My True Place
Citation:   Matthew. "My True Place: An Experience with LSD (exp23355)". Apr 29, 2003.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
Well. It all started last week when i decided to trip for the first time. Normally im too scared to take such drugs. Ive smoked marijuana about 200 times...but never acid. I was too curious. I had heard nothing but good things about acid, so i decided what the hell, and i purchased 4 tabs from a friend who is really into acid. Now, im not a hippie, but i enjoy the 60's movements and musics as i have also grown my hair down to my back. it feels better that way..anyways... i called my friend K and asked him if he wanted to take a tab with me, i didnt want to be taking something unknown alone like that, he refused but later called me back and told me he too had been conflicted with the curiosity of the drug. we invited one other person, S, my girlfriend, and our other friend J tagged along with im happy that i bought just enough for all!..It was a beautiful saturday evening..around 6pm..the sun was still up..and we thought that it would be best to go off into the middle of nowhere and take our tabs so there would be no one to fuck it up or bring us down. bear in mind this is Iowa, lots of space.

i took the dose around 7pm..the sun was still sitting on the horizon of a beautiful grass field that stretched for miles and miles with nothing else in sight. we had 2 tents set up and a camp fire along with food and water. 7:30 comes around and im starting to think...ok..they always say you had to wait..but this is i figured i had a dud. K was sitting off on a little hill watching the sun say goodnight to the earth..the sky was so beautiful..S was holding my hand and singing a song i cant remember what it was called...J was in his tent laying in the manner so he could see the sky through the mesh. K and J would be sharing a tent, S and i would have our own. The last thing i remember doing before it hit me was staring up at the big beautiful moon that was watching over us.

K walked over to me..and he said..'its beautiful isnt it?'..i looked at him with tears in my eyes as if i had just witnessed a child being brought into the world or something..he asked me 'whats wrong?'...i told him that i had never felt so much peace and love for everything around me as i did now. he smiled. we walked around, taking in all these new sensations..the sky like paper..beautiful paper with the most exquisite painting...the moon as if it was an arms reach away...the wind blowing a beautiful song no instrument could ever mock.

I started to think as i looked at 3 of my friends standing on the horizon in front of me..we are all alone out here in this big universe..but at the same time..were all distant relatives who welcome your visit after a long drive. only this was cosmic. a feeling unlike any other. I looked at the stars. and thanked god for the earth and life. I could feel the earth as if it was a part of me..this is the way its supposed to be. life. I was no longer frightened of death or law or anything else humanly tangible. Im free. Everything just made sense. After about another 4 hours of walking around and being goofy, i felt another dose of energy surging through me as if i could lift a stack of cars, but i knew i needed to sit down for a second. i grabbed my canteen, which was a sight all in its own..the image of me moving towards it and grabbing it played back a number of times before i came back to where i was and took a drink. the tracers were getting more and more rapid and repetitious. we were up until the sun came up to greet us. that night was a truly memorible night, as i became alive for the first time. i was born. i am one week old. i plan on taking LSD again, but for right now, im just trying to learn to live the way im supposed peace..harmony..and joy..thank you for life and earth god.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 23355
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 29, 2003Views: 10,917
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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