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A Trip to the Psych Ward
Brugmansia & Quetiapine
Citation:   Shawn P.. "A Trip to the Psych Ward: An Experience with Brugmansia & Quetiapine (exp22988)". Erowid.org. Apr 15, 2003. erowid.org/exp/22988

50 mg oral Pharms - Quetiapine  
  2 flowers oral Brugmansia (dried)
Where should I begin? Well to make a long story short; I have tried Brugmansia before, in the last 6 months with mild affects, I would say I wasnt ready for what was going to happen the last time i used it. I have heard of Brugmansia about 2 years ago from a friend who had a bad experience and told me to never use it, I didnt take his advice. Before my first experience I looked up what the side affects were. Well despite all the people saying not to use it I did anyways. I was at my house with my friend, we went outside drank some beer and went back inside, It was about 12:00am; he said he was gonna take some but he pussed out on me. I took 50 ml [mg? -Editor] of seroquel and ate the 2 dried flowers I was saving for recreational use.

I vaguely remember what happened after that; my mom said she woke up after she heard a thump and a slam in the house, she went out into the hallway and saw a puddle of water on the floor; she walked over to the bathroom only to see me on the bathroom floor trying to open a cabinet door. I dont remember any of this but she then told my dad that I was fucked up and that we needed to go to the hospital. They then woke my friend up took us down to the car and we were on are way to Maui memorial hospital. My parents and friend said that I thought I was in the game Everquest. They dropped my friend off at his house at about 2:00am Pacific time. I ended up in the emergency room; a small room to the side which I had to sit in for 5 hours strait when I was going to the psych ward for shrooms about a year ago. Anyway there were two security guards watching me in the room I couldnt leave and use the rest room when I wanted so I pissed my fuckin pants...yes I pissed my fuckin pants and im 16 yrs old!

Ok well they had me take a piss test which I scooped water out of the toilet with. All that I am saying I do not remember, my parents told me what I was doing. My mom said I said I saw a door in the corner of the room which I said 'The door opened for me to cross when I used Salvia Divinorum'. I ended going down to the Psych Ward at.. I think it was about 4:00am. I stayed in there for 4 days tripping my fucking balls off. I awoke from my sleep the next morning to see bugs crawling out of the light above me; I didnt mind and I just laid there. I then thought I was in my room at my house and my friend was sitting on the foot of the bed staring at me, I then relised I was smoking a cigarette and when I noticed this it and my friend disappeared into thin air! this happend about 3 or 4 times sometimes i could make the cigarette and my friend disappear like a magic trick. I have to say that 4 months before this experience i had to go to rehab in Hilo.

I Have to say I have used shrooms,acid, salvia, LSA plenty of other drugs in my lifetime. Id say this was the strongest trip of my life and I will remember this forever. I would have to agree with everyone else i am not going to use this again and I WARN YOU that this is serious shit, assassins used this and Datura alike for a poison to KILL PEOPLE; if you are going to use this I would say you will need a couple days of free time and a sitter. Be safe and use thy Hallucinogens for thee power of mind and spirit. Thanks for reading my experience and the best to you peeps; Peace out!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22988
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 15, 2003Views: 36,573
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Brugmansia (84) : Difficult Experiences (5), Hospital (36)

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