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Words From a Very Experienced User
GHB & Various
Citation:   ScotHibb. "Words From a Very Experienced User: An Experience with GHB & Various (exp24116)". Dec 9, 2005.

  repeated oral GHB (daily)
General Disclaimer – During ALL of my GHB experiences I was in a part of the world where it was FULLY legal to do so. No laws where broken.

I discovered GHB late in 1999 while trading poppy-pods with a friend. We where chatting about different bouts with insomnia, and how nothing short of barbiturate overdose could get me to sleep. I was recently engaged, and my new wife (whom I met at work…a top 10 pharmaceutical firm) does not experiment with drugs of any sort…and did not know that I did. Actually, being senior management in a large pharma firm, no one at work knows!!!

I obtained some small clinical trial information from the UK and read up on its clinical use in the past decade or so. I was then determined to try it myself (the fact that a NDA – new drug application – was filed in the US for GHB made me that much more anxious to try it). I found a reliable source to obtain the GBL, and another high-grade source for the NaOH and the KOH (I wanted to try it both with sodium and potassium hydrochloride).

When my care package arrived I was so anxious to try it, I almost blew my cover with my fiancé…I had to tell her it was ‘rooting hormone’ for my plants, and that it was poisonous and not to drink it…as I was planning on keeping it in the fridge due to its protein nature). The first batch went exceptionally well and I have been making it and using it ever since.

Overall Experiences:
I started mixing triple doses to save on time, storage space and so that my supply would last longer. I basically mixed 360ml GBL with KOH (I prefer KOH to NaOH, see my notes on this later), and diluted it with distilled H2O to fill an empty glass vodka bottle 9a fifth). When I use 120ml of GBL, it makes approximately one teaspoon equal to one gram…thus it’s easy to dose. When I mix it at triple dose, I use 3-6 teaspoons (approximately 9-18 grams), depending on how deep I want to sleep, and whether or not I’m drinking alcohol with it that night.

I found that on very stressful nights (if I have a presentation to our president or something the next day) I need to take 14g, wake up in about 4 hours, and re-dose. I then wake up refreshed, rested and ready to take on the world. A few times I slept past the 4 hours and took a dose where I could only get 32.5 (sic) more hours… then woke up feeling a bit drunk still (a long shower and 45 minute commute to work fixed that).

Sexual Arousal:
Most every night I find myself desiring sex if I happen to stay awake too long, rather than relaxing and allowing it to work. My wife seems to enjoy my performance, but I find it extremely hard to climax. It usually takes much concentration, and 6 times as long as normal (2 hours one night). On nights with smaller doses, the time is much shorter and the wife is much happier.

Muscle Repair:
If I pulled a muscle (neck, shoulder, back, etc.), I began to notice that the healing time is significantly shortened. For instance, if I pull a muscle in my neck it used to take 3-5 days before the pain was gone. Taking a muscle relaxer (such as Flexaril) would cut it down to 2-3 days, but GHB usually will cut the healing process down to a single night! When I work out extra hard, I no longer wake up in the morning sore! I built a deck on the back of my house last fall and I was extremely sore that night. I took an extra dose of GHB, and when I woke up in the morning I was like new. The level 6-10 sleep that GHB gives me is a muscle repairing sleep, many times more than that of Ambien (which according to Pharmacia gives patients level 5 sleep where the body begins to repair muscle).

Nocturnal Leg Cramps and High Blood Pressure/Kidney Damage:
I began to notice that after a couple of weeks I would wake up with severe leg cramps. Although an additional nocturnal dose would repair the muscle that cramped up, the experience was not pleasant. Upon doing some more research I found the GHB depletes potassium and other minerals (NaOH based GHB that is), and many other users have complained about leg cramps in association with GHB usage. This can be solved pretty easily by eating a banana, taking potassium and other supplements…OR…simply by using KOH rather than NaOH to react the GHB. Caution – it takes more KOH to successfully react GBL fully into GHB.

High Blood Pressure and Kidney Damage – because NaOH is a powerful salt, GHB made with NaOH is of course VERY salty. In fact, when I mix a triple batch in a fifth-bottle, the liquid is quite thick. I noticed this strait away as I would wake up with a super dry mouth and my blood pressure would rise. Heavy salt loads can ruin your kidneys as well as cause high blood pressure. Make sure to drink plenty of water, and watch out…if you mix alcohol with too much GHB and water, you might “forget” to wake up to urinate during the night. My wife kicked my butt because I got up half-asleep on GHB and pissed on the dog one night…oops! After that I limited my alcohol consumption with GHB…

GHB Addiction:
I used GHB every night of the week, twice a night, from September 1999 to March 2001. Around March I had finally admitted to my lovely wife how I was able to fall to sleep so fast, sleep so deep, and maintain an erection until she was begging me to stop. She was not pleased, but she also knows how bad of a time I have with insomnia. Once I explained the benefits to her, she agreed to ignore my GHB usage. She did require one thing of me…that I quit for a week to see if I was addicted (since we both work for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, she knows about drugs and their effects).

