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Spiritual Ally, Pot Substitute
Heimia salicifolia
by Luke
Citation:   Luke. "Spiritual Ally, Pot Substitute: An Experience with Heimia salicifolia (exp25651)". Dec 1, 2004.

20 g oral Heimia salicifolia (liquid)
History... I began by searching for legal ways to expand my mind due to random drug tests. Therefore, my interest in Sinicuichi. It should be noted that I haven't smoked pot for like 5 months, so smoking Sinicuichi while smoking pot all the time might change the experience of smoking Sinicuichi, potency-wize and expectation-wize.

Okay, I got the 1 pound of Sinicuichi (Heimia Salicifolia) in the mail. Mindset was interested, eager to try.

6:00 pm
I am experiencing the effects of the Sinicuichi right now, which is much like a tiny buzz of home grown pot. It is very, very nice for a pot substitute. Also, I notice if I get up and move around, the effects go away a lot; which means that it is to be used alone. Also, a large amount must be consumed to be as high as I am right now. I smoked 2 fat joints and then a cigar filled with it. Sinicuichi is great. The best pot substitute I have ever found. It is working great. I’m pretty out of it now, so I’m going to the T.V..

12.00 pm
Effects have gone away, and just like I have read, there are no lingering effects like with pot.

...3 days later:
Today I finally made a successful extraction! I boiled down 2 separate concoctions with one ounce of Sinicuichi and combined them, boiled it down and ended up with a green goo in the bottom of a pot. This is still drying in the refridgerator, but I already scraped some up from the middle of the pot that was dry and smoked a bowl full with good results. The same effects I get from smoking two fat Sinicuichi joints, I get with smoking one bowl of the extract.

...2 days later:
I tried the the Sinicuichi in the liquid form. I boiled down 20 grams of it until I had a shot of sludge, which I poured into a shot glass and drank in one gulp. Contrary to other people’s opinions, to me it tasted good.

Almost immediately after I drank, my throat started to swell up. The effects were similar to smoking it, besides the swelling of my throat and tongue, which must be on account of drinking the Sinicuichi because it occurred once I drank it. And because of this, I didn’t feel thrilled about ever trying this substance ever again in this form.

However, my perception of this changed when I woke up from my sleep last night. This happened whenever I noticed that I was speaking to someone in my dream about how I liked the new Type O Negative C.D., ‘Life Is Killing Me’ (which is amazing by the way). It occurred to me that this person was a spirit because when it woke me up, I could feel a presence inside of my body that moved above me and then around me which was giving me a sensation that my body felt as enourmous excitement and anxiety, or energy. I stayed in this state for some time, of visual dreaming and awareness, going deeper in and out of my dream, talking to this entity inside my dream; where his identity was a person. I have never been this deep in my head while being so strongly aware of it at the same time before (while sleeping).

Then things got stranger. I reasoned that since I am in such an intriguing state, that it is only sensible to see how it could be manipulated. Then I started seeing the objects in my bedroom. I would advance towards these objects and feel them with my dreaming body and I would get loads of informative visualizations about the history of each object that I decided to investigate. This lead to visualizations about the theory of time itself and those type of ideas. This eventually woke me up again, out of this half sleep which was more in the sleeping half, allied with Sinicuichi.

Then I tried to enter back into this state again, thinking about my conversation with the entity I took to be a spirit, and I could feel its presence still, the deeper into my head that I went. It was felt with an enourmous rush of energy that was behind me when I laid on my side. It was no use, because I was too awake now to go that deep and I eventually ignored this presence and the more awake I got the more it went away.

No doubt that this could have been put together with my imaginative dreaming imagination. I was in a very deep half sleep and still somewhat dreaming, but regardless of any ideations; this substance gave much helpful access to parts of the mind that are normally very hard to reach and experience with ordinary awareness.

After this experience, I can definatly see why Shamans believe this substance to have supernatural powers while in a trance state. Because if the half dreaming state I was in is reached while in a trance, then many more things can be opened up in the mind and spirit with the aid of Sinicuichi. Whoever is to try it must commit himself to reaching that state first, though. Whether by becoming aware in his sleep, which happened naturally with me, or else by meditation or trance.

Then again, maybe if enough Sinicuichi is consumed then perhaps it could do all that work on its own. But I used 20 grams of it and that is like double the recommended dose. I will not try with more for a long time though, because the swelling of my throat is too uncomfortable and could be an allergic reaction. Although, once I woke up, after 13 hours of sleep (altogether), this swelling went away mostly and is almost completely gone now. It seems now that this potion tore up the inner lining of the back of my tongue and my throat where I swallowed. Another side effect I experienced too was restless sleep, in the first couple hours of it.

But, who cares. This is an amazing, enhancing, spiritual ally that I strongly recommend trying to those interested in traveling and working WITH the plant and not just being a close minded imbecile and relating every single substance they find to a marijuana buzz, and when that doesn’t work calling the unique and interesting substance worthless and then giving up on it. However, smoke-wise, Sinicuichi is the best pot substitute I have ever found. But, someone will be disappointed if they’re looking exactially for a pot high and expecting the same intensity.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25651
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 1, 2004Views: 47,967
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