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Not Too Good of a Combo
DXM & Paroxetine
by k-los
Citation:   k-los. "Not Too Good of a Combo: An Experience with DXM & Paroxetine (exp24684)". Jun 3, 2021.

T+ 0:00
37,5 mg oral Pharms - Paroxetine (daily)
  T+ 0:00 2 bottles oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 12:00   joints/cigs smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 12:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  


This is a pretty unusual experience involving the combination of Paxil and DXM. I've been taking Paxil for a couple months now and have had numerous experiences with DXM before beginning to take Paxil. I had stopped doing DXM simply because of the fact I enjoyed drinking and smoking better. Well my dumbass ended up getting arrested for possession of pot and was forced into having to spend the weekend in my house and not being able to go out anywhere (I am 16 and my parents could just have me arrested if I disobeyed them, since I'm under 17 and Georgia is a shitty state).

Well anyway, since I was to be spending the night inside, I talked my mom into taking me up to the grocery store to get some food. While we were shopping I slipped away from her and hurried to the medicine isle. I quickly scanned the isles of cough syrup and picked up and proceeded to steal 2 bottles of Delsym (I realize now it is not a good way to get high off DXM).

When we got home I just went to my room (approx. 8:30p.m.) and drank the 2 bottles of Delsym. I noticed the beginning effects of the DXM came on much much faster than ever before, about 15 mins after ingestion. I didn't really think it could have been caused by the Paxil. So I just sat there and increasingly got more and more fucked up. A little after 1 hour after ingesting I was extremely fucked up and could not keep a train of thought (ex. Several times I wanted to get some water, but could not continue thinking about getting the water long enough to actually get up and get it). I ended up just laying on the floor in my room having the most odd, but intriguing thoughts and lucid-like experiences while I was still awake. Then about midnight my mom came in my room to tell me she was goin to bed, and I fucking tell you, that scared the shit out of me. I fucking yelled out loud, but my mom didn't suspect anything, she must have just thought she had woken me up and startled me. Well I layed there and then things started to get really crazy.

I was having open and closed eye visuals like a motherfucker. I was having the most disturbing body feelings and and thoughts. Like my body would feel like it was being forced inside out and I would see disturbing images of me all bleeding and in extreme pain. It was not a pleasant mindset at all.

Somehow I managed to fall asleep and the next thing I know my dad is waking me up to go to community service at 7:30 a.m. When I sat up I realized something was wrong. I was still fucked up on the DXM and I could hardly walk and had to stumble to the shower. My skin felt just like rubber.

When I got to the community service I didn't know what the hell we were doing because I couldn't pay attention to anything long enough to follow what the guy watching over us was saying and telling us what to do. Well 3 of my friends also had community service with me and one of them, R, had brought 2 blunts with him. The guy watching over us had to leave us for some reason for about an hour and that's when I informed them I was still after 12 hours very fucked up on DXM. They ended up talking me into smoking with them. After we had smoked the first blunt I was finding it very hard to keep my eyes open and was starting to twitch uncontrollably pretty bad. I managed to make it through community service and as I was staggering to my house, this very attractive girl pulled up behind me and offered me a ride and a free bowl of dank nuggets. I just couldn't resist. So when I got home and got out of her car my legs gave out and I fell right in my driveway. Luckily my parents weren't in the living room or they would have seen me. I basically crawled inside and right to my bad and passed out for about 3 hours. My mom then woke me up and made me some dinner and I made up an excuse that I had not slept hardly at all the night before because I drank some sweet tea before I had gone to bed.

One thing I couldn't get over was my voice. I couldn't believe how strange and alien-like it sounded when I spoke out loud. I spent the rest of the day sleeping on and off and at about 9:00p.m. I was getting extremely scared that I had permanently fucked up something in my brain and was going to be crazy forever. GOD DAMN I was having the most random and crazy thoughts that wouldn't make any sense. Like I remember thinking I had to get in the next room and try to wake up my friend who was sleeping to get him to wake up to play the original mortal kombat, and it would take me 20 mins to get it straight in my head that I was alone and none of my friends were around me and that I didn't have mortal kombat and hadn't even played it for about 7 years...

Well my story ends with me having more crazy ideas and paranoid thoughts and continuous twitching until about 1:45a.m. When I somehow got relaxed enough to fall asleep. I awoke the next day and felt extremely drained of all energy, way more than I usually do with DXM.
I just layed in bed that day until night when I began to feel back to normal somewhat.

By the next day I still felt the DXM effects, though must less intense, obviously still apparent. This feeling continued for the whole next week in school and I failed every test I took because my short term memory was so fucked up. I wouldn't be able to recall anything that my teachers had taught. It was very annoying.

Since then I have read about how Paxil does something to the metabolism rate in DXM and extremely prolongs the effects.



Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24684
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Jun 3, 2021Views: 234
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DXM (22), Pharms - Paroxetine (148) : Various (28), Multi-Day Experience (13), Hangover / Days After (46), Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3)

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