I was pretty frightened to stop taking it, as I have never been addicted to anything in my life (I quite smoking cold-turkey, never got addicted to heroin when doing it, alcohol was never a problem to quit, etc.). I nevertheless agreed to stop. When darkness fell, rather than going into the fridge and measuring out my nightly dose and mixing it with OJ…I took a very long shot of Grey Goose, popped a few Xanax and went to lay down (no reason to make the first night horrible, right?). Surprisingly enough, I actually fell to sleep and didn’t wake up till morning. The next night I decided to try it with nothing more than a Unisom and a glass of warm milk…still no noticeable problems. By the end of the week I had proven to myself and my wife that GHB had no addictive properties for me! I do have to admit that during that whole week I never got the same level of deep sleep that I did on GHB, but it was refreshing to do it the natural way. Since then I agreed with my wife to only use GHB on work nights, and on the weekends I give it a rest.

Scary Deep Sleep and Snoring:
The biggest complain my wife has with me taking GHB to sleep is that it makes me snore (and I don’t snore unless I’m on GHB). She also freaked out a few times because she tried to wake me up and she couldn’t. She said she was shaking me, screaming in my ears and closing my nose and mouth and I wouldn’t wake up. Luckily I had already explained my GHB usage, and she didn’t call the hospital.

Other drugs I tried with GHB:
Although I have not been actively doing drugs (other than GHB and Vicodin) since I got married (well, there was a few times, and I love drinking my home made poppy tea). Prior to last year I had the pleasure of trying many other substances with GHB.

Base Cocaine + GHB = tossed and turned, woke up ever 15-30 minutes…not very pleasant, but no real noticeable drug interaction. The first 10-minutes after smoking a dime-bag were euphoric…the rest was restless and anxious (but not too much different than doing base at night anyhow).

Heroin + GHB (snorted, not injected) = quite a pleasant experience. Although it, believe it or not, disrupted my sleep after quite a bit, the night was pretty euphoric and peaceful. For the first few days of getting back used to the heroin, the GHB seemed to help with the “itches”.

Alcohol + GHB = GHB triples the effect of alcohol and vice versa. When I am drinking (usually vodka martinis) I always wait until right before I go to bed to take my GHB…otherwise I could find myself sleeping under the kitchen table. Another thing I found out was that with alcohol I feel like staying up later and doing stupid things like surf the Internet, or reply to an email. It feels good an euphoric, BUT can make me feel a bit dizzy as well. BE CAREFUL when using GHB and alcohol together…it can depress breathing, make breathing shallow and induce very deep sleep.

GHB+Alcohol+Barbiturates = about the same as alcohol…use caution
GHB+Vicodin= about the same as heroin and GHB…use caution

Other Cautions:
For those of you that attempt to make GHB at home (it’s so easy), make sure to either test your acid/base levels prior to consumption OR mix your GHB with orange juice (or other high-acid juices) prior to consumption to ensure you don’t burn your throat or stomach. I had a friend I gave some GHB to, then he tried to make it himself and a ton of the GBL spilled before it reacted with the NaOH…then one night he took a swig directly from the bottle (NEVER DO THIS, ALWAYS MEASURE YOUR DOSE)…not only did he burn his throat, he vomited all over his house for an hour.

Always remember: if you respect drugs and use them in moderation, everything will be well and good. If you abuse them, there will be consequences. Never spike someone’s drink, never take more than you know you can handle. If you’re using GHB to party with, let a friend know, or write GHB on you hand, in case you take too much or drink too much. I have done extremely high doses, and the worse that happened is my wife freaked out cause she couldn’t wake me up for 3 hours, but I was just fine. Remember that most GHB bad press, and complications is due to idiots in the ER ward calling a deep sleeper ‘comatose’. There is nothing farther from the truth. Just be careful, and don’t fall to sleep on you back if you’re doing large doses (if you vomit you can aspirate and die).

Please bear in mind that just because I have had nothing but positive experiences with GHB, and have never experienced addiction…doesn’t mean you won’t. If you have an addictive personality you may find it hard to stop, or even experience withdrawals. I happen to be lucky, I can do heroin for a month strait and stop (maybe feel like I have the flu for a day after). I have a brother that if he takes a Vicodin and a beer he passes out. Please bear this in mind as tolerance may be so much higher than your, that my dose may put you in the hospital.

End Notes:
In my experience, GHB is a wonder drug. I don’t use it to get “high”, I use it for sleep and to feel better than I ever have in years. Although I am only 30 years old, I feel 16 again. I have NEVER, in over 3 years of GHB use, experienced a negative event or side-effect (other than pissing on my poor Labrador one night). I have read some other experiences on this site, and I don’t understand why so many people had negative outlooks on GHB.

Be responsible and live long!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24116
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Dec 9, 2005Views: 79,217
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