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Synergistic Magic
LSD, 2C-I, Salvia divinorum, Tobacco (Rustica) & Cannabis
Citation:   plantshaman. "Synergistic Magic: An Experience with LSD, 2C-I, Salvia divinorum, Tobacco (Rustica) & Cannabis (exp25837)". Aug 5, 2003.

4 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
Some of my previous relevant experiences include: LSD, mescaline, psylocibin,5meodmt, dpt, 5meodipt ....

This is going to be a summary of a few 2c-i experiments but focused around the first and most profound experience which was in combination with LSD.

This whole thing started out as what was supposed to be 400 mcs of LSD .... I hadn't seen LSD in the last two years or so when my friend told me that someone just gave him a nice chunk of a freshly dipped sheet. The preparations where made and on a sat afternoon I found myself at a large home in the hills among my very close friends with an empty belly. There was supposed to be 8 of us but when we arrived two strange faces where at the house and this made me slightly worried because I myself planned on taking 4 hits and the guy who had dipped it told my friend it should be about 80 mcs a hit.Thats a healthy dose for me not what I would want to do with strange people. After talking to them a while I decided it would be OK. My state of mind was very good as it always is when I get to visit my friends and have an evening of research (they live far).

At 4 we all ingested our doses. Everyone took two except myself and 2 other people. the 3 of us all had 4 . After an hour and thirty min. its apparent that the blotter is not potent and I found myself with a very mild and pleasant LSD high. I would say I only got 50 mcs or so. I smoked some salvia and I took a small hit of leaf out of the pipe because I was in the back yard with a lot of people. I noticed a potentiation of salvia and a uniqueness with the LSD but that's a whole report in itself. I smoked a little rustica my friend got from south America and after only two hits found myself feeling dizzy and uncomfortable. After I got a drink to get the tobacco taste out of my mouth It passed and I decided to offer 2c-i to everyone since the LSD was a miss.

At 6 Everyone there elected to ingest 2c-i after we consulted Erowid and confirmed it had been done safely. We all took 16 mg except one girl who is a bit smaller decided 14 might be better for a first try with it stacked on the LSD and all.

The onset was slow and reminded me of mescaline in its slow build up. From about 30 min to 1 hour there was a mild nausea lingering but luckily it never got too bad. Between one and two hours visuals started to really come on. I spent some of this time dripping and splattering paint on a canvas with my friends it was good fun and beautiful. Then I had to use paint thinner to get the paint off my hands. I got some thinner on my shirt and eventually had to take off my sweat shirt for the evening because my sense of smell was so heightened it was making me ill.

By two hours the room is a swirling psychedelic mess. I have had some wild visuals from other substances especially LSD but this was all the grandeur of my best LSD trips with a lot of cannabis and then some. It never threatened to envelope me and leave me so I am in a whole other place, unable to see, lost in visuals like mushrooms or 5meodmt have done to me. Just amazing swirling mandalas, geometry's, colors, the whole ceiling turning oranges and reds even when I focused or got up close to objects. I kept thinking this is something right out of the pages of PIHKAL OR TIHKAL.This was a taste of something magical and I felt so privileged to be having this experience. I was in a high plus 2 mentally but visually a solid 3. By two hours fourty min. something changed visually; still very active but things where moving less.(THese days I don't even care about visuals that was interesting many years ago but wow what a reminder of their beauty!)

The plateau came and we sat down to watch my friends movie he made. It was two pieces, One was music set to a computer graphic of the persession of the I-ching. The other is a song for an operatic version of True Hallucinations by T. Mckenna. This was all set to graphics. A joint went around right at the start and I thought to myself I'm scared what this is going to do. Within 1 min I'm captivated by 2 min I'm pouring tears fully plus 4 ! It was so amazing and everyone I was with was so beautiful and brilliant I was so grateful to be apart of it all oh the stimulation! too much input! A picture of this mushrooms shaman cave painting in Africa is on the screen and I'm melding with the mushroom god. This drawing is conveying ancient wisdom of the mushrooms and oh boy it would take pages to tell what happened if I could find the words. The first song stops, the tears slow. I almost leave the room because I'm not sure I can take another round.

