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Stopped Reason
Police (Cannabis & Alcohol)
by J
Citation:   J. "Stopped Reason: An Experience with Police (Cannabis & Alcohol) (exp23989)". May 27, 2003.

  smoked Cannabis
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine


Date: May 23, 24 2003
Time: 11:40-12:10
Location: USA, Illinois just south of Chicago

Half an hour ago I had a really F'd up encounter with the police. I was driving home from chillin with my buds when I saw the right lane of traffic was blocked by a police officer. He stepped in front of my car and directed me into a parking lot filled with cop cars, civilian cars, and two huge police-task-force like vehicles. I had been going the speed limit, moving with the flow of traffic on a fairly busy road, (U.S. Route 52, Joliet IL) nothing was wrong with my car.

What was wrong however was that I was really high, and had most of a 30 pack in my trunk, along with four joints in my cupholder. I'm 17 so its illegal to possess any alcohol. Weed is obviously illegal. There was an empty on the floor, so I kicked it under my seat.

My heart was racing like that guy in 'The Telltale-Heart' when the cop said that this was a Driver Safety Inspection. He asked for my license and registration, while giving my car a good look-over, moving around to see in my back seat.

I was driving on a ticket so I gave it to him and got my insurance stuff out of my glove box. Thank God I didn't stash anything there. The cop left and I was alone for about 10 minutes (11:49~12:00)

It occurred to me that this was a huge breach of my civil rights, but it also occurred that the more contact with the police I made, the bigger the chance that theyd see my cashed-out eyes. I didn't know if he had seen them and was getting a k9 unit right then. I waited for a long ass time and then they pulled a squad car out of the way and waved me forward. The pig gave me back my ticket and let me go.

As I approached the officer who gave me my ticket back I could see inside one of the huge task force things, and I saw TVs with pictures of all the surrounding area, including a view on another person waiting in her car. I could see her there perfectly, and if she had tried to hide anything she would have been caught on tape. I had fingered a roach in my pocket, and had thought of hiding it, but thought better of it, thank God again. :) (and I'm not even that religious)

This sting type thing was way more sophisticated than anything you'd see on COPS. This was like the really high tech stuff you see on a movie. I can't believe that our country would allow such invasion of privacy, and such an ineffective one at that. If there is a lesson in this it is Keep your shit well hidden when your driving, and take the smaller streets whenever possible. Dont ever talk to the police more than u need 2 even if ur rights are being violated, send a letter instead. Dont freak out and suspect they 'know' u have drugs and are loaded or anything (I did a little of this). Stay safe and outta jail. peace

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 23989
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 27, 2003Views: 20,005
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