Relaxing, Mellow High
Tramadol (Ultracet)
by Pill_Fiend
Citation:   Pill_Fiend. "Relaxing, Mellow High: An Experience with Tramadol (Ultracet) (exp22810)". Jun 26, 2007.

75 mg oral Pharms - Tramadol (pill / tablet)
  650 mg oral Acetaminophen (pill / tablet)


I started using drugs about 1.5 years ago. My first drug I ever tried was DXM, which remained my drug of choice until I ended up getting addicted to it, so I quit during the summer of last year. I have also used propoxyphene, ritalin, alcohol, flexerol, dramamine (which was a big mistake,).

I am 16 and am somewhat thin, so drugs hit me a little harder obviously then it would someone who weighs 160lbs and works out all the time. I suffer from social anxiety disorder and mild depression, for which I take Lexapro for, but for the past week and a half I've forgotten to take it so at the time of this experience it was for the most part out of my system.

Today I went into school in an eager mindset: I knew I would be able to get Tramadol today (in the form of Ultracet which contains 37.5mg of Tramadol and 325mg acetaminophen per pill).

They had been offered to me a day earlier by a friend of a friend who said he could get me a pretty much unlimited supply. So today I bought two off of him eagerly awaiting what I knew would be fun. I popped them both in my mouth and downed them with some chocolate milk. I hadn't eaten breakfast this morning but I had just eaten a small can of pringles.

After only about 10 minutes I already started to feel the effects. I noticed I was a bit calmer and my feet were slightly tingly.

After another 20 minutes or so I had to go to my next class which was Science. By the time I got in there I was feeling pretty good. My heart was beating a little faster, my lower body had a nice tingly feeling that feels similar to Nitrous, and I was very relaxed. I remained this way throughout class.

An hour and a half later I think is when I came to the peak, which was the start of my next class. We sat and watched a movie the whole time and I was feeling so good. People were laughing really loud behind me so I couldn't hear the movie, which is something that would usually send me flying into a rage, but I just sat there thinking 'it's all good'. I'm usually very jittery with anxiety and have bad thoughts on my mind, so this is something that works wonders for that. I can see how people find opiates addictive.

On the walk to the bus I could feel I was walking a little funny, sort of like I weighed less (not as strong as the weightless feeling DXM gives, but still there).

On the bus I couldn't stop talking to my friend and when I got off the bus I was slightly disappointed because it adds to the euphoria to talk it seems.

I walked up the hill to my house with a smile on my face, without a care in the world.

So I sit here now, the effects not quite as strong but I'm still feeling quite good.

I experienced no side effects the whole time, like nausea or cramps like some people report. It also did not cloud my mind at all, I could think just fine the whole time. All in all I was quite pleased with this experience. But I can also see how these are addictive. In a way it sort of bothers me that people are out there using stuff like heroin, when this is much milder and less dangerous and is very similar. I really don't feel the need to increase the dose except for maybe one more pill when I really want to relax. I'm already wanting more (not physically, but mentally) so I'll be sure to be careful with this stuff and use once a week at the very most to avoid addiction.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22810
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 26, 2007Views: 102,412
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