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Tripping at Settler's Rock
Citation:   Morninggloryseed. "Tripping at Settler's Rock: An Experience with 2C-C (exp25426)". Jul 19, 2003.

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T+ 0:00
50 mg oral 2C-C
  T+ 0:59 1 bowl smoked Cannabis
  T+ 2:30 1 bowl smoked Cannabis
  T+ 3:00 1 cart. inhaled Nitrous Oxide
July 16, 2003

I must begin by saying that my actions during this trip were the stupidest and most irresponsible of anything I have ever done while on a psychedelic. What I did should be an example to all of what not to do when you are tripping for the first on a high dose of an experimental substance. Do not scale shale-cliff walls over a hundred feet tall when you have never even rock-climbed in a sober state of mind! Having acknowledged that what I did was very stupid and dangerous I will now go on with my story.

This has not been a good time for me. My once-thought-to-be partner in life decided (for the third time now actually) that we were not to be, so I have had to deal with the ending on a nine-year off and on relationship with someone I though was going to be my partner in life forever. Someone I thought I could trust. Someone I loved with all of my heart. But I was let down and lied to. I guess you cannot count on anything in life except death and taxes. It has not been easy.

Then I was laid off work, a job that I enjoyed very much and which worked perfect with my school schedule. At this time, I still am not working. Jobs are hard to come by in my small town. Soon after I was laid off, I decided to quit cold turkey my several month-long poppy tea addiction. Needless to say I went through sheer hell during withdrawal. But that will be for another story. I will now end the sob stage of this report and begin with the interesting parts.

I woke up this morning for the first time in I do not know how long, feeling absolutely no withdrawal symptoms from the opium pods. I actually felt good for once! So on a spur of the moment decision, I decided to weigh out fifty-milligrams of 2C-C and go into the mountains to see where adventure would take me. I had never taken this material before.

This was a day I was going to take for myself. I begin my trip by saying Saint Michael, the Archangel’s, prayer. Though I was not born into a Christian family, nor do I practice the religion, this prayer is very special and personal to me and I take it to heart. I then simply asked the universe for the strength to do the things that I know I need to do in life. With that I lit a stick of incense, cleansed the area around me of bad vibes and bad thoughts, and swallowed my pill.

Then I suddenly remembered my best friend was driving in from St. Louis today and he had no idea how to get to my place. I could not get a hold of him so I ended up calling his mother. I love the woman dearly, and we are very close, but it was not easy giving her directions! By the time we were done, twenty insane minutes had past and I swear there was an alert from the 2C-C already. I decided to smoke a quick bowl of pot, and then I hopped on my bicycle and made my way up to the mountains. Perhaps thirty-minutes had passed by the time I left the house and I was definitely feeling something.

The first thing I really noticed about 2C-C was it telling me not to rush. Slow down and smell the datura! I downshifted my bicycle and enjoyed a slower and more leisurely ride to the mountain foothills.. Already (perhaps forty-minutes into the experience) there was noticeable color enhancement to everything. Things were so bright, and the contrasts between different shades of color really stood out.

I was also pleased at the way this 2C-C was coming on. There was no body-load or any type or any unpleasant stimulation to deal with. For the most part, my body felt normal. The changes were all in the sensory and mental region. Anyway I pushed along on my bike until I reached the base of Settler’s Rock. I locked my bike and began my way up the hill.

And what a hill it was! The climb up was very steep. I am glad I brought a liter of water with me because it was very hot and I needed it. It took perhaps another twenty minutes before I reached the base of the Red Rocks shale cliff walls at Settler’s Park. I climbed about twenty-feet up and sat down to have a cigarette and admire the view below. I could see the valley my town was in, as well as far of into the Colorado plains. I noticed two gentlemen at the very top of the cliffs and we exchanged waves of hello.

I had lost all track of time at this point but I was now strongly at a plus-two and the visual effects really were beginning to manifest. There was dramatic color enhancement, and some waviness in my field of vision. When I moved my hand in front of my face, multi-colored trails with a green tinge followed it. And again, the body felt great. Normal actually. This was truly a pure psychedelic. No body feeling at all, it was just in the head.

Soon the two gentlemen on top of the hill began to make their way down the cliff walls. I asked them how the climb was and they both replied that coming down was much harder than going up. They also added it was well worth it for the view. “Fuck it” I said to myself, “I’m going up.” I asked them to wish me luck and they did. Climbing up was not hard at all as I had good shoes and felt that the 2C-C seemed to enhance my ability to climb the rocks. I don’t know if it did or did not but it sure felt that way. I reached the top after about twenty minutes and then I became very euphoric at my achievement. I was on top of the world!

There was a good latency in the coming-on period with the 2C-C. I felt it quickly but it really did not begin to become intense until a few hours had passed. It reminded me of 2C-T-7 or 2C-I in that it took a long time to get to the peak. But I did began to peak while I was up there on top of the beautiful Red Rocks at Settler’s park.

What I really noticed about 2C-C was its malleability. It seemed to be whatever I wanted it to be, rather than have much character of its own. At the height of the experience I could go out-of-body at will, come back and enjoy the visuals, or suddenly feel almost normal. Unlike say 2C-E or LSD, there was no forced thinking. It was not pushy in any way. The trip went where I wanted it to go.

