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To the Hyper-Real Soul Network and Back?
Salvia divinorum (Extract - 10x)
Citation:   Kalidor. "To the Hyper-Real Soul Network and Back?: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (Extract - 10x) (exp26316)". Jan 7, 2007.

T+ 0:00
0.1 g smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
  T+ 0:30 0.1 g smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
  T+ 1:00 0.1 g smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
This will be more of a multi-trip report, because every salvia trip I did is the prelude to the next, so I think I'll give a brief summary of all the relevant trips I did with this substance before writing about the latest (and most intense) one. To save you time I won't include all the 'failed' trips (because, as you may know, salvia is tricky and won't always 'click').

April: 1/10g 5x extract

I'm out of reality. I see some sort of folded linen, white. Around me is all black. If I peek through an opening of this linen, I see the reality I was in before. Something pulls me away. I look around and see infinite other openings. I laughed all the time during the trip.

May: 1/12g 5x extract

I'm in some sort of superior dimension. I see a white sphere with holes. Inside the sphere there is the reality. Through the openings I interact with the outside world.

May: 1/8g 5x extract

Reality unfolds as infinite square pieces of matter. They are floating all around me, sinesthetically with the music I put on. Some 'entities' hold these pieces and put them down to form what we call reality. My body is part of it too.

June: 1/8g 5x extract

I see the linen again. It's much clearer now. An entity is pulling it to put reality in piece. Everything seems so real.

June: 1/5g 5x extract

I'm in a superior dimension. What before was reality now is an illusion, put in place by these entities, like those fake houses in a hollywood western movie. Where I am now is the 'real' reality, the place I was in before was... fake. All my life has been a joke, it doesn't matter anymore. It feels so true, real, familiar, I can't fight it. I MUST believe in what I am seeing, because this is what I've always been in the first place. The entities treat me like I was one of them. They tell me to put a piece of reality in place.

Now comes the latest trip, that of yesterday (August).

T+0 minutes: 1/10g 10x extract

Exhaling, I feel myself disconnecting. I feel WARPED. Then I find myself in hyperspace. I'm in a multi-dimensional place, concepts and thoughts flow so fast and so clearly I can't possibly believe I've been so dumb all my life in my 'human' form. This is not the most astonishing thing though. What IS astonishing is that I KNOW where I am, and I KNOW what is the purpose of the place I am in. It is some sort of... soul-port. It's a hub, a place with infinite connections to different realities.

I'm an overbeing now, what I was in my previous life does not matter anymore, it was just one of the infinite different lives or souls or realities. But I am not alone. I'm not even all-powerful. Actually I find myself inferior to an invisible entity or entities floating around everywhere. They control this place, they also control what I do. Instantly I have the urge to go BACK to the soul/reality I was in before, because now it feels like I've lost it among the infinite others. The entities watch me amused searching desperately for it. I race DOWN to a spiral of infinite complexity looking for the right connection.

Then I am back, but not still completely back. The entities are still here. Reality is also different, alien, disconnected. They can even control this one. I realize I must tell this to someone. They know it, they knew it before, like if thousands of other people reacted exactly like me. They highlight the communication devices in my mind (telephone, keyboard...). I go for the keyboard, but first I must find the IRC window. They are amused, and joke me around, tell me something like 'oh-oh-you have to go to mirc, then channel, then text bar, then type ... what do you want to type? HA!'. I got no idea. Telephone. Grab it. Call my other salvia friend... now I'm down.

Long phone call, discussing about reality and whatnot: So, what does this look like? Some kind of conspiracy? Entities in an hyperreal universe have an hub from where they can connect to different realities and 'become' people, like some leisure game. It all felt like a game after all. Why salvia? It must be a backdoor... to the above universe, to go there without dying. Yes, a backdoor, but since you are in 'cheat' mode in this game, they try to hinder your work. You can't communicate. When I do salvia and I'm not alone it just doesn't work. Why? More on this on the next trip. So, if I have now access to the all-life network what can I do to gain advantage of this? Maybe I could try and gain some god-mode there, if this reality is all a game. Sounds Interesting. So...

T+30 minutes: 1/10g 10x extract

No hyperspace. I'm in alien-reality mode. Still here but not here even. I istantly forget my mission (coincidence? Maybe they WANT me to forget?). What the hell? I'm on some architectural structure, an alien one. It's made of this reality, or maybe it's juxtaposed to it. They screw with my head, totally weird concepts and 3D mental visuals and ideas start flowing. The feeling is always the same though: reality IS a joke, it is NOT real, NOW is what you are. Then some sort of game starts. I have to put pieces of alien-reality in place.

For example they want me to push my couch forward and connect it with the table to form a long alien-pillar. They also want me to do other stuff, which also concerns going out of the window. It's like being a lab rat in a labyrinth, they wanna see how well I fare with putting pieces of THEIR reