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Absolute Beauty
Morning Glory
by Little Brother
Citation:   Little Brother. "Absolute Beauty: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp24807)". May 7, 2007.

400 seeds oral Morning Glory (extract)


Here is a fairly detailed account of my first experience with morning glory seeds. It is long, but you lazy f*ckers can read. Besides, reading is good for you.

With the recent loss of my car, good drugs are harder to come by. And coupled with my lack of funds, I have grown interested in legal and easily accessible drugs. Morning glories especially caught my attention because of their chemical (and reported experience) relation to LSD, of which is virtually unheard of anymore(around here at least). So after the usual research and many trip reports read, I decided to try them one summer night.

I aquired approx. 600 Heavenly Blue seeds from a local hardware store. After reading many many bad reports of people eating the seeds, as well as checking available extractions, I chose the Cold Water Extraction method (fancy name for Mornig Glory Sh*t Tea). About 400 of the seeds were ground in a coffee grinder into a course grainy powder and these were soaked in cold water for 20 minutes. Then I filtered the stinking mass through coffee filters. I was forced to use about 6 filters for the 1 cup or so of liquid. After a point, the filter would become absolutely impervious to water. Perhaps because of the oils in the seeds clogging the filter. After the agonizing filtration process I was left with a mug of stinking blackish-brown liquid. With the aid of some orange juice I somehow managed to slowly down the concoction at about 10:00 pm. The after taste was a horrible earthy bitterness. If the earth could sh*t, I believe that is what it would taste like.

Now began the grueling fight agaisnt nausea, familiar from past DXM exploits. I went downstairs to catch the end of a Jim Carry movie my sis was watching. After a quarter of an hour the nausea almost got the best of me and I fled up stairs to the bathroom and managed to fight the rising urge to splurge (man, I should be a poet!) with the help of a relaxing shower. After the shower, mostly spent lying in the tub, I felt much better and went to the kitchen where my mom had prepared some stawberries. I grabbed them and went to the computer where I watched a couple family guy episodes and slowly ate strawberries to keep the stomache at bay.

After family guy I watched half of 8 1/2 by Felini to which I periodically muttered 'What the sh*t!?'. After an hour of this crazily interesting movie I was beggining to feel very energetic and 'grinny'. This grinny feeling was familiar from shroom trips where I would grin for 6-7 hours straight. There were no visual or audio distortions except my vision was different in some way, but I couldnt put my finger on it. I was much more aware of what I did see and had my attention focused on the colors and shapes that my eyes percieved in my everyday vision. I also had the distict mental feeling of being drunk. By this time it was about 12:30 and still there were no significant trip-like effects.

I talked to a few people online and listened to some Plaid and Shpongle and shortly thereafter headed up to my room. In the bathroom I got ready to sleep and had some very interesting effects with the mirror. The sensation was similar to seeing my self in more dimensions (visible dimesions) then the familiar 3. Or perhaps it was a different mode of percieving the 3 dimensions. Either way, the feeling was similar to that eirie feeling you get when looking at 3D Holograms and Magic Eye pictures. After this I crawled into bed and threw on my favorite CD of all time: Guns n Roses - Use Your Illusion II.

The music was great, of course, but I wasnt in an audio mood. What most of my attention went to, rather, was the incredibly beautiful visions I was having. They were all simply abstract and colorful works of art, of indescribable beauty. They would come almost every second and all I could do was lie in my bed in astonishment admiring these creative machinations that embodied, to me, pure beauty. I would try to categorize these visions as fractals, or geometric graphical patterns but its simply impossible because every single one was different and uniquely beautiful. It was like an infinite resource of art, or rather the feeling of appreciation that we enjoy from art, that was constantly chugging out images in 2, and 3 dimensions and none was more astonishing then the next. I would say the visuals were primarily CEVs, but even that categorization does not fit because they werent 'visual' in the strict sense of the word. They came from a perception that goes deeper that would be best categorized as the Creative Imagination. But they were every bit as lucid and crystal clear as normal vision. Closing my eyes simply helped to minimize visual input from overriding the visions.

These visuals were very interesting to me because I have always tried to apply myself creatively in everything I do. And I have always known that its some creative center of the brain where such things come from and I have been learning to utilize and apply this is various ways such as music and art. The constant stream of absolutely perfect creative beauty was exstaticly pleasing because it proved that there is such intense creativity locked in my brain. Occasionally I would focus on the music and be caught by one of Slash's orgasmic solos. Throughout all this I kept remembering a qoute from a shroom trip regarding the extreme creative power of the artist being paired by another creative power in the listeners ability to appreciate the art. I couldnt help but think that art must be the purest form of human experience.

Eventually the CD ended and I was no where near ready to sleep. So I sat up and grabbed the guitar to jam a bit, but this proved to be too loud and I didnt want to wake anyone so I sat by the window meditating on various things. One of the things I ealized was that there is no substitute for human experience. We can try to explain it or imagine what its like, but really, we never seem to come close to realizing the actual experience until we have it ourselves.

I also felt sorry for our civilization because of the ignorance that continually degrades it. Especially in regards to drugs and their unique value. The visions slowly began to subside around 4:00 am and I was still wide awake. I was hungry, as I always am, and went downstairs to get a yogurt. The yogurt was delicious and I ate it very VERY slowly as the flavor was almost too intense. After this I felt it was time to sleep so I turned on NPR to help me sleep, it always does. I was extremely comfortable this entire time and sleep came easy, although I did not feel sleepy at all. The next morning I woke feeling very well and refreshed.

All in all, this experience was a success although not nearly close to the effects I was hoping for. The only negative effect was the nausea which was primarily caused by the horrendous taste of the tea and passed before the trip started. Next time I think I will try 600 or 700 seeds. Until then, happy tripping everyone. See you on the other side.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24807
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 7, 2007Views: 9,172
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