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A Romp in the Woods
2C-I, Alcohol, Cannabis
by Stay Puft
Citation:   Stay Puft. "A Romp in the Woods: An Experience with 2C-I, Alcohol, Cannabis (exp24654)". Jun 21, 2003.

24 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)


Age 23
Weight 180lbs
Height 5'11'

Things ingested:
24mg (Oral)
Cannabis (1g)

So, we city folks were out for a weekend of camping. There were 20+ of us in a group site just having a good old time. We arrived Friday evening and set up our tent and had a few to drink. I didn't feel the urge to take any hard narcotics that evening as we were going on a nature hike the following morning. So I saved my 2C-I for the following evening where all I had to worry about the next day was taking down the tent and cleaning up.

After a day of hiking and swimming, a good hearty steak fit nicely in my stomach and a few beers to chase it to start the evening didn't seem half bad either. At about 7:30 pm we started passing around the herb. Getting a nice buzz going a friend and I decide it's time to drop our mystery powder. We did not know much about the drug only hearing it's like a mix between shroomz and ecstasy. The person whom I got it off of only knew of 2 people personally who had tried the stuff. I felt it was good not knowing. The stimuli would be more intense as you didn't know what to expect.

8:30 pm we were happily on our way to tripping the night away. We dropped our caps about 15min away from the campsite as we headed back from the bathrooms. It gave the drug time to build up before we returned. A fire was going greatly in the pit and when we got back, things began to move a bit more quickly (after this point, a watch was nowhere near and the times will no longer be noted). About 30min after dropping, the slow ascent into highness picks up speed from a light jog to a full out marathon. Before I knew it, the ground began to shift. Square 'puzzle like' shapes began to move about. This was nothing too new as I have dropped heavy amounts of shroomz before but I don't remember anything acting quite as quickly. Just as things were getting interesting, my girlfriend asked to be escorted to the restrooms. I gladly accepted the walk. A bit of fresh air I imagined would calm me down some.

The walk was nice. Nothing more than a bit of shifting of patterns had occurred during our 10-15 on the path. On the way back however, was a different story. Tracers had begun. I have never seen tracers before and was quite amazed. All I wanted to do was get back to the campsite and sit down. When we got back I found my friend (who had dropped with me) rolling down one the hill our tents were on. He was 'floored'. He couldn't tell me exactly what was going on, as he didn't have a clue as to ... what was going on. He sat down and drank some water to chill out. I took my seat at the fire pit and downed a few beers. We eventually got some tunes going. Some good Trance mixed by 'Man with No Name' (for those of you who know him, he is the best at trance). And that's when it all fell apart.

I generally trip away to music. My mind wanders and I go with the rhythm. After a brief verbal altercation with an over assertive friend trying to kill the music, things went smoothly. For the next 74 minutes I was lost. The music took me away completely. The trees were singing my name. The ground was shifting and I couldn't stop looking into the fire. I didn't want to move. My eyes shut and my thoughts wandered. My girlfriend kept asking if I was passing out. But I was more awake then that I had ever been. When my eyes were closed, I could see every word that people spoke in the lyrics. I could see all the wavelengths that the bass or other sounds had made. I was living in a moment. Nothing substantial stayed in my memory. Nothing that I had seen went into the past. Everything was right in front of me for only enough time for me to grasp that it was there. And then... once one thought had finished a new one began, overlapping and thus consuming the previous thought. Every thought I had made melted into that very moment that I was aware that I was thinking. I couldn't keep my thoughts on a straight path. There was too much going around me.

Just after my girlfriend went to bed, the CD had stopped. No music was started again as others were burning out and also heading to bed. There were a good handful of us still awake and talking around the fire pit. With the music stopped. My mind was free to focus again. I was thinking on a straight path once again. In previous weeks, I have been reading philosophy regarding life and Sopholism. I was bent on the idea that without me being alive no one would actually exist. Just like the question 'If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, would it make a sound?' My question was 'If I am no longer around (dead), would you still exist?' I didn't say much for the next two hours. I just stared into the fire. My thoughts and words kept floating around like wormholes. I kept seeing trails of letters floating in the black background of the fire pit. It carried on for some time until we noticed that the sky had become clouded. The strange thing is that I had already known. I had become one with the world and the world one with me.

As I thought about dying and the world not being there if I wasn't, I began to manipulate the world. As I tried to summon the world into my hands the clouds began to thunder. Lightening began. It was unlike any thunderstorm I had ever encountered. I didn't say anything. My friends were worried. One of them tried to snap me out of my state began dumping lighter fluid onto the fire creating 8 foot high flames. I sat there. Not even a flinch. It was hot but I didn't care. I was in charge of what was happening. I brought more thunder simultaneously with the fire blasts. It was all very intense. They tried talking to me. I brought more thunder and more lightening. Someone else was playing with an umbrella and was joking around on how he it would be funny if he were to get hit by the lightening. I then tried to stop the lightening from happening. It worked for a bit but I lost control. Nature then took the reigns again and kept the light show going. So, what does one do when he knows he has the power? He grabs the umbrella as well. If nature was going to kill my friend then nature was going to kill itself by kill me as well.

It was a very intense 20-30 minutes. The storm started to die down and I came back to reality and began very nice conversations about life with everyone else that was still awake. We spoke of choice. Between saying yes or no to various situations in our lives; how our parents never really talked to us about how they took drugs but only that they were wrong. The choices they've made were never mentioned in any of our parent to child conversations. We came to the conclusion that our parents want us to make the choices ourselves with out their input on how what they did/took in their lives affected them.

An interesting end to the night came when we heard a neighboring campsite still partying. We called into the night and invited them come over for a few beers before going to bed. They walked through the bush to get to our site, which was pretty humorous, as they could've just taken a path (had they had flashlights). They left maybe an hour later and I finally was able to crash out. For the next two days I was still pretty burnt out. I didn't feel normal until the Tuesday. I suppose the trip itself could have been a mildly traumatic event and my mind needed time to reflect. After a couple of good night sleeps, I was fine again. I'd do it again, but under a more controlled environment like back at my apartment with just my girlfriend and me. We'll see...

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24654
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 21, 2003Views: 12,919
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2C-I (172) : First Times (2), Mystical Experiences (9), Nature / Outdoors (23), Music Discussion (22), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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