrous Oxide (exp22618)". Jun 18, 2006.

17 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
    repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
Most of the reports I've heard, from a 'friend of a friends' led me to the conclusion that fox was purely recreational, something like a low dose of Mdma with a slight psychedelic kick. I'm laughing out loud as I write that.

The setting would be my home, Saturday night with a few friends over. Tripping buddy for the night would be who I would call almost the female version of myself, M, who tried foxy before about a year earlier at 13 mgs and got the recreational, tingly effect. Friends would be drinking lightly and popping a couple hits of nitrous, there to watch us guinea pigs experiment.

Doses were measure by scale, 17 mgs each, put into shot glasses and topped with rootbeer. The stuff tastes horrible. The funny thing is we were debating 20 because of the expected recreational nature of this drug. Both of us are heavily experienced with acid and other mind-altering substances. On a side note, I added 17 drops of vodka to my glass to see if the powder was soluble enough to make a solution where 1 drop= 1mg foxy. There were undisolved crystals remaining, so it is not. More experimentation is in order in this department.

After about 15 minutes, M, who hadn't eaten since breakfast, began to trip. I had eaten a large snack in the afternoon, so it took me about 25 minutes. It felt like the come-up of high grade acid. The drug grabbed us by the essence our very being, picked us up and threw us into a beautifully chaotic ball of psychedelic sweet lovin'. Peak came on very fast, then the drug tapered off ever so slowly thru the night.

The first hour was characterized by an intense acid like high. Visuals were almost identical to acid for both of us. With the exception of the lack of 'ghosts' (look at a purple spot on the wall, turn away and see it still, but without needing that initial stimuli). Dominating further still for that hour was the body energy. My body was spun, but my mind was tripping off of acid. Everything was tingly, like a slight Mdma feeling without the mental high. During the entire night we were too caught up in the mental and didn't even think of getting my rolling toys out. Music was fucking amazing, misc. rave beats from a stereo were chaotic, the unexpected jumps and twists provided entertainment. M declared music had a brassy quality on which I agree, and distorted on a low level. Tool proved interesting…

We left the living room and my five guests; introspective psychedelic fun was in store. I think my friends were a little disappointed, but M and I both need to get into our own individual head space, it was hard to begin transcending with nearly sober people around. At this dosage inward focusing is extremely enjoyable. M and I would lay on my bed for the rest of the night naked, minus bathroom breaks. We did not have conversation for hours, internal dialogue transpiring was hard to communicate in words form.

Also aiding in my decision to leave the sober crowd was the fact that when I did nitrous, the body energy and the psychedelic pleasure mind-fuck took over my whole, catapulting me into intense full body exploding bursts of astronomic pleasure. I would moan uncontrollably and writhe around perfectly to the beat of whatever music was playing. The deeper the meaning or amount of emotion felt personally by a particular tune before this trip was multiplied 10 fold. I compared this effect to my mental self being a porn star and just relentlessly pounding the living hell out of my weak little physical self.

The acid like high begins to dominate after about the first 1.5 hours. The body energy was there, and would be until 7+ hours, to a lesser and lesser extent. I was tripping my ass off of great acid but I had a great body high as well. Wow.

During one double balloon, the white parts in the black and white bjork poster on my wall began to show the faces of all the people that had ever made me laugh. The higher the number their face appeared, and larger, the closer relationship I presently had with them. They were all laughing. I then begin to recall, in a period of about 2-5 minutes, EVERY moment I had every laughed and why in my life time, one by one. It wasn’t even like I was remembering them, I was reliving them; each was so intensely hilarious. Hard to ponder but it happened. This of course made me start laughing maniacally for another 5-10 minutes. I only stopped because M started making noises, which snapped me back into the real world.

Had a one or two OOBE’s during nitrous after this, won’t even bother trying to explain them here.

Visuals were very heavy, ceiling fan bulbs turned into eyeballs and watched me on my journey. They did NOT go away when I stared straight at them.

Senses were hyper aware, more so than any drug I've done. When a candle broke and spilled on glass a few feet away, I heard every drop, I heard the wax spilling down the candle. I knew what I heard and I'll be damned if I didn't look at the candle and see the wax solidifying. Wow, that really did happen I thought.

No synesthesia (tasting sounds, hearing colors) to the extent of acid, but something to make up for it. Auras very much present. At some times keyed by something. A smell of skin. The pitch and tone of a friend's voice saying goodbye. Warmth was everywhere in my friends. M actually told me the day after that she had experienced a blue purple aura in my face. Whenever I trip off the thought of my own aura, this is the color I feel. This is my favorite color. Odd that she saw that in me without telling her about that idea.

We decided to look at a clock, thinking that we better get to bed soon because the sun is going to come up. We estimated 5-6am. It was 1:40 at this time. Complete and utter time distortion.

Another couple hours later, a little more lucid at this point:
In the middle of doing another double balloon, M began to give me oral sex, totally unexpected. I did orgasm, only in my head though apparently. When the nitrous wore off I honestly did not know if I had ejaculated or not. I was VERY surprised to find out that I hadn't even achieved an erection. I told M that this orgasm was all in my head, and regardless of whether or not it happened physically, it happened mentally, the only place it really mattered.

M had a similar experience, I thought I’d let her describe it for this report. These are her own words:

“I had much the same experience; my wonderful counterpart handed me a triple balloon and told me that this was going to be 'for me'. As I hit the balloon, my mind slid towards non-existence, and the basic methods of life and earth became vividly clear. When he began teasing me, my body suddenly ceased to exist except for the places his hands came into contact with. Eventually, we began having sex, and when I came, it seemed as if my mind had been cast into the center of a sparkling crystal ball, and I observed refracting light and rainbows everywhere. Yow.”
I managed to finally get some sleep at about 8 am. M did not sleep, and I for only 2 hours. I made a large breakfast at 11, and was able to eat no problem. M did not want to finish her plate.

All in all this was one of my best trips thus far. What added on to the trip a lot is that we were not expecting anywhere close to this experience.

This drug has the potential to replace acid for me, considering the fact that it is f*#@ing impossible to find within the last year or two, even in the bay area California.

One more thing, the only minor side effect I had was a little stomach tightness, queasy kinda. This happened the first hour, and I took one of my grandpa’s prescription anti-cramping anti- diarrhea pills that I had lying around and it never came back. M didn’t experience this, neither did two other friends that I dosed at 13 mgs a few days prior.

The other two females I dosed at 13 went clubbing and had a great time. They described it as purely recreational and very good for a social setting. This is the first psychedelic they’ve tried, and were not uncomfortable in any way.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22618
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 18, 2006Views: 24,597
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5-MeO-DiPT (57), Nitrous Oxide (40), OBE (332) : Combinations (3), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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