Not “Noteworthy Interesting” but “Interesting Interesting”
Amanita muscaria
Citation:   sixthseal. "Not “Noteworthy Interesting” but “Interesting Interesting”: An Experience with Amanita muscaria (exp24001)". Jun 3, 2003.

6.5 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (dried)

Amanita muscaria (Fly Agaric). I’ve never had this mushroom before, they’re different from magic mushrooms, as the primary content of amanita muscaria is muscimol and ibotenic acid (which gets converted to muscimol by the body). Read more about amanitas here []. I had 6.5 grams of prepared (baked caps and dried skins) amanita muscaria courtesy of chemist_tip. Thanks buddy! I’m writing this now at T +7 hours +. I consumed the amanitas at 5 pm and the trip is wearing off now, but the after effects are still felt, still a bit confused.

Mmm…baked amanitas look, smell and taste wonderful

Anyway, CT baked the amanita muscaria last week to potentiate the effects. There’s an article in Erowid about how baking decarboxylates ibotenic acid into muscimol - basically, baking the amanitas before consuming it raises the muscimol levels and thus makes the amanitas stronger as more ibotenic acid is converted into muscimol.

Substance: Amanita muscaria
Dosage: 6.5 grams (mixed material of dried caps (baked) and cap skin (dried))

6.5 grams of baked caps and (peeled) dried cap skins of amanita muscaria. I ate everything in this picture. Mmm…

The amanitas I consumed are a mix of all caps (baked) and the skin (just dried) on an empty stomach. I ate them as is, they taste wonderful, baking adds a lot to the flavor! There was a nice “french fries” taste to the baked caps and the dried skins tastes good too - mushroomy taste, like shiitake mushrooms actually. Hmm…I think I’m repeating some stuff that’s already in the trip log, so I’ll just paste that here in its original and unedited form (beware typos):

If you’re not interested in reading the trip report, scroll down to the end if you’ll like to see a picture of drying peeled cap skins.


took at 5 pm
last meal: 17 hours before
very nice tasting, the baked amanita caps tasts LOVELY, like some kind of baked french fries. the dried cap skins wasn't too bad too, tasted nice as well.

was getting slightly sleepy without realizing it. and i've read about the nausea, but god, i didn't know it was this bad. it just suddenly started. the nausea i mean. not eating for 17 hour beforhand is prob a mistake. ugh, the nausea is really bad, like the ones you get on third plateu dxm doses. feel an urge to throw up, and i'm very dizzy too. damn. the feeling is like the nausea and diziness you get after smoking wayyyy to many cigarretes. gonna lie down for a while.

just got up to tell you all VERY DIZZY and i notice the saliva effects too. i'm also think i'm getting gastric coz of the way my stomach is churning.salavating more than usual even before drinking water.

i felll askeep just now and suddendly wope up beofre 10. i don't rememembre dreaming or taking the mushrooms and just sat up for almost 5 minutes there not knowking anything. i didn't realise i was inder the influence until i knoticed i was repepating 'shut now' and' 'recipient' while looking back and forth at two nacent peoole. i know the pic are thise them byt sge looke anyway, so there's like three google for 3 pll to 'go for it' and 'recipent'/

its hard to type. i saw that my hard of view is sharrting to get hard now. when i see a line it rend tosee another like with the 'comp' 'abuse' words. damn i didn't reliuase but talkimg will be hard on this one,the visual field is too fast for me fo one thint. when i look left ahright as the keyboard once, it's like 'helllo nad tkae care'

sorry, tellying is hardf since i'mt thinkbg one character bakc is correct/i keepm moving my head to the northwest.i can tell i'm very under the was go keep going northwest. keeps on upperright uppperright and hehe oops i thought my digicam was my mouse, i kep themside by sode controlled with a lit of effects but it does keep shiny and i have be my on my toes all the time. yep, lazy to correct the typos too.

walkked to the toilet just nopw and realized my motor skills isn't as stable as i thought it was. fell down while putting on toilet slippers. things are strange too, found mysefl very open to any suggestions, can be quite a dangerous drug in this context. and now my head heard this it keeps wanting to lean to the left and grabbed my mouse receptor instead of my mouse.

i think amanita is clear for me. i have no 'mental noise', totally silent for the occational 'all clear' that its repeating now. it can repeat anything too, but just one phase. I notice it went 'boom, boom boom' just now, but otherwise the mental clarity is good,. i don't think i can talk properfly though but i can try if confronted.

