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Don't Make Any Plans for a While
Citation:   Jezebel in Hell. "Don't Make Any Plans for a While: An Experience with 5-MeO-AMT (exp25899)". Aug 7, 2003.

6.0 mg oral 5-MeO-AMT (powder / crystals)
After much research and preparation, I obtained 6mg of carefully measured out 5-meo-amt and ingested it at 12:30am. It was surprisingly bitter, and I had to drink an entire can of Sprite to get the taste out of my mouth. I sat down on my couch and threw in a good light-hearted comedy to keep me in a pleasant mindset, and also grabbed a bucket to prepare for the nausea all prior trip reports had warned me about. The following is a timeline, written while on the substance. A few spelling/gramatical errors have been corrected, but other than that, it's exactly what I was feeling while under the influence.

1:30am - Starting to feel a bit of a headchange. Barely perceptable. Could just be placebo, but everything feels a bit...fuzzy.

2:00am - Definite headchange going on. Probably a +1. There's no sign of the nausea I've read so much about, but it's early yet.

2:36am - Wow! Just hit me like a ton O' bricks. Fractal rainbow patterns are emerging from everything. Can't focus on any image for any length of time. Was looking at some pictures on the internet, and though I could see them perfectly well (they weren't blurry or anything), I couldn't make out what a few of them were. I've got a perma-grin going, and just feel really good physically. A bit of that artificial chemical high in my head is my only complaint. Still no nausea at all.

3:03am - I keep thinking that I've peaked and will start to come down soon, but the trip just keeps intensifying. Everything looks three-dimensional, including images on TV and the tablecloth on my coffee table. I'm also incredibly happy, and the strangest things are striking me as being hilarious. This feels like being on a high dose of mushrooms and acid, plus a light dose of ecstacy. My time perception is in disarray. It feels like I've been tripping for at least eight hours, but in reality it's been less than three. This substance gets a thumbs up so far. I'm at a +3, easily.

3:27am - Mostly the same as before. I just realized I haven't smoked since this substance kicked in. I usually chain-smoke anytime I'm inebriated, but this is the first time a cigarette has even crossed my mind all night. Even thinking about it now, I still don't think I really want one. Very strange indeed.

3:35am - Feels like it's been hours since my last entry. Had to check all five clocks in the house to convince myself that less than ten minutes have passed. Still at a +3, still having a great time.

4:50am - Just finished watching the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Gonna have to watch it again under sober circumstances to see if it's really as funny as I just found it. This trip is showing no sign of slowing down. Getting up to walk from the couch to my computer, I noticed that my motor skills are trashed. Walking was incredibly difficult, and opening my bedroom door took a little effort. Typing is surprisingly easy though.

5:32am - My roommate just woke up and left for work. Had a perfectly normal conversation with him. Don't think he had any idea I was the least bit high, even though I'm tripping harder than I ever have in my life. It's strange how capable this drug leaves you of basic cognitive functions, while simultaniously sending you on a trip that would normally leave you incapable of forming sentences.

6:12am - Nothing new to report really. Still happy, still tripping, still seing happy rainbow fractals everywhere. Time perception is still way off. I feel like I've been tripping for days. I could see this being a genuinely awful experience if you were having a bad trip, but fortunately I'm having a good one.

7:55am - Starting to wane off a little bit, but still at a good +3. Visuals are as strong as ever, but motor skills are beginning to return. Time dilation is as bad as ever.

9:00am - Down to a +2 now. Visuals are still pretty strong, but thought patterns are starting to return to normal. Seeing as I've had no nausea, I think I'll make some food and see if it helps to sober me up a bit.

9:23am - Made breakfast, but only ate a few bites. No nausea still, but once the food was in front of me I no longer wanted it. Very bland tasting and heavy feeling. Had a glass of apple juice instead.

10:30am - Still at a +2. Damn, this stuff just keeps on kicking. Still having a good time, but would like to get to sleep sometime soon. A bit of a headache is kicking in. I've decided not to take an excedrin, as this is my trial run with this substance, and I want to know how bad it will get.

11:17am - Headache's gotten pretty bad now, but it's not incapacitating. Still at a fairly strong +2, but am feeling like I might be able to sleep soon. Gonna throw in another movie, and hope that I can crash when it's over.

1:00pm - If it weren't for this terrible headache I could probably sleep now. Still tripping pretty hard, but I'm exhausted enough to crash.

1:43pm - Gonna try and go to sleep now. Head is pounding something fierce, but my eyelids are starting to droop. Hopefully I'll feel better after some sleep.

Ending up falling asleep fairly easily, but woke up a few times due to the intensity of the headache. After about ten hours of sleep I got out of bed and made some breakfast. Still had a minor headache, but was feeling mostly recovered. My appetite had returned to normal, but I still felt worn out. It's worth noting that I'd been battling insomnia for the past three months, and prior to this trip had only been getting about an hour of sleep a night.

Stayed up long enough to watch an episode of the Simpsons, and then fell back asleep for another 18 hours. Whether this was due to the drug or the prior sleep deprivation I'm not sure, but all that sleep certainly did me good. Woke up for work the next day feeling refreshed and energetic. Unfortunately, the insomnia returned the next night, but it's been more bearable since.

All in all, I rather enjoyed this experience. My only complaints would be the headache, and the lack of any sort of insight. While I was quite happy and had a great time, I didn't get any of the usual revelations that psychedelics bring. Also, I could see the duration of this drug being a problem if one were to fall into a bad trip.

Overall rating, Thumbs up. Not as useful or enjoyable as 2c-i or 5-meo-dmt, but not a bad little research chem.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25899
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 7, 2003Views: 46,989
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5-MeO-AMT (104) : Alone (16), First Times (2), General (1)

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