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Reality Wasn't Real Anymore
Citation:   T Monkey. "Reality Wasn't Real Anymore: An Experience with 5-MeO-AMT (exp22996)". Apr 15, 2003.

6.0 mg oral 5-MeO-AMT (liquid)
My friend and I recently acquired (via an online chemical supplier) 1 gram of 5-MeO-AMT. The Fed-Ex man is a drug dealer and he doesn't even know it. The package was quite normal looking, which eased our fears of it being too obvious. We dissolved the off white powder into 100mL of Vodka for a concentration of 10mg per mL. One Friday we decided to eat it. I wanted to eat 10mg, because everyone else who did 5mg, either did it with marijuana and had good results, or did it alone and had very little happen. I decided that just for the purpose of being safe, I would only eat ~5mg. I take no medications, and had had no problems in my life recently.

11:20PM- I injest around .6mL of the fluid. I had eaten about 1.5 hours prior to this, it was a 6 inch subway sub with a lot of jalapenos on it (I figured I would probably puke). We immediately left for the video store and rented 'Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas'.

11:40PM- On the way back, I noticed that lights were brighter and they left a longer afterimage, but nothing truly apparent. What was apparent was the slowly mounting nausea, and the generaly feeling of 'something' that this type of thing tends to give me. It felt like before LSD comes on.

12:00AM- We put in the movie and started watching it. I stayed in that state of nausea/nervousness for about 30 more minutes. I never puked though. Everytime I felt it rise up I would just burp, and then feel better for another 5 minutes.

12:20AM- The plant on the floor slowly began to move. It grew and twitched, and then just began shaking as if I were looking at it while I was underwater. That wavery flowing type of image. I could still make it stop at will however. At this point it was a '++'.

~12:40AM- I felt a really big wave of nausea at this time, but at its peak, all of the sudden it felt like my trachea expanded to about 4 times its normal size. It was a similar rush to when I inhale a balloon of nitrous. Except it didn't go away. The concept of nausea was long gone at this point. And later I could just suppress nausea with 'will power'.

~1:20AM- Things were getting crazier by the minute. Trails were everywhere, colors were far brighter than usual, the floor is moving a little. I can see patterns on just about everything. I continued in this state for a while, thinking it had peaked, and enjoying it. At this point it was like that scene in 'Fear and Loathing' when Duke was having a flashback to the 'san francisco acid wave'. He was in the bathroom and just ate the LSD, and spilled some on his sleeve. A crazy looking dude comes in and says 'what's the trouble?'. It sounds digital, and the guy doesn't really walk up, he just frames closer at random. That's what it was like at this point.

It should be noted that the time frame of this substance was substantially different from LSD. It comes on slowly, with noticeable effects at the 1.5 hour mark. It continues to climb until the 3-3.5 hour mark and stays there for about 3-4 hours. Then slowly subsides over the next 12 hours.

~2:00AM- It was at this time that it actually peaked. The paintings in my friend's house were morphing and 3D. They zoomed in and out, moved up and down, the people in them came to life. The pictures on his refrigerator were going insane. The ice in my cup was constantly moving around. The entire house was moving and morphing constantly. There was no way to stop it. Everything within my visual field was swirling, moving, and looked like it was fluid. I believe this was or was nearing a '+++'. Maybe it was just inexperience, but I could not have maintained in any kind of social setting. We were able to communicate very well between each other however, and we kept saying the same thing at the same time. This substance is more for 2 friends to chill with rather than for going to a party or something.

~3:00-5:00AM- Anytime I thought about something I would vividly experience the thought. If I thought about what it would feel like to watch somebody die in front of me, I would vividly experience the sensation of terror. I could also experience the sensation of beauty, or any other sensation for that matter just by thinking about it. The floor looked like it was a 3D object, it had a layer of half smoke half liquid on top of it that was about 6 inches deep. The circular ceiling lights made swirly rainbows. It was also during this time that we started getting philosophical. We decided that all of these visuals are always going on, but that our brain just keeps them under control. It was as if we had a governor on our mind, and this just removed it.

During this time we also watched 'The Doors'. At one point someone in the movie had a picture taken of them or something. Anyway, it was as if the SWAT team had thrown a flashbang into the room. I was blinded by its brightness, and for a frame (which was very long), all I saw was blue with patterns going through it. I also felt, heard, and essentially tasted the camera flash. All of my sensations were melded together. It was as if my senses had just been turned up far beyond what they should be. Anytime I laughed, it blinded me and I just saw patterns. I couldn't tell which hand I had things in unless I looked at my hands (Which was frightening by the way). The corners of the room (Where two walls met, or where a wall and a ceiling met) were simply spectrums of color. The floor would form squares and then they would start spinning like a kaleidescope. Nothing was without motion until about 8:00AM. I wish I could continue to give a timeframe, but after 3:00AM everything in my memory is melted together.

The best part of the entire thing was at around 6:00AM. The sunrise. For anyone who has ever experienced the sunrise in this condition, you know what I'm talking about. It was like I had never seen the world before. The birds were chirping (Which sounded very digital), and when they flew by they left trails of rainbow through the air. The trees were growing, morphing, moving and blooming purple flowers. They were the brightest purple I had ever seen. The trees were extremely bright green as well. The clouds were moving over at what seemed to be 100 MPH with colors flowing through them. A jet flew over on approach to a local airport and it looked like a fairy flying through the trees emitting huge amounts of pink sparks. Another jet (at very high altitude) left a condensation trail that looked like it was slithering. I recall commenting that the grass was 'extra bright today'. We just laughed. We decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood, which was a great way to come down. The grass fluffed in the wind like it was fur. It was beautiful.

It took until sunday evening (2 days) to feel completely normal again. I should also note that I experienced muscle cramps similar to what Morning Glories gave me. I never vomited or had diarhea (However you spell that). This stuff isn't for somebody who just wants to be 'high', although my head was still on fairly straight. Other people reported 5-7mg giving them 'mild visuals'. If these are mild, then I don't know what to tell you. I feel that had I eaten 10mg the experience would have been a bit too much for me to handle. I will be trying it again. For me reality was hanging on by a very small thread, and I can see that with a bad mentality going into this, your life could become a living hell for the next 8 hours.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22996
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 15, 2003Views: 45,532
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