Took Lethal Dose and Still Alive
by Mick
Citation:   Mick. "Took Lethal Dose and Still Alive: An Experience with AMT (exp23603)". Sep 22, 2008.

  oral AMT (powder / crystals)
My name is Mick. My friend JB bought a gram of this Alpha-Methyltriptamine. I had taken it many times before but only as much as 50mg at a time. But the jar of the powder this time looked much smaller. First he mixed up a very small dose for each of us. he thought it was 30mg because of the size of the jar. we took those and didnt feel anything so i told him to dump the jar out onto the coffee table. That was the beginning of the blur starting at 8pm on a wednesday.

The yellow-white powder just came pouring out. Then we divided it into 25 50mg piles. We filled two pills for each of us. So 110mg eaten for each of us. we waited 2 hours and i started to feel pretty good. everything seemed to move and had its own, very complex routine. the wind moving the grass and the clouds made me feel as if I was in a dream. but then after another hour my friend JB was just like, 'wanna redose?' I was already so fucked up but it wasnt my money and i just said alright because it WAS free drugs and all. we took another 50mg pill each. We just chilled and tripped our balls off until like 5:30 am on Thursday. The whole night felt like a blur of hot and cold flashes.

The cigarettes i smoked felt like each drag was a huff of Glade and felt horrible on my lungs. I started to get a headache around 6:00 am and took like 3 asprin. I just chilled in my friends living room with a hardcore daze until it was 9:00am. i didnt fall asleep either. it was so crazy how time flew. five minutes later i looked at JB and he just took 100 more miligrams by just licking it off the table. he started freaking out about it coating his tounge permanently or something. now he is alot bigger than me like 100lbs bigger and i am 140lbs. So i was hesitant because i thought i was gonna die if i ate more. but i was already so deep into the trip that i licked up 2 more doses off the table to see what it was all about. When that was all said and done i had a coating of the substance on my tounge. it WAS definently horrible. but when that was gone i was ALREADY feeling it in like 20 minutes.

it felted like i was in 3rd gear before that pile on the table and then it was just like a jolt into 4th and 5th and i was BEYOND gone. I had forgot about school i was so fucked up. and around 12:30 in the after noon my friends phone rings. he is so fucked up when he answers it. it was my dad. and carelessness due to the trip made him tell my dad that i was there. i said i was not talking to him. after like 3 minutes of straight argueing about me getting on the phone he said either talk to him or leave. i was in no condition to talk to him with about 300 something miligrams down so i left. I went into my friends backyard and he locked me out. it was so cold. i just stood there not knowing what to think. I heard conversations between my friend and his dad in my head. my friend kept saying he was going to go outside and kick my ass. His dad was just like look at him, he is ditching school, has no coat on and is beyond fucked up. it sounded so real. then my friend said in my mind that the cops are on their way.

i appeared out the backyard and saw that i thought every car was a cop. I saw cops pass every car and they all had lights on top. then i started to see swat vans coming and talking on those microphone things telling me to come out. i started pounding on my friends door and his stepsister answered the door and let me in. i just went upstairs and everything was all good with my friend. he just said i had to talk if my dad called back. i told him that i would just step outside and he could say i wasnt there cause that would be the truth. he never called back and I redosed once more with another 50mg and chilled there all night again. i went to school the next day and was so fucked up. I had a blast the entire time accept the headache part b4 i took the asprin, but i couldnt sleep for four days and the trip wore off after a WEEK. that is my tale to tell about this chemical and i would not ever reccomend eating how much i did because i coulda died. But the drug has amazing acid-like visuals. Accually, the visuals were better than acid.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 23603
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 22, 2008Views: 1,336
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AMT (7) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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