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Read Before You Try
Citation:   Satyrical. "Read Before You Try: An Experience with DXM (exp2592)". Oct 19, 2001.

Every summer I am forced to spend six weeks with my father and stepmom in VA. It's a pain in the ass to leave my pals in Juneau, Alaska during the prime drug season, but I have to deal every year. This year was going to be different, I kept telling myself. I'd go to a mall or a teen center and buy some weed off of someone, no problem right? After 3 weeks I had no weed, and the only drug that I had been able to find was dimenhydrinate, (Dramamine), which was a scary experience by myself. But after conversing with my friends via ICQ, I decided to try some DXM, and convinced my stepmom that my cold needed treating and to get some Robitussin Maximum Strength.

I waited until a day when I would be on my own at a mall, and drank the whole bottle. The cough syrup made me gag and it was so sickeningly sweet that I drank two bottles of water along with it. I then put on my coat and took off for the metro station, which was a few blocks over.

The ride over was interesting; I kept feeling the sensation to doze off, though probably not drug inspired, I had stayed up the night before watching 'Kids in the Hall' reruns. After about an hour and a half I still wasn't feeling anything and gave up thinking about what I would do at the mall under influence. Just then a security guard got on the metro car and looked at me funny. I sat back and started to read my book, (the same page over, and over), and kept peering up at him from time to time. 5 minutes later, the very top of my head started to itch, and as I reached up to scratch it, the itching intensified. Over the course of the ride to the mall, My entire head began to itch like crazy, and I couldn't stop scratching it. I was getting afraid that the guard would wonder what the hell was going on. The itch moved down to my forehead and I decided to give the scratching a rest for a bit, maybe it'd go away. When the train stopped, I stood up and felt very dizzy and pretty high, and as I stepped down the staircase at the metro stop, I felt like I was floating down from step to step. I entered the mall and sat down at a bench.

I started to feel very sick the more a looked around the food court, and noticed that the itching had grown stronger once again, this time moving down my back. I itched and scratched until my whole back and head ignited as if a bad sunburn. This didn't really freak me out, (even with the paranoia), but I calmly paced the 4 stories of the mall with the burning itching spreading all the way down to my thighs. It never progressed further, but it still bugged the hell out of me. After a while, my left hand started to feel swollen, and it became difficult to close. I could feel my heart pumping blood into every inch of my body, and the burning failed to cease even when I held back from scratching. Soon nausea overtook me, and I started down towards the exit, noticing my right hand swell too. I felt an urgent need to find a bathroom before I left to check my face, which had started to feel tight and rubbery, but failed to find one in the entire mall. I took a drink of water from a fountain, and bought a 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' poster and headed for the metro stop.

On the way back, my face grew so tight that it was hard to open my mouth or speak. I was wondering whether or not the pleasant tingling/high sensation was worth the nausea, when the metro stopped and I called my stepmom for a ride home, (took me a while to get my senses together to actually start fumbling with the phone). I walked outside into the parking lot, and sat down because of the extreme nausea and dizziness that had come over me. It kept getting worse, and worse over the next half an hour, until I remember asking god for help, (I hadn't talked to god without the influence of drugs since I was 6). Yes, the pain was that bad. Worse that the worse hangover I had ever experienced, and then to my relief, I threw-up pink Robitussin all over the pavement and into the bushes. It just kept coming, until I felt my body was purged from the poison. Then I hunched back over, and waited until my stepmom pulled up. Gave her some crazy story about how a drunk homeless guy puked next to me and how I followed his lead. She believed me and drove me home where I slept for 12 hours in the middle of the day, swollen hands and all.

So if you think your ready for dextromethorphan, go ahead give it a shot, you have my blessings. Just be careful and carry a barf-bag. The high was nice, the nausea was retchid. That's all that I can say.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2592
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 19, 2001Views: 5,484
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DXM (22) : Health Problems (27), Various (28)

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