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Goofy Roofie
by holo
Citation:   holo. "Goofy Roofie: An Experience with Flunitrazepam (exp24020)". Erowid.org. May 3, 2004. erowid.org/exp/24020


Goofy roofie

Rohypnol is prescribed as a sleeping aid, and it does work wonders in that respect. If you take one and want to sleep, you'll be sleeping like a rock within an hour (the drug kicks in in about 20min). Do not use rohypnol if you plan to sleep for less than eight hours - if you are able to wake up at all in less time, you'll have a hard time getting your heavy body and head out of bed.
If you take one without wanting to go to sleep, however, it's not very hard to stay awake and the effects from one rohypnol (1mg flunitrazepam) will equal about 10mg of diazepam (valium), only with a quicker onset.
I was told before trying roofies that one pill would make me sleep, while two or more would get me high and wide awake. It's true you won't get particularly sleepy from a higher dose, and you will get 'high', much like on valium, however nobody told me of the amnesiac effects of this drug. Now I will never ever take more than two roofies at a time, because not only can I not see the point in having fun if I can't remember any of it, but roofies also have a tendency to dissolve your normal rules of behaviour. I have said and done some things that I'm not very proud of (I've been told) under the influence of roofies. The highest dose I've taken, as far as I can remember (sic), is ten pills. God knows what happened afterwards and that I was lucky to wake up in my own bed (18 hours later I think).

INTERACTIONS (the ones I've experienced)

As with all the -zepam drugs, be cautious if you decide to combine it with alcohol. Especially with roofies and liquor, the rules of mathematics no longer apply. 2+2 now equals 6. The effects of both drugs will be greatly increased, this sadly also applies to the amnesiac and stupidity effects.

Caffeine and roofies kind of work against each other. But they still go great together, especially if you tend to get sleepy on -zepams. The desired effects of each substance won't be disturbed much, while the roofies ensure you don't get nervous from the coffee and the coffee keeps you awake. As far as I know it's also a perfectly safe combination.

A roofie or a half in your system will allow you to smoke much more than normal if you tend to get paranoid on cannabis. But, as with alcohol, short term memory is affected somewhat more than with each drug alone.

Personally, I have never experienced any form of addiction to rohypnol or other benzodiazepines. I know they are indeed addictive, mentally and physically, and I attribute my non-addiction to the rules I've laid down regarding my own use. They are, basically:
-*Never* use benzo's two days in a row.
-If you exeed your normal doseage, wait at least two days before taking more.
-Do not use benzo's each time you feel bad.
Since a roofie is an easy way to feel good and not be troubled by whatever is bothering you, *be careful*! If you can't handle other downers or alcohol, you probably can't handle rohypnol either.

I think rohypnol can be a very handy and helpful drug if used with sanity.
If I'm a little anxious and out of it one day, a roofie, or just a half one wil sort me out in no time. I have a diazepam prescription for an anxitey disorder, and roofies work in basically the same way, only much quicker. I can not recommend doses above two pills. As mentioned, you'll be jolly and carefree, but without memories of it (at high doses, for some people it only takes one pill to forget most of what happens afterwards), and you'll probably do stuff you shouldn't (like trying to drive, swim or drink). Start out with no more than one (you probably won't need much more) and do not take more or drink alcohol until at least an hour has passed, which is when the effects start to peak.
Also, never ever give anybody rohypnol without their knowing, and remember to make some rules for your own use and make sure you follow them.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24020
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 3, 2004Views: 50,685
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