Feeling Good
by Jojo
Citation:   Jojo. "Feeling Good: An Experience with Lorazepam (exp24671)". Erowid.org. Feb 12, 2004. erowid.org/exp/24671

2.0 mg oral Pharms - Lorazepam (pill / tablet)
What a great website this is. I felt I just had to contribute. My experience with Lorazepam has been a love affair of about 3 years. Nothing bad has happened so far. Actually, this drug has just about saved my life.

I first took Lorazepam after being admitted into an emergency room for panic attacks. I wanted to check myself in, since I was feeling completely insane. The doctor handed me a script and said, 'Try one of these pills. If you still feel the same, come back.' About an hour after I took 1mg of Lorazepam - I was hit by a feeling I'll never forget. I felt a thousand pounds lighter, my chest no longer hurt, I was smiling - something I hadn't done in months. I hadn't slept in days before that, and I immediately went to bed for 7 hours. I also got on anti-depressants and haven't had one trip to the ER for panic since then, however I still keep a bottle of L (I call it L) in my medicine cabinet for emergencies.

Lorazepam is the best drug I have ever tried, hands down. I have tried pot, acid, shrooms, speed, etc. Nothing comes close. If I feel I've had a bad day, or badly need sleep, I put 4 .5 mg pills under my tongue (2mg total) and soon I go sleepy-bye. I have done Lorazepam many times just for fun, as have many of my friends who constantly ask me for it when they're stressed out. Recently, a friend and I took 2mg together after smoking some pot. He drank two beers and was so high, he just wandered around the house saying 'Oh god, I'm so wasted.' This is a guy who smokes pot and drinks every day, and does a lot of Valium. He said he didn't like the Lorazepam as much as the Valium, 'It makes me feel too low.' He said.

Some people have said Lorazepam is weaker than Valium, although if you took 2mg of Valium, you probably wouldn't feel much of anything. I've never taken it, so I don't know. Lorazepam make me feel emotionally numb (a blessing at times), very comfortable, sleepy, slightly happy, and I hear music in my head. When I lived with my sister, she'd hear me singing, see my glassy eyes and say, 'Oh, you took your pills again, huh?'

Another thing I'd like to say is that this stuff is very addictive. Getting unhooked can be absolutely horrible. I know, I've done that about 3 times. It's not easy. I vowed never to take this stuff more than 1 time a week. Sometimes I go a month or two without thinking about it. I wouldn't recommend this to people who have a history of drug problems, but if you're suffering from panic attacks, depression, stuff like that - it's the BEST. It also has a habit of blocking my memory. If I'm really high on this stuff and fall asleep, I wake up wondering, 'when did I go to sleep?' 'Wow, it's morning already?'

It's funny stuff. Don't drive on this stuff EVER. Don't take it every day unless a doctor has told you to. Don't stay hooked on it, because if you're on it every single day, you're a zombie. Fabulous drug though.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24671
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 12, 2004Views: 180,048
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