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Tripping Alone - I Still Regret It
by Liltripper
Citation:   Liltripper. "Tripping Alone - I Still Regret It: An Experience with LSD (exp23701)". Jul 24, 2018.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:30 1 tablet oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:35 1 tablet oral LSD (blotter / tab)

I regret the day even now, but it was only 2 months ago.

I was home alone, all by myself, my house is fairly large, and is really scary if your home alone. It was a stormy night, and I was talking to a friend about LSD on the internet, and I told him I had some, he told me I should try it, and that it is completely safe, he was an experiences tripper and could guide me safely through the trip.

5.00PM I trusted him alot, and decided it was a good idea, my parents werent going to be home for along time, so I decided to slip one in, and my friend gave me instructions on my first, It was fine, and he later told me it is only dangerous if I have more.

5:30PM Still no effect, my friend was beggining to say I was jipped and had Purchased 'Blank Blotter' so he insisted I tried another, just to make sure, so I did, but it was different this time, and I felt it beginning to kick in.

5:35PM All was good, I was explaining my trip Blankly to my friend, and he said its all good fun, and was encouraging like a good friend was, but he then insisted that I was taking a low dose, and the blotter was proberbly half dipped, and Not as Strong, without telling him, I slipped in another.

5:45PM The high hit me like a wall of bricks, I was messed up, and alone, I explained to my friend I had another, I couldnt even type, and I fell to the floor Cluching my Chest, as it Began to Rain extremely Loud.

6:00PM My friend explained I should go hard, or have none at all, the image constantly hit my head, I heard voices telling me to have the other, and I think the last tab was what braught me to insanity, so I had it, and I was ripped.

6:10PM For 10 minutes, I constantly struggled around the house, I was scared, everything was comming at me, I heard Voices, voices of my parents, screamming and yelling, I ran into my room and lied down trying to sleep it off.

6:15PM I was lieing in my bed for about 20seconds before I forced myself to get out, I was sinking inside, like I was struggling to get back out, I rolled out of the bed and hit hard on the floor, I thought I was going to die, I continously rolled over, I didnt care what I did I just wanted to get out of the trip.

6:30PM I constantly ran around the house, trying to exhaust myself to try and get rid of it as fast as I could, I heard ringing and screaming, I picked up the phone after I heard a ring, and continuesly shouted HELP! FU**ING HELL HELP! IS ANYBODY THEIR?? I couldnt hear voices, or nothing, the phone clutched around me like it was stuck to my neck, I ran around trying to wear it off.

6:50PM The trip was in its full force, I was crawling around in a dark corner of the house, moving and screaming, I saw thousands of things moving, I clutched myself deeper inside, trying to shake out of it, but it was no use, I was going to die.

7:20PM I couldnt take it, I tried to ring friends but the phone numbers vanished, and moved around, and I couldnt remember them, I was braught to my knees with the phone in my hands, and collapsed.

My tripping days were over.

4:30AM Horrible, I woke up on the kitchen floor, with the phone in my hands, I had the immediate recognition my parents had seen me in this state, and just left me their, the trip was wearing, I could feel it, but it may had been a dream, I read the clock, and it was stable at 4:30AM, the trip had gone, and as much as I can say I was fine, I went back to the computer, to see about 500 messages from my friend, trying to talk, and getting worried, it is alot better to know now, that I feel like I was not truly alone on my trip.

I should have never taken LSD alone.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 23701
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 24, 2018Views: 1,244
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