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Change of Entire Life Perspective
by Richie
Citation:   Richie. "Change of Entire Life Perspective: An Experience with Cannabis (exp25777)". Mar 30, 2018.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This is a story of how I started smoking weed and how it changed my entire life. It was summer of 1997, and I was 12 years old, when I came to a friends apartment - I was invited to a small party. There were few other people that I didn't knew. My friend started rolling a joint. Everyone smoked, then when we were finished, he rolled another three joints. I started to have a slight buzz, but after we smoked all other three joints I was on the bed laughing to the wall like crazy. After that time, I haven't smoked weed till 2001 when I was starting 3rd year of highschool, and a new kid came in our class. Let's just call him R. He was an interesting guy, and moved in a house that was few minutes from mine, we hooked up and became friends. He was talking about weed all the time, and from his words I could tell that he has a bunch of expirience with all kind of supstances, and I was interested to learn more about those. Few days past and R asked me if I could lend him some money for the weed and that he'll give it back to me tomorrow. He asked for a not so small amout of money (converted in dollars it was about $10), and I didn't know could I thrust him, but I finally gave him the money.

In Croatia were I live prices are very low, and you can buy 100 grams of weed for aprox. $40-$50. His supplier was a guy named Z who was coming from a bigger city, cca 10 miles from ours, every weekend and R bought 50 grams of weed. R gave me the money back next day. Then I started to thurst him - I saw he was reliable. He asked me if I wanna smoke with him and Z in Z's house (in our city). Z had a tons of weed, and we went for a smoke to his place. I've continued to smoke with R maybe one joint in 2-3 days. One evening another friend K, R and I were walking downtown, and R was calling other supplier in town if he can sell some weed. He told him that he can but if he can buy right now, cuz hi'll sell it till tomorrow. R didn't have any money, so I said I'll buy some weed cuz I was smoking with R his stuff for free, and felt like I owed him. But the other thing witch made me buy was a tought of my own weed I which I can smoke anytime, anywhere, and with whoever I want. So I went home took my money and went for the weed with R. After that I started to buy weed all the time, but I always smoked it with R. A month later R got caught by the police with weed, and he had to go on some addiction program once every week, and piss for the tests which would indicate if he used any drugs lately. So he stoped smoking. I resumed on my own. Then I had to learn how to roll a joint. I bought one pack of Rizla+ on a roll (3 meter roll) and I started rolling tobacco. I was buying new rolls all the time cuz I had to learn to roll better - it takes practice. After a month of practicing on tobacco, I could roll a perfect joint.

Because smoking alone was stupid I found another friend named Z (this is not the same person as mentioned above). We were smoking together few times a day, after 8-9 months a guy that I knew named B joined us in smoking, cuz he was realy interested to try it out, so he got in the 'gang'. The three of us were smoking all the time. Every day in school was a smoking day. We usually smoked first joint after 3rd class when was the 15 min break, and then continue to smoke after every other class on a 5 min break. If we were out of weed we could easly buy it from few guys in school right away. Here it is usual to buy smallest package for, converted in dollars, aprox. $7 in which you get 5-8 grams (depending on who you buy from). There was this guy S how had the strongest weed I ever tried, and he would give you 4-5 grams tops (in $7 package), but it was worth it. The most fun we had coming fucked up on class laughing histericaly to profesors, not knowing what are they talking about. Few times we even smoked during the class. Then we got used to roll during the class, but we weren't so stupid to smoke in class ever again.

So I realized that I was addicted to weed, and a day without it would be boring and fucked up. In days when there was nothing to smoke, I would just wait for the tomorrow that my supplier gets the weed. Of course I also started taking E, and have tried LSD, speed, coke, DMT and some other stuff, but I wont talk about it in this text. It was the best school year in my entire life. The most time we spent playing Counter-strike on computers. We were begging all the profesors to let us go on computers, and they would let us. So we played CS during all the classes we could. If a profesor didn't let us we would just go from the class. In addition I had top grades on tests and all the subjects, and have finished my final year with 5 (in America its A). But despite that, my brain was so fucked up that I had a distortion of time, forgeting lots of things etc.

Finally all I could think of in my life was a smoke. In the morning when we were going to school in afternoon shift, B and Z and sometimes K would come to my house and we would watch cartoons all the morning and rolling on floor laughing. If my house was busy with my parents we would go to someone elses house. During the morning we would smoke 5-10 grams, and more 5-10 grams in school, sometimes more. Sometimes some friend invites you on a smoke during the break, sometimes you invite him etc. I carried weed in my shoes (DC man) under the first foot layer. In my pocket there was Rizla+ Roll all the time, and in my house I allways had at least 5-10 grams. I had so much fun with my friends and weed that made my boring life very interesting. I liked it so much cuz every time I smoked was different, but allways lots of fun, and the thing that I adored weed for was lots of laughing and good ambient. The best thing is when you look at your friend and and just laugh like a wacko for no reason.

On the end I had to get caught by my parents. I was so cautious but one night I came drunk home, and they thought it was some heavy drug, and I had to admit for smoking weed cuz it would be found on tests - of course I didn't tell the whole truth - I said I tried it few times. Then I stoped smoking but I was thinking of it all the time, all the people in school were smoking and I was in huge tempation. Few months later I got caught by police but now I was 18 and could even go to jail for amount that I had. I got out of all the trouble and now I am not smoking any more. I was going to raves alot taking E, but it never consumed and occupated my toughts as weed.

I regreted the time when I tried weed, but on the other hand I had amazing and unforgetfull 2 years of doing weed 5 times a day, plus other above mentioned substances that do not fit into this text. Man those were the years...

Exp Year: 1997 - 2003ExpID: 25777
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 30, 2018Views: 842
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Cannabis (1) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Addiction & Habituation (10), Not Applicable (38)

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