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I'm Still Shaking
Methamphetamine & Yohimbe
by Dixievixen
Citation:   Dixievixen. "I'm Still Shaking: An Experience with Methamphetamine & Yohimbe (exp25076)". Oct 17, 2007.

2 bumps insufflated Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  3.5 g oral Yohimbe (capsule)


I don't know if what I have just done is bad or not. Today is the monday after the 4th of July weekend. Over the weekend I did several drugs which should have probably been out of my system by today. I also ate pretty much nothing so my stomach has been mostly empty for the last 4 days. I am getting somewhere with this I promise, I'm just trying to present you with all the possible variables involved in my experience.

However, this afternoon I did a small amount of ice(meth that was left over from the weekend, I don't know the exact amount but it was 2 bumps off of the end of a twisted dollar bill. Anyway, I was sitting at home bored and decided to look up ice on the internet as this weekend was the first time I had done it and felt I should know a little more about. In the process I found articles on yohime, which I had heard of being a sexual stimulant before. And seeing as I had some in the cabinet already, I took 3. I read on and decided that I probably didn't have enough to amount to anything by the 3 capsules, but not wanting to get sick by having an empty stomach I only took 4 more. About 20 minutes later I could feel an overall tingle, not at all specified in the genital region, just more of a body buzz type thing.

By this time I was annoyed with the computer, and having nothing better to do decided to go give it a shot and see if anything was different than usual in my sexual self stimulation. Mind you at this time I didn't even feel sexually aroused. Well as soon as I made physical contact with myself (I'm trying to keep this from sounding like porn) I instantly felt that right before an orgasm feeling. It actually shocked me and after about a minute I decided I couldn't handle the extreme sensation and quit. Of course that itself only lasted about a minute because I couldn't just leave it alone now. So I finished myself off in about 5 min. Remember that I am a woman so that's pretty neat.

But what really got me was the magnitude of the orgasm. It was by far the hardest and strongest and longest I have ever had! I had to immediately get out of bed and started pacing because I couldn't catch my breath. My skin began to crawl and I was shaking all over. I was still experiencing vaginal contractions very hard. I went to the bathroom and saw that my eyes were extremely blood shot. I don't know for sure that they were not blood shot before but they were bad at that moment. I almost wanted to laugh though because the look on my face was as if I were scared to death, and I almost was. I considered calling someone just in case I were about to have a heart attack or something but couldn't think of how I would word the situation.

Anyway, I will definatly try the yohimbe again, but next time by itself or at least with a much less dangerous stimulant paired with it. And yes, its been about a half hour and I am still feeling the effects, although I think I can skip the 911 call I momentarily considered.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25076
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 17, 2007Views: 18,113
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Yohimbe (96), Methamphetamine (37) : Sex Discussion (14), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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