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Transparent Eyeball
by Protagonist
Citation:   Protagonist. "Transparent Eyeball: An Experience with 5-MeO-DMT (exp24867)". Jun 29, 2003.

8.0 mg smoked 5-MeO-DMT (powder / crystals)


I consider myself well versed in the vocabulary of mind altering substances. I've used drugs on and off for about ten years, my first experience being with marijuana at 14 years old. Since then I've used dozens of substances including lsd, mushrooms, pcp, mdma, mda, 2C-B, and 4-HO-DiPT. None of these prepared me for the experience I had earlier this evening.

First, I would like to contribute a few comments to those trying 5-MeO-DMT for the first time without an experienced administrator (I'll refer to it as Harvey from now on, inspired by Lara's account). After researching Harvey online for a few weeks, I decided that this was exactly the type of experience that I'd been seeking for quite some time. I ordered half a gram from an online chemical supplier. The reports of Harvey's intensity were daunting, to say the least, so for my first time I tried insufflation with a low dose (near 5mg). The experiece would have been entirely pleasureable if not for the loud, persistent burning in my nose and throat. This sensation alone was enough to convince me that smoking must be the better route. In any case, my initial attempts at smoking were phenomenally unsuccessfull. It took my friend D'artagnon and I a full seven attempts and some test runs to realize an important, overlooked fact: the active Harvey smoke/vapor is released AFTER the chemical is liquified by your heat source. We had been under the mistaken impression that the vapor was colorless and was released during the inital change of state. This is not so. You must heat the liquified Harvey until it vaporizes entirely, and the smoke itself is definitely white and not clear. Also, we discovered that a spoon is not an efficient pipe substitute; it's far too thick. The vaporization occurs much more quickly when aluminum foil is used. A thicker 'pipe' will result in slower vaporization, which in turn means that you'll be taking more and more breaths to inhale everything, and more breaths means more lost smoke between these breaths. Believe me, this is an issue.

Despite our best efforts, D'artagnon and I were eventually able to discover a workable setup. I'm still sure that I lost at least 1/3 of my dose due to an ineffective smoking technique.

I'm only guessing at my dosage. I own a gem scale I bought on ebay (new) which is accurate to a hundredth of a gram, but this allows for quite a margin of error. I cut out a small piece of aluminum foil and weighed it. .12 grams. Then .13. Several more weighings indicated that it's true weight was probably about .123 grams (judging according to the frequency with which the scale returned a .12 or a .13). I very slowly added the Harvey until the scale read .14. Next, I dumped out the powder and separated 3/4 of what I had by eye (leaving ~12 to 13 milligrams). My estimation of my true dose is based on this measurement together with the fact that much of the smoke escaped.

I felt the effects within 20 to 30 seconds. I immediately realized that my mindset entering the experience was inexcusably dismissive. I feel like I would have been prepared had it been my first attempt at smoking the stuff, but since it was my eighth, ninth, or even tenth attempt over the past two days I was visibly irritated that nothing had been successfull. I was shocked. The only words I could muster were 'I'm there,' and I sank back into the couch and held the nearest pillow to my chest. That's when I felt my heartbeat. It was FAST. Really fast. I worried that my irresponsible weighing had resulted in a dose much more powerful than I had anticipated (translation: get a milligram scale, kids). I tried not to think of the phrase 'chemical terror.'

2 minutes after inhalation I asked D'artagnon how long it had been. I remember thinking that I wanted it to end right there. The entire world took on a dissociative, dreamlike state, and even though I had no visuals I knew that everything was swimming out of my control. The closest comparison I can make is to one of the final scenes of the first matrix movie in which the entire screen moves with neo's breathing. I tried not to think of the phrase 'chemical terror.'

4 minutes after inhalation I asked D'artagnon how long it had been. The intensity was overwhelming, but the soothing CD (planned in advance) helped. I realized that I had control over the terror aspect of the trip, and I decided it had to end.

5 and half to 6 minutes after inhalation I conquered the terror. A huge grin overtook me, and it didn't leave for another half an hour. 'This is why drugs were invented. I think I'm done... I don't think I need another experience after this one.' There really isn't a simple way to describe what was happening. Another 2mg and this might have been a religious experience (I'm a stubborn atheist). My concept of self dissolved, and my entire purpose in this universe became to observe. I thought of the transparent eyeball that we discussed in my 11th grade english class, and I laughed aloud. I realized that I was laughing, and that I had been rubbing my head pretty firmly. This made me laugh more, and then I noticed that I once again had a foothold in reality. 12 minutes after inhalation I was impressed, but I could hold a conversation. 25 minutes after inhalation only the body effects remained.

I thought that I should also mention these body effects. Physically, I felt warm and relaxed throughout the trip. My motor skills were most likely very impaired, but I remained seated the whole time to avoid falling over and hurting myself. Other than the increased heart rate and anxiety associated with thinking that I'd smoked too much, I'd say that the body high was pretty mellowing, not unlike a benzodiazepine. There was no jumpy body load like that of 4-HO-DiPT.

So in conclusion, I'd like to tell you to be prepared, but this is unlike anything you've ever tried. RESPECT this chemical. I can't stress responsibility enough. This is not a party drug. My smoked dose was fairly miniscule compared to some that I've read about on this site, and I was blown away. To quote another experience, if you think you can handle this, you're wrong.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 24867
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 29, 2003Views: 11,167
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