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Don't Mix With Nootropics?
GBL/GHB, DMAE, Vinpocetine & Hyperizine
Citation:   Djmaux. "Don't Mix With Nootropics?: An Experience with GBL/GHB, DMAE, Vinpocetine & Hyperizine (exp26312)". Dec 27, 2005.

  oral GHB
    oral GBL
    oral Vinpocetine
    oral DMAE
Well its been a tiring time trying to figure out why I have problems with GBL/GHB. For the past 6 months I have only been able to take 2ml of GBL or 2g of GHB a day. If I take any more I start to get closed eye visuals building up. One time before I knew it was the GBL I took 10ml in 12 hours because I slept on it 3 times in a row. I ended up going to hospital because I was hallucinating like crazy. Also as I stayed up for longer the insomnia added to the hallucinations, making them twice as bad. I couldnt sleep either. If I started to pass out the hallucinations would spiral so much that 100's of cartoon characters would dance around me and start gabbling to me and it started to become like a salvia trip or DMT trip. As I would come awake they would then drop to a lower level. It was horrible I couldnt sleep becase my REM center was going crazy. Whatever the GBL was doing it was somehow activating my REM center whilst I was awake! I was lucky. Had I taken much more GBL I could of been in VERY serious trouble. As it was I could avoid the hallucinations in brightly lit rooms. In the hospital however as far as I knew it was going to get worse and worse and not stop!

At the time I thought that by sleeping on GBL too much I had missed REM sleep (I didnt know what else to think!) and that I had only had deep sleep and that if I didnt sleep soon I would just get worse and worse until I would die in a pool of neverending hallucinations tormenting me. I was so scared I was crying and praying to god constantly. I was looking for something sharp to cut my wrists. I was 90% sure I was about to have to kill myself before things got out of hand. This was like LSD except it wasnt ever going to stop getting more intense until I would die of insomnia. It was one of the most terrifying days of my life. Oh the fear the fear. I cant tell you how scary it was. At least with a bad LSD trip half a day is about the worst. I couldnt find anything sharp at the hospital so I was seeing if I could bite into my vein. I was 90% sure I would have to go into the toilet at some point and kill myself before I went on an endless trip into insanity. Some of the closed eye visuals in the hospital were insane. After about 30-40 hours the visuals went enough to sleep and I slept.

Now I know its the GBL (GHB also affects me) I have to be careful how much I use. If I take say 4-5ml a day, after about 3-4 days I start to get closed eye visuals building up. Also another thing that happens is bright lights burn easily into my eyesight. If I look at say a 200W bulb for 2 seconds I can see a huge blob when I close my eyes for 2-3 mins! When I stop taking GHB/GBL it takes about 10 days to get back to normal where its total black infront of my eyes!!! When the visuals are really bad I can see endless possibilites shifting in front of my eyes. Huge grids and codes moving throught all the possible codes ever in the entire multiverse. Like A1 B1 C1 D1 E1 A11 B11 C11 D11 AA11 A110 B110 etc. Sometimes cartoon characters fighting going through the infinite numbers of possible scenarios in front of me. Like seeing every possible cartoon character animation that could ever be starting to take place. This reminded me of the LSD trip I had when I was younger when I got so high I started to see the infinite possibilities of the god mind manifest in an endless spiral infront of me! Fear aside, amazing for tapping into the infinite god mind! Anything I could think of I could see, a bit like cannabis or LSD visuals but much much purer.

For example when its bad I can close my eyes and walk around in a room and I can faintly see the room! I know sometimes on other drugs this can happen but when I move about it the visuals keep up at perfect frame rate like normal vision! I can get into bed and play with the bed covers with my eyes shut tight and I can see the bed covers move around in perfect animation. Dim but VERY VERY clear. Its that crazy! No other psychedelic lets me see the room I'm in so clearly. Sometimes when it was bad I would go into a totally dark room with eyes closed and I would of moved say the chair but forgot. I would then see the chair there and go to sit down but fall because I moved it! I cant tell you how clear the room was can how I could see it all.

After much thinking I am 99% sure what the problem is.

At one point I thought it was the DMAE I was taking interacting with it but I havent taken for nearly a week now and still the GBL affects me at 100% the same. Then I thought there was an impurity in the GBL. A few days ago I made some powdered GHB and in making it I heated it at a very high temp just below burning point so that all the excess lactone vapourised off. It still caused side effects so I knew if there was an impurity, it didnt vaporise off.

It then hit me. I cant believe I didnt think about it before. All I had to do was take some GBL in a pan, heat it gently until it all turned into vapour. Then I would mix some water into the dry pan and drink. So I did and nothing happened.

Pure GHB/GBL seems to cause my side effects. I come to the conclusion that something happened in my brain one day and I become hypersensitive to GHB/GBL. Something happened that causes the hallucinations or my REM center to activate. Other clues are that I have spoken to someone on a message board who said when he took loads of GHB/GBL like all day for several days that when he went to bed he had crazy thoughts going through his head. Like his brain would think on its own. I get the same thing but afer only taking 3-4ml in a day. I can go to bed then all of a sudden my brain starts to think on its own like I am possessed. It will go something like...

If john went to the red door, the frying pan would know that the ceiling is having fun with bart simpson.
If he could go down the road the yellow sun would think that the sky had been smoking leaves.

Its crazy! I have also found other people who took like 10g/ml a day or more often get hallucinations or waking dreams when they stop. So I think thats it then. The question is why did my brain suddenly become hypersensitive to GHB/GBL? I have never read about this happening! Am I the first person? The two things that I think may have triggered this are the below.

1.Changing to GBL from GHB. My body didn't like GBL much and a switch flicked in my brain.

2.Using the DMAE and other nootropics with the GBL triggered this reaction.

Considering the uniqueness of my condition I might suspect that the second one was the case? I was taking DMAE, vinpocetine and hyperizine with GBL. The GBL and say DMAE did something in my head and now I cant take more than 2ml per day? It must be.

So I guess this is a lesson. When I start mixing drugs that are different and new like this disasterous things can happen. I thought that I could be super clever by mixing several smart drugs but its cost me and now im stuck on 2ml or 2g of GHB a day when I would like to take about 4-5ml a day. It also shows that paying more money for pure drugs is much safer than using cheaper drugs like BDO or GBL.

Like I said I cant be 100% it was the nootropics, it could just have been the change to GBL. I bought the nootropics and went from pure powdered GHB to GBL at the same time and thats when it begun. I would be very careful what I take with GHB/GBL.

I have just found out what the problem might have been with my hallucinations. I was taking hyperizine and DMAE (smart drugs) which both increase acetylcholine levels. Also GHB increases acetylcholine quite a lot. People who take too much GHB can sometimes get hallucinations building up and sometimes thoughts going through their head that they cant stop mainly when trying to sleep. This is because the brains acetylcholine levels are too high. Some hallucinogens work by increasing acetylcholine levels! If I took more than 2ml GBL a day my hallucinations would build up and all along it was because my acetycholine was getting too high. I suspected the smart drugs and I stopped them for 3-4 days and nothing changed but I didnt know I would have to wait over a week for the DMAE and hyperizine to stop working, I thought 3-4 days was enough. Now I can take about 5-6ml of GBL a day without closed eye visuals building up and possibly more as time goes on.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26312
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 27, 2005Views: 28,311
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Vinpocetine (162), GHB (25), GBL (89), DMAE (151) : Various (28), Health Problems (27), Combinations (3)

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