the effects are mainly mental. the only 'visuals' i saw was a very fast moving field of vision. you dunno how hard it was to type those few words. my brain keeps repeating 'television' and another phrase i forgot to comfuse me. it wanted me to help something else, i think. oh i rememeber now! it was 'help' my brain keeeps repeating 'help' in a male voice like someone is in trouble. the vouce sounds middle aged, caucasian, and weakening, like he's drownking (not in water) in something like weak sand. quicksand i mean.

ah i can see i'm confusing you too. anyway, i was just talkking about a filed of vision who like to instist going 'went of form' come her' to eat oothter ahd i looked back and forth even thought I'm tyoping now. strabge, :) ate a time tam. wasn't aware of the taste at first but its great now. at firt duriring the crunching stage, it feels large and volimuniis in my mouth, but tasted dry, there wasn't any taste until a movied it back a bit towards by throat. then the nice taste came. i just notice i dropped a piece of chocolate on my hard and i was surprised at this new brown bit on my left hand. i was thinking is it a bug that landed on my hand or did i grow a new strange brown wart?

Its not the first nor the seond but i didn't want to eat the small bit after i made the bug association. ah, now you scared me a bit.i don't like bugs and i subconsiouly shuddered a littke as i bruch it offed. damn. heh. surprised myself that i should shudder even know my mind knows that its obviously not some bug but a piece of chocolate.

oh i just noticed that i was doing minor twitching tooo. little things i can't control like my right hand twiched a acouple of seconds ago. which is strange (damn my brain insisted on writing 'why' as strange' but i won) because i had a couple of klonopins - clonazepam (not only a benzo but an enti epilepsy medication because it supresses epileptic fits) with beer last nite (or early this morning) while coming down off meth so i should still be feeling it now.

it feels like dxm too, kinda 'dissociative like'. funny. i'm going to smoke some weed and eat some food now.

i don't know why but it seems that i like to wave now. like move to side to side.. oh damn i lost a bit of infor by not saving. btw, i haven't eaten, walking feels unsteady right now, will try again later.

short term memory is either affected or overrided by some other effect. can't do stuff quickly. wanted to resize the amanita pics and took ages. keep going to wrong folders that seemed 'right'. keep going to wrong menus that seemed 'wrong'. sometimes i even know they're wronf before clicking the folders and yet my hand goes to click it. what a paradox!

yeah it things can be quite blur. trying to do things is hard since your mind seems to have a mind of its own and want to do other things. so you end up doing things that was not what you wanted. this is like picking up wrong things - want to pick up keys, pick up fan instead, really strange stuff. hmm...

12:00 am
feeling a return to baseline. aftereffects still present but not tripping anymore. its been 7 hours since ingestion. lasted fairly long, nice, considering shrooms just lasted 3 hours that time. mushies effects are better though.


Peeled amanita muscaria cap skins drying on a piece of paper on a box

My personal experience today did not find anything extremally noteworthy about amanita muscaria. It does feel (caught myself spelling “fill” twice) interesting, but there’s no real visuals associated with it besides the “everything is moving fast, the world has a fast framerate” feeling. As you can see, I accidentally fell asleep in the early stages of the trip. I may have slept though the peak, but I’m under the impression that sleeping the first phase (sedating phase) off is common and people will automatically waking up during the stimulating/psychedelic phase. Personally, I did suddenly wake up for no reason and was disoriented for a while before remembering the amanitas I had previously consumed. I sat there for 5 minutes wondering why I’m feeling weird without realizing that I was under the influence coz I forgot all about amanitas. :)

I do appreciate this experience though, I like trying new things and amanita muscaria’s effects are interesting. It’s markedly different from a magic mushroom trip, which is understandable as the contents are totally different. The experience sure is different from any substance I’ve tried before, although comparisons can be made – a cross between (magic mushrooms(psilocybin)/LSD – part of these effects are present) / (DXM/ketamine – slightly disassociative) / (benzodiazepines – memory problems). That doesn’t do it justice though, the effects are different from anything I’ve tried before and I found the trip just plain weird because of the strange effects. Eh, I’m still a little confused now, would have been better to write this tomorrow, but I feel like getting it done today. :)

I would try it again at a higher dose, it’s quite interesting, not “noteworthy interesting” but “interesting interesting”. Certainly worth a second trip, and I’ll stay awake during the sedative stage next time to see if there’s anything interesting in there. The nausea is really bad for me though, I'll make it a point to smoke cannabis during the trip next time, I didn't want to 'cloud' my experience today so I didn't. I prefer to try substances I'm new to on it's own the first time. My apologies for all the typos and confusing statements in this post, I’m still feeling the mild aftereffects even after 7 hours 41 minutes. Oh, and I changed the POTD to one of amanita muscaria to honor my first experience with this nice mushroom. :)

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24001
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 3, 2003Views: 74,962
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