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No Longer a Bad Idea
by sigea
Citation:   sigea. "No Longer a Bad Idea: An Experience with Heroin (exp25998)". Jun 19, 2019.

  IV Heroin (liquid)


Since march of 2003 I've used heroin about 6 times. I'm not going to count the first 2 times when I snorted it, because those experiences were not at all of this calibur, too similar to a high dose of vicodin. One of my friends had been into heroin for about 6 months. Another one of my friends had recently been going out with him and also picked up a taste for the tar. We were about 30 miles from his apartment in a neighboring town when he told me that if I drive him down to his house, he'll give me a shot. I've used pretty much every other mainstream drug, and was quite excited. I don't really know why I stayed away from it before this. To make a long story short, we shot up at his place, and it was great. Not much else to say. The rush was incredible, it was like I was being massaged by waves of pure loving energy. The nausea and itchiness weren't even unpleasant. I drove home that night (even though I had come down, bad idea) listening to enya in my car. Very serene. Lying in bed that night I had never felt so comfortable.

It doesn't seem so powerful at first. Just something fun. I loved it just as much as I loved vicodin or oxycontin. But this stuff was EASY to get..

Nearly every day for the next week I was buying a few shots from him and hanging out with him and his girlfriend. The last time I did it I was in my bathroom pretending to take a shower to block out the sounds of a shot preparation, so excited and nervous that my hands were shaking. I missed the vein in my hand 5 times and little blood dropplets were trickling out. At the time I didn't feel so disgusted by this, jamming a needle in and out of my arm, shooting up in a bathroom at home.

My friend moved away since and I have no connection. I experienced minimal withdrawal, and the urge to do more was easy to shake off. But even now, the thought crosses my mind, 'hey, some heroin would be nice right now.'. There's pretty much no objection to the thought either. And thats the only thing that really scares me.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25998
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 19, 2019Views: 1,728
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