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Test Run
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   Stynkfish. "Test Run: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp24778)". Mar 23, 2006.

3 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (extract)
Experiences (basis for report):
(Substance=Number of Times Used/Dosage) MJ=10x,Ecstasy=100+x,Coke=10x8b,LSD=1x,Magic Mushrooms=2x,Speed=2x,Alcohol=Gallons!

I have a pretty clean system right now – meaning I have only drunk the occasional beer over the last year. I have been itching to have an “experience” for a while now but don’t know anyone in the “loop” so I decided I would try something more available. After a few days of heavy research, I came to the conclusion that Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds offered the most EFFECT to EASE OF USE to EASE OF ACQUIREMENT ratio of anything out there. I bought a bunch and convinced my fiancé to try them with me – but we can never seem to get our timing right – so I made a trial run of 3 seeds that I have outlined in this report.

1. Ordered online
2. I took what I refer to as the bark off of them, scraped all the hairs off of them, and quickly singed each side of them over a candle using tweezers, ensuring all hairs were gone
3. Put them in a plastic Ziploc bag and smashed them with a hammer
4. Emptied Ziploc bag into a water bottle with about 4oz of water in it and let sit for 30 minutes, shaking every 10 minutes or so
5. Gulped it all down – seed fragments and water

I drank the water and seeds at 5pm and then did some chores to keep busy. I had eaten at about 2:30pm so I figured it would take at least an hour to hit - if it did at all from the low dose. The hour passed – felt nothing. At 6:15-6:30 I felt a little hungry and started to feel the slightest compression in my head – similar to a buzz coming on from alcohol – I did not eat. The compression gradually built over the next 30 minutes at which time I felt quite relaxed – reminiscent of taking a large mushroom dose (but to a lesser extent) and some mild cramping in my stomach – almost like the hard seed shells were having a difficult time passing though the stomach.

At this point (Start Time(T) + 2 hours) I was lying on the couch watching an HBO sports show about why European basketball players are better then US players which seemed unusually interesting to me (not a basketball fan) – I would say more so the imagery then the words. At T+2:30 I forced myself up and made a quesadilla because I was REALLY hungry – my motor skills were reduced – touched the hot pan twice and didn’t care much (no blisters so I didn’t get burned). I lied back down on the couch and decided to find the cartoon channel. The search was very tedious – I just wanted to watch something. Once I found it, I ate the quesadilla which tasted good – but didn’t satisfy my hunger – and the cramping continued. The cartoon channel was fun to watch (did I mention I have a 61” TV that helps out a lot?) – the colors were vibrant and seemed more three dimensional then normal and I contemplated how cartoon animators must be into hallucinogens – otherwise how else could they be driven to make cartoons? There was a Trix commercial with computer generated backgrounds that was really interesting to me and made me smile pretty big. This feeling is reminiscent of watching a video called “Beyond the Minds Eye” while on LSD (again, to a lesser degree) – for some reason, the smoothness of motion and perfection in color associated with computer generated animation really grabs my fascination.

I tried two times to shut the TV off to see where my mind goes, but I was left wondering and pretty bored – mostly I would say it was impatience on my part. I turned the TV back on and watched cartoons some more – and then switched to the Star Wars EP II DVD which was also fun but I was starting to think about my fiancé coming home from work (T+4 Hours). Once she showed up, I had a very mild buzz going but could easily converse with her and she was none the wiser. I went to bed early (T+5.5 hours) and slept better then I have in a week. I woke up and have been able to function today just fine – no hangover or motivation issues.

The experience was like a mild LSD trip with some stomach cramping. Overall it was fun but I would like a more intense experience. Given the fact that I only took 3 seeds, I am encouraged by the taking of about 8. I think I will also try soaking the seed particles in water for 12 hours or so before hand and filtering out the seeds, drinking only the water. Hopefully this will get ride of the darn cramps! (don’t get me wrong, they were not unbearable – BUT I had a reduced dose (could get worse) and would simply prefer not to have them at all).

If this gets published to the Erowid site, I will also publish my full dose experience.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24778
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 23, 2006Views: 10,383
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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