It bursts onto the screen and I am soon convulsing in tears of reverie. The graphics of space so much like my normal CEV and how beautiful combined with the music .'Glorious impermanence, radiance' is the chorus. In Terence's last interview they asked what do u expect when u die and he said 'Brilliant Radiance.' That's what the song is about.Thats exactly what I believe too, as taught to me by the mushroom. Everything was falling into place and coming together to catalyze this plus 4 moment. I've never experienced reverie like this, it was unspeakable. Not high alpine meadows or old growth redwood forest with or without mind altering substances has ever inspired anything close to this. I had reverie a few times before but this was turned up infinantly louder than anything which preceded it.

The music stops I manage to slow the tears but I'm cold. It feels kind of like DPT in my hands, like I'm dissolving away, pins and needles type feeling actually more like my blood is bubbling is how I describe it. I HATE being cold on psychedelics! its loud in the room and chaotic I'm feeling funky from all the crying and emotion so I head to another room. I get under the covers and I'm fine after I do some oaming to slow my thoughts and I warm up. I come downstairs to find my friend in a state like I was during the movie and then some. he was one who had also taken 4 hits. He would cry stop breathing and roll about the floor going plus 4 then breathe and be back for a moment over and over. he say says it was great later although i was worried about him at the time. we sat with him for a maybe an hour or more

I relaxed with some more salvia and a bowl as the decline started. I laid on the couch chatting and smelling fresh picked jasmine. My sense of smell was heightened and the jasmine made a feeling of tranquil bliss and created closed eye visuals/fantasy of flowers. Very pleasant! It took a long time to come down there was a lot of great conversation I felt great. At 7 am the next day I was still seeing stuff slightly but feeling good.

I have taken 2c-i a few times since then. Two low doses of 8 once then 12.5 two days later. Very mild but wonderful experiences. one in public watching people at the beach. The other hiking in the sierra back country. The sierra was really great sitting at 12,000 feet lakeside listening to music I thought maybe I should just get a gram of 2c-i and wonder the mtns for a whole summer! one thing I noticed was the dust just from one friend in front of me was choking ... again super heightened smell.

16 mg at the rainbow gathering. That was not so good and I couldn't figure out why. Rainbow gathering with my g/f it should be blissful! I later found out I had food poisoning and it had been setting in that night. The fever made me cold and uncomfortable all night. I had a pretty nice experience stayed very coherent and it kind of left me wanting more because I expected something as powerful as the 2c-i and LSD. I again noted increased sense of smell making cannabis smoke in the tent foul. I noted none of the emotional power of the LSD synergy and certainly not the visuals. The emotional power I can't for sure say because the movie was a catalyst. it may have only partially been the 2c-i and LSD. Then again my other friend spent over an hour in the highly emotional plus 4 moments so maybe the LSD played more of a role who can say?

18 mg at home in a comfortable setting with my g/f. i found no increase in mental or visual effect over 16 mg, only more dizziness during the onset. Again heightened smell was really profound. It was a wonderful experience and we got in some great moments of bliss and over powering love. I had a headache toward the end and for two days after this experience very unusual for me. after this I thought rather take 16 same effect less dizzy and less gas. I wonder what 22 or so would do? just more dizziness and toxic effects?

I have concluded that low dose LSD with 2c-i for myself is a magic combo and I think I prefer it to 2c-i alone. 2c-i alone for me is very coherent and doesn't come with a lot of mental insight but is certainly among my favs due to a good ratio of body load to effect. For me it really targets smell unlike anything I have ever tried. In the future I'll make sure to have lots of flowers and fragrant things to experiment with wheee !

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25837
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 5, 2003Views: 12,698
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LSD (2), 2C-I (172) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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