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Quite Pleasant
Citation:   Matt Himself. "Quite Pleasant: An Experience with 2C-C (exp25372)". Jul 18, 2003.

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36 mg oral 2C-C (powder / crystals)
Substance - 2C-C (2,5-dimethyoxy-4-chlorophenethylamine)
Experience - First time
Setting - my basement

Many of my past reports have shown I am favorable to 2C-I. It was the first phenethylamine I ever tried. I fell in love with 2C-I and wanted to see what other experiences the 2C family had to offer. I had come to possess some 2C-C, which is a direct analogue of 2C-I. While I know that being chemically alike does not mean that they will have the same pharmacology, I still had high hopes.

I was a bit unsure of what to do for dose. PIHKAL suggested a maximum of 40mg. Reports I have found on Erowid and other sites show people had used doses of 50 mg and reported positive experiences. I decided to play it safe and I went with 36 mg. 36 mg was towards the higher end of the PIHKAL spectrum, but about normal for most user reports it seems. I am very comfortable in altered states, so I decided I could handle whatever it would send my way (this is not a good attitude to have towards psychedelics, I was simply being a bit pompous).

All of the times for this are general guesses, as I lost track of time somewhere along the way.

12:00 AM - I got home from work and very well rested. In the summer I tend to become nocturnal, going to sleep at 4-5 AM and waking around 2-3 PM. I was expecting to be awake until around 8 AM. My girlfriend, R, was at my house. She was a bit nervous, as she always is when I'm taking a drug, let alone one for the first time. I assured her I was being as safe as I could. I took a shot glass full of water and sprinkled 36 mg of 2C-C on top. It floated on top for a moment before beginning to sink. I brought the glass to my lips, and quickly downed the shot.

How horrible 2C-C tastes! I had expected it to taste similar to 2C-I, which also tastes foul. But no, this tasted much worse. I gagged a bit at the flavor but quickly employed my can of soda, which killed the bad taste.

12:30 rolled around quickly, and R had to be going for the night. She wished me luck and went on her way. She told me to call her around 2:30 to let her know how I was doing. I can't wait for 2:30. I was so excited. The drug had already started to manifest itself. I felt the normal stomach clenching I do on every phenethylamine I have tried. Not quite nausea, but just a general tightness. I also felt a bit light headed. I sat in my computer chair and logged onto IRC. I started talking to some friends.

I gradually noticed more effects coming on. My mind was very clear, and very focused. I concentrated carefully on how I was typing. Typing to friends had seemed to become my whole world. I looked at the clock, and noticed it was a bit after 1 AM. 30 minutes have gone without me realizing it. While most psychedelics seem to slow time down, this seemed to speed it up. Perhaps it was just my imagination. I took the moment to glance around the room. How it has come to life. The walls and the floors have taken on a shimmering look. There is much patterning to speak of. The 'Persian-carpet' visual is prominent on everything. It is quite nice eye candy.

Physically I felt rather good. I do not like to make this comparison, but I can only really compare the feeling to that of an opiate. It was just strong relaxation. Regardless of how I was sitting, or what I was doing, I just felt relaxed. Mentally however, I was a bit disappointed. I really did not feel any different than if I had not taken any drug. My mind remains clear and untouched. While I do get periods where I lose myself in things, they are short, and pass quickly. T that point, I would say I was at a +2.

1:30 came and I felt great. I was laying back in my computer chair, still talking to friends. My body felt very nice and relaxed. I was very alert and tuned in to what I am doing, but I can't help but yawning, and occasionally closing my eyes. I was not paying too much attention to the visual aspect at that point, as then I was enjoying speaking to people.
Some time passed, and suddenly I felt a bit aroused. Why? I do not know. Out of nowhere came and erotic feeling, followed with an erection. I decided I might as well relieve myself. I have masturbated on psychedelics before, and it always took quite some time. However, on 2C-C, it took a few minutes. I was surprised how fast it went by. The orgasm was not particularly intense. Other psychedelics produced much better orgasms, though this was definitely enhanced.

I finished just before 2 AM. I continued to talk to people on IRC and AOL Instant Messenger. Usually I prefer to stray from computers while tripping, but I was not getting much in the mental department, so I continued. Then came the conversation with someone that changed my night.

A friend of mine started talking to me online. He was one of my friends who has made my high school years much more enjoyable. He is the all around nice kind whom everyone likes. He also happens to be quite overweight. He was talking to me, and he made some comments about himself which were quite negative. I told him to stop, as he was one of the best people I knew. He continued to be down on himself about his weight problem and other issues. I talked to him for a bit, and he seemed to be a bit happier at the end. I had a strong sense of accomplishment, as one of friends seemed to be in need of help, and I was able to provide it. I then took that moment to look at my year book. My friend had written a full page of just things we had done together. It was then I realized that I had made him a much happier person. I don?t mean it in a vain way, but more that I really helped someone. I was so happy at this moment. It was one of the best things I have ever experienced.

When my friend turns in for bed I realized that it was 2:30 already. Once again, time seemed to be speeding up. I picked up my phone and called R. I woke her up and laughed at her, as she sounded funny. She grumbled a few words. I don't think she quite understood she was on the phone, so I let her go back to sleep, and continued on with my night.

I wondered if I was going to hit a +3 or not. I feel it there. I feel as though I'm being teased. It just didn't seem to come. I continued to be patient about it.

3:30 AM rolled around, and my visuals were fading. I was told by a trusted friend that some phenethylamines take their time, and then slam you. I was waiting to be slammed by the effects, as they were enjoyable, but just a bit mild for my taste. I waited for another half hour, but the body effect is starting to leave as well. This is beginning to remind my of my 2C-T-2 experience, where the effects just seemed to end suddenly. I hoped that was not the case tonight, as I have been enjoying 2C-C's physical and visual effects. I said goodnight to friends, and went into my room to listen to music.

I put on my headphones and turn on the Disco Biscuits. I enjoy their music for the gentle flowing sound, and generally relaxing feel to it. The music sounded good, as always. I layed in the dark with my eyes closed, hoping to see some lingering closed eye visuals, but I think my trip is almost over.

At 5:00 AM I feel sober. I take 100mg of diphenhydramine, and fall asleep within the hour.

I woke up the next day at 3:00 PM. I feel good both physically and mentally, but I?m lacking the afterglow I have come to love from 2C-I.


I look back on this and wonder if I was being fair to 2C-C. Never have I heard of it being quite up to par with 2C-I. I was a bit disappointed, but I don't know if it's more because 2C-C is just a mild recreational drug, or if it's because I was trying so hard to compare it to 2C-I. Of course, perhaps my low dose also had a lot to do with this. Maybe this magic is at higher doses (50mg ?)

I cannot help but compare 2C-I and 2C-C directly. Each has its own good qualities. 2C-I has a much better mental effect. I find 2C-I more profound and useful. 2C-C on the other hand, had nicer visuals, and it didn't have nearly as much tension as 2C-I does. There was no headache or jaw clenching to be reported. Just a smooth, relaxing body feel. 2C-I is much more serious, in my opinion. 2C-C was more of a toy. While I enjoyed the beautiful visuals it produced, and the great relaxation, the lack of mental change really let me down.

I'll definitely use 2C-C again. I would not by any means call 2C-C bad. I felt no negative effects, no nausea, headache, or jaw clenching. Hopefully when I raise my dose though I can finally hit that +3 and see just what this drug really has to offer.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25372
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 18, 2003Views: 32,960
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