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Mr. Nice Guy
by FN
Citation:   FN. "Mr. Nice Guy: An Experience with IAP (exp24668)". Jul 10, 2003.

50 mg oral IAP (powder / crystals)


I have, for a while, been scouring the internet for different contacts in my endless search for knowledge and experience with research chemicals. As it stands, my drug experiences are not spectacular. I don't really do drugs that often, I just happen to find the subject incredibly interesting.

I am a member of a certain message board/chat room that happens to deal exclusively with information regarding various research chemicals. While chatting, I came into contact with a European chemist who happened to have synthesized a somewhat large amount of a compound I had never heard of. We moved off into private chat, where, unlike in public, discussion of less than legal activities was not prohibited.

He represented the chemical as being in the vein of MDMA, but with a longer duration of effects and no crash. I inquired about purchase, and we eventually worked out a deal that allowed me to get a sample (500 mg) of the compound sent to me.

As I was told that about 50 mg would be a nice dose, I ingested that amount, letting all present know what was going on, and went with my friends to a cheesesteak place in downtown philadelphia. Not Pat's or Geno's, but a less known (and in my opinion, better) place on South Street called Jim's.

When we walked in, the effects had hit me fairly hard. I ordered a cheesesteak and went to the upstairs seating with the my friends. This is when the rather peculiar character of the compound became noticeable.

The effects were very mild. Nothing that would bonk me on the head, but very euphoric and nice. Much cleaner feeling than MDMA, with far less jaw clenching and no real speed push to it.

Under the influence of this substance, however, I became a really nice and entertaining guy. My wit was expanded, and there was none of the usuall nervousness I feel in social situations. My trademark calousness was not at all present, and I told stories in a better and more entertaining fashion then ever before.

This is strange for me, as I am usually a bit introverted, and unintentionally (or intentionally) mean to many. This was not the full force 'I love everyone' push that MDMA gives, which is why it took me off guard. If I could use a sentence to describe my state of mind, it would have to be 'It's all good.'

Leaving Jim's, I went home, two of our company departing for points elsewhere, with three friends. My sister was playing Zelda: The Wind Waker, and commenting on how 'cute' the game was. In tandem, we then told the story of how she threw a knife at my brother's eye, to hilarious uproars from everyone else. (That story is a lot funnier than it sounds on the surface, I promise.)

A short while later, everyone left. I fell asleep at about T+6 hours, with mild visuals present until I lost conciousness. Overall, I'd have to rank IAP up there as one of the best drugs I've ever done, and if I could somehow procure some more, I would, gladly, scoop it up.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24668
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jul 10, 2003Views: 23,624
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IAP (280) : Various (28), First Times (2)

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