And I did a lot of good deep thinking. I really examined my life in a humble and honest way. I thought about where I needed improvements, and what I was proud of. I felt this time alone to be very therapeutic for me. Alone on the rocks high above my town, I felt on top of it all. This was my area for the time being and I just let go and got lost in inner-dialogue. I did some meditative breathing, which really helped to increase the effects. Then I decided to smoke some more pot.

The marijuana really made things intense. Though the visuals were never stunning like some of the other 2Cs I have tried, things were very alive and active. The colors and contrasts were so bright and dramatic. The green and browns particularly stood out. Clouds became figures that moved. The ground seemed to breathe.

Suddenly a chipmunk came and sat next to me. He brought a nut with it and started chowing down. I grabbed a banana from my backpack and joined it. I am surprised how close he stayed to me. Even after rustling through my backpack to look for the fruit, he seemed to have no fear of me. I almost wonder if we were connected and he just ‘knew.’ One can never know.

I then felt it was time for a balloon of nitrous oxide. Again, I cannot emphasize enough that my actions were stupid and irresponsible. I had no one there to ensure that I did not hit my head on a rock, or fall off the side of the cliff. I am not glorifying what I choose to do, but I am simply telling a story. Again, I recommend that I be an example to everyone of what not to do when you are tripping on psychedelics. Anyway, I prepared the balloon and said a quick prayer. I looked around and secured myself in a rock ‘cubby’ to reduce any chance of me falling and then I inhaled the contents of the balloon.

There are no words for what happened next. I experienced pure and simple existence. I was one with mother-earth and she was one with me. As I exhaled some variety of insect began to rub it wings at a particular frequency. This frequency seemed to be a celebration of life. I experienced perhaps the greatest euphoria for simply being alive that I can recall in some time.

The effects of the nitrous oxide lasted perhaps a minute or two. By the time it was over I had tears in my eyes. I experienced the utter bliss and sheer beauty from having a powerful and heavenly out-of-body experience. I felt so blessed at having been able to experience something like that and thanked the universe than no harm came to me.

After that I smoked a cigarette and just basked in the after-glow. The experience almost reminded me of 5-MeO-DMT, both in terms of effects and general intensity. I was in sheer awe for what happened and again felt so thankful to the universe for allowing me to experience that. After I smoked the cigarette, I took a few more hits of marijuana when I noticed storm clouds moving in.

Ok here we go! I figured that I would either make it down ok, or fall to my death. To be honest I did not feel the slightest bit impaired. The 2C-C was so clear-headed, and I felt an inner voice (perhaps instinct) telling me exactly where to go. A few times I got into sticky situations but for the most part I made it down with little difficulty. When I got to the bottom, I fell to my knees and kissed the ground for allowing me not only experience all I did on top of those rocks, but to survive the journey of coming down from them!

Next I had to make my way down from the Red Rocks to the bottom of Settler’s Rock, which was a good three-hundred feet. Obviously the walk down was steep, but much easier than going up. I literally enjoyed every breath, ever step, and every moment of existence as I looked at the world that was alive with color and energy. It was unspeakably beautiful. Several times I just stopped to look around overcome by the glory and beauty of the mountains. I was absolutely blissful.

Finally I reached my bicycle. I was still tripping a little to hard to drive my bicycle I thought, so I sat down to drink and smoke one more cancer-stick and have a good rest. Then I stood up and approached my bike smiling. I became what Shulgin calls an ‘idiot.’ I decided to ride my bicycle while tripping.

And off I went. Actually I didn’t feel the slightest bit impaired and thankfully the bike trail was mostly empty of people. Although I wanted to enjoy the beauty around me, I felt it better to concentrate simply on biking safely home rather than look at the sights. It took around twenty minutes to make it back to my apartment and by this time I was mostly down. Five hours had passed since I took the pill. I headed straight for the shower and cleansed myself of the day.


2C-C was a very gentle and mild psychedelic for me. Even at fifty-milligrams I was never overwhelmed at any time. I was able to lead the trip in any direction I wanted to. In addition, it felt great on the body. No harsh stimulation, no body-load, no nothing to complain about. Although I would not call the material sedating, it was definitely relaxing. It certainly gave me no additional energy for my hike and I was exhausted by day’s end.

I think 2C-C’s greatest asset is the fact that it is so malleable. It is the perfect material to give to someone new to the psychedelic experience or for the experienced user to take if one just wanted a gentle sparkle for the day. There is not the euphoria or sensory joys of 2C-B. There is not the depth of 2C-E. There is not the insight of 2C-I. Nor are there the extreme emotions and visions of 2C-T-7.

Instead 2C-C seemed to be whatever I wanted it to be. I was able to push it in a variety of directions and this makes it useful in a variety of situations. Its only flaw is the low potency. I took fifty-milligrams of the stuff and only reached a soft plus-three. If you happen to know a chemist who can whip up grams and grams of the stuff at cost, then it is nice to have around. But I would not spend a lot of money on 2C-C if you don’t have such luxuries. I loved the experience and I am grateful for all I got, but I think there are more interesting materials to work with.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25426
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 19, 2003Views: 41,678
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