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Best Diet Ever
Ephedra (Extract)
by Yuna
Citation:   Yuna. "Best Diet Ever: An Experience with Ephedra (Extract) (exp26266)". Jan 17, 2005.

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  oral Ephedra sinica (pill / tablet)


When I was 15, I thought my thighs were fat. I weighed 110 pounds. But I was a whale in my eyes.

At this time, I had not done any drugs. I smoked cigarattes and drank whatever alcohol I could get my hands on but in terms of drug use, this was my first of any kind.

I went down to my local drugstore and got a bottle of Xenadrine. It was 30 dollars and I didn't have the cash so I stuck it in my pocket and ran out. The directions said to take 1 pill a day to start. I promptly swalloed 3 with a glass of water.

At first I felt nothing, then about 15 minuites later, I got this terribly hyper sensation in my legs. They kept moving and wiggling and I couldn't stop it if I wanted to. My heart was thudding and pounding and my head was feeling light. All of a sudden, I was so so so hyper and thirsty.

I gulped 2 glasses of water and went outside. I must have ran 5 miles that day. I couldn't stop and felt like I had all the energy in the world. No matter how long I ran, I never got tired, just more thirsty.

I went into a deli to buy a bottle of water and to my suprise, even though it was 6pm and I hadn't eaten anything but an apple all day, I was not the least bit hungry. In fact, food disgusted me. I walked past the donuts and chips I usually would have been craving without a care.

The ephedra wore off after a few hours. By that night, I was almost back to normal, though still a little jittery. It was harder to go to sleep that night and I was peeing all day.

The effect was never the same after the first time though. It still made me energetic and thirsty and not hungry, but none of that wonderful floaty feeling. I suggest it for anyone who needs a quick pick me up. It doesn't seem dangerous if you are careful with it.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26266
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 17, 2005Views: 29,865
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Ephedra sinica (243) : Various (28), General (1)

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