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It Was Going Good, Then Went to Hell
by Meth666
Citation:   Meth666. "It Was Going Good, Then Went to Hell: An Experience with LSD (exp24196)". Feb 28, 2013.

1 hit oral LSD


Ok, Before this happened I had taken LSD maybe 10 times and they were all good, had a great time and had alot of fun. I cut school with a couple of my friends because it was close to the end of the school year and we weren't doing anything there so why not. We went over to my friends house and sat around playing video games and talking, normal stuff.

My one friend I'll call him R, suggested we take some LSD and have some fun. I thought to my self why not I have nothing to do. We decided to just get one hit each, we didn't want to go completly crazy. It was just me, R, and my friend B. They were $5 a hit so R called up the guy who had it and he came over to deliver the goods. I had some doubts before I took it, it was just a weird feeling in my stomach I couldn't explain. We took the hits and waited. The acid started kicking in about a half hour later and we just played video games and watched TV and enjoyed it. We laughed alot and had some fun talking about weird stuff.

Then 3 of my other friends who weren't tripping said they wanted to go to Pizza Hut, me and B had to go with them because they were our ride and we had no other choice but to go. We all got to the car and packed in there. It was a little Ford Escort and it was me, B and my other friend Rob in the back and Zack and Jeff in the front. We made our way to Pizza Hut and it was cool no problem there. When we got to Pizza Hut we went in and sat down. I don't knwo about other people who have tripped but Me and B couln't eat anthing so we just got Iced Tea.

Me and B were sitting across from each other and I don't know if it was the drugs or not but an extemely weird looking person walked by us. Me and Brad saw her and we just started laughing our asses off. Our other friends told us to calm down or go outside. So we took off outside and laughed for it seemed like an hour even though it was about 5 minutes. Gradually our friends came out and we all got back into the car and Zack told Brad he was going to drop me and him off at Brad's house. We had no problem with that because its the best place to trip because he lives on a farm and there is plenty to do.

As we were driving to his house and ominous feeling came over me. I quickly noticed that all the windows were up and the radio was off and no one was talking. Complete silence, which to me is the worst thing ever. I couldn't say anything so I looked over to Brad and he had this look on his face that scared me even more. He looked at me and I could tell by his eyes he was saying HELP. I was saying the same thing to him but I couldn't talk but since we have tripped together so many times he could read what I was saying. I looked up to the front seat and it looked like Jeff and Zack were dead, then I looked at Rob and he looked dead.

Me and Brad went through this for what seemed like forever. All we wanted to say is put down a window or turn on the radio but our vocal cords were paralyzed. My leg muscles started to spasm and Brad looked at me and I can truly say I was more scared at the moment then ever in my life because we and Brad were tripping our balls off but we couldn't say anything to better out situation.

We slowly got to Brads house and as soon as we got out of the car the feelings of dread and death lifted away from me. I don't even think we said goodbye or anything. We like ran into the house and into Brad's room. We both asked each other if we were ok and we both were. Brad explained to me that when he looked around in the car everybody was bloody and dead. He said he felt like there were nails being driven in to his hands and he was in complete hell. I told him everything that happend to me. We played video games until I had to go home and tried to supress the horrible thing that happend to us.

I have taken LSD since then and it had all been good. I never had another experience like it and I hope I never will again.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 24196
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 28, 2013Views: 3,692
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LSD (2) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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