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When Dreams Play True
Citation:   Leprechaun. "When Dreams Play True: An Experience with 2C-B (exp25088)". Erowid.org. Jul 8, 2003. erowid.org/exp/25088

20 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
It was a friday evening. Everyone had left leaving the entire house in my hands. However I only expected that the bedroom would be used given that my darling 'A' would be attending this evening with me. It was cold but fresh outside, the crisp winter air was chilling yet invigorating. The experience was to be shared by my partner and I. We had left the entire evening open to the experience. It was to be 'A's' first ever experience of any such type and I felt that 2CB was a great introduction. This was my third experience with 2CB.

The week prior to the experience was quite relaxed. Midweek saw me finish off my exams and thus I felt a need not only to reward myself for the hard work, but take a step forward in my life and my new relationship. I was feeling great. Ready to complete a cycle that had been hanging around the last few months. That evening, I was nervous but happy to be as such.


7:30 pm - Time of ingestion. Nervous jitters but a clear sense that everything would be ok. It was our evening.
ME = 20mg
A = 15mg

+0:20 - Feeling a touch of something. Alert always comes to me as a 'is that just me or...'. Time is spent playing around and anticipating.

+0:45 - Definite push. Euphoria building. 2CB does definitely have distinct euphoria and clarity that it provides. I usually feel a certain sense of peace, followed quickly by a muddle and mix of confusion and ideas. Very similar to 2ct7 in this case. A is feeling little, she unsure whether what she is feeling is just her or the substance. I am easily at a +2.

+1:00 - Full body intoxication, I am losing a bit of coordination. Definite +3. This is the most intense phenethylamine experience I have had thus far. A shower is had. Perfect. Body sense is amazing. Definitely building still. I feel each of my muscles and easily detect tension and discomfort. Euphoria is shifting a bit between new emotions, complex, entertaining. Making my way into the psychedelic headspace. There is insight, but nothing profound at this point.

+2:00 - Full development in the complex sensual experience. This is all new to me, I realise just how little A and I know about each other and that for the past few weeks there has been a blind following of love that has brought us together. I am happy to know that there is still so much between us that can grow. A definite connection is made. Passionate, ecstatic and moving. A wonderul experience... No words can describe it. The point at which each of us begins or ends is undefined.

+3:00 - Slowly levelling out. Still at a +3. The visual experience is quit interesting, colorful neon imagery so common of phenethylamines is present. I am building a theory in the visual experience as I gain my knowledge about it. Still much more research to be done. ;) 'A' said she doesn't feel too much, a picture she was looking at slowly shifted and morphed. Whereas for me the entire room morphed and melted.

+4:00 - The physical and mental experience is slowly dropping. There is a jittery and tense feeing present, my memory has been shaken dramatically and the physical properties are still there, with mild uncoordination. 'A' and I are presented with a test of wits and sanity when 'C', my ex makes an unexpected presense in the experience through a voice message on my mobile. After this test, the cycle of which I spoke of in setting has come to a close. A new step in my life is taken... We take a walk in the fresh winter outdoors. I feel the cold like never before, in my bones. It is amazing.

+6:00 - Easy and relaxed drop off, finish off with some lovely liquer. Watch movies and take a breath after the intensity of the last four hours.

+8:00 - After cuddles with 'A' we drift off into a lovely deeply relaxing sleep with the knowledge that the full impact of the experience would take another few days to make sense and sink in.

+ ---- Initially the next few days were lovely, but 5 days later a tension and anxiety developed that was only released when a milestone at work was delivered. Afterwhich a deep sense of relief has taken over since and I am still relaxed... Is there a connection? Two weeks after the exprience it is still fresh in my mind. I am still integrating the experience.

An important note to conclude on is the feeling that 2CB was a wonderful introductory psychedelic. It leaves the ego intact with few side effects such as anxiety. There is a wonderul body push, plus room for insight.

For me there were no insights. But a feeling of completion. That certain dreams of mine had come to play that night. I had finally explored the sensual delights I had hoped to. As always there is a feeling that more could be done. However I am hard pressed to find what else could have improved the evening. Not much at all.

The heart and soul were open and we became lost in each others arms, learning, exploring and laughing. It was an experience of discovery that should be shared by every couple. I am grateful for partaking in it and learning its lessons.

I really don't understand why this drug is illegal and has no theraputic value. Its usefullness in the right hands can be truly amazing. I suggest developing education into the correct and responsible use of these substances. They are truly a gift to us as humans and should be treated with gratitude and respect.

Thankyou to everything and everyone involved. :)

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25088
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 8, 2003Views: 54,766
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2C-B (52) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Personal Preparation (45), Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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