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Too Much
2C-I & Alcohol
by Stupid
Citation:   Stupid. "Too Much: An Experience with 2C-I & Alcohol (exp23026)". Apr 16, 2003.

  repeated oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)


Substance: Alcohol and 2C-I

Setting: Club and at home


2:00 PM: I got 100 mg of 2C-I in the mail. I have never had a psychedelic experience and was curious to try a little right away. I took very little, around 2-3 mg, out of the plastic container of 100 mg and put it on my gums. It didn't taste that bad and I kept it in my mouth for a while until swallowing it.

I didn't feel much and decided to go and work out. I went to do some weight training and during the work-out felt a little disconnected to my surroundings. I could suddenly sit for a short while watching the pattern of the floor but there was no real effect.

11:00 PM: I was feeling restless and wanted to go out to have a good time. I was alone at home and had a couple of drinks and felt that I wanted something more. As the only thing I had at home was 2C-I I decided to take some. I did as before, took a little amount on my gums, 5-10 mg, and held it in my mouth until swallowing it. I went out to go to a club and didn't feel much effect. Outside the club I met up with my girlfriend and a couple of her friends. I was happy and a little drunk.

12:00 PM: Inside the club I had some drinks and didn't yet feel much from the 2C-I. I decided to go out and have some more 2C-I from the plastic container I brought with me. I went outside and took a larger amount, around 10 mg on my finger and ingested that. I then starting going out of the club regularly to add some more 2 C-I because I didn't feel anything. In total I might have taken around 50 mg during the time at the club.

1:30 AM: I went home with my girlfriend and went to bed. I looked at the ceiling and started seeing some movement. It looked like very fast worms moving under the paint. I thought it was great and decided to take more 2C-I to increase the effects. I took another 10 mg and brought the rest with me to bed. Now I started seeing movements of the walls, as if they where breathing. This was exiting and I started taking the rest of the 2C-I in intervals during the next half hour as I was getting more and more visuals.

2:00 AM: Now I could see crystal patterns filling the air in the room and everything was warped and moving. All of the 2C-I was now consumed. I start to feel that I'm out of my body and saw an episode from my life when I was only about 3 years old. This episode I had all forgotten about but I now recall that it had a huge inpact on me. And I can resolve this situation now when I can see it from an objective standpoint. I learned a lot from this and it feels like this will change me.

3:00 AM: I started getting rushes in the body and my heart rate went up. It wasn't uncomfortable but I was now tired and wanted to rest. I was impossible to lay down with my eyes closed since the visuals where so strong.

4:00 AM: My legs started cramping and my jaws where getting a little out of control. It started to get to much for me and I was trying to relax by laying still for around 2 hours. Just watching the visuals and focusing on trying to relax.

6:00 AM: Things are getting worse. I begin to really lose control and I feel that my brain is out of control, it feels like it's burning. This is combined with my legs cramping up towards my chest. I have a problem breathing and start to panic. I think that I'm going to die from this. But I'm so angry at myself for being so stupid that I figure it's my fault if I die, and I'm not going to go to the hospital for this.

7:00 AM: My girlfriend wakes up and tries to comfort me. Now I feel that this is it. I'm really going to die. Her face is morphing constantly. She want's us to go to the hospital but I say that I have to make it thru on my own. But I really have no control over my mind and body now.

8:00 AM: This is the worst moment of my life. I panic and it really scared of my girlfriend.

9:00 AM: At last the anxiety starts to go away a little. My girlfriend has to go to work. And I really don't want to be alone. We start walking to her apartment and it's a beautiful day. The sun is up and I start to look at the clouds. It's very nice. I feel that I want to be close to nature and everything is beautiful. I still get rushes of panic and increased heart rate. But between those episodes everything is fine.

9:30 AM: I lay at the bed in her apartment and look out the window. The clouds form tunnels down to earth and I enjoy looking at it without any anxiety.

10:00 AM: I'm getting really tired and decide to go home. I go to bed and after a couple of hours laying there I manage go to sleep for 3 hours.

3:00 PM: I wake up and have to go to a meeting at work. I feel a little out of it at the meeting but it works out ok.

Overall I don't think it was an all bad experience at all. During the peak of the trip I got a flashback from my early childhood and manage to get insight in things that really made a negative inpact on me but that I had all forgotten about. Even though I don't recommend using any substance in such a reckless way I think the experience for me was rewarding and I would consider using 2C-I again.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 23026
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 16, 2003Views: 42,695
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2C-I (172) : First Times (2), Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5), Various (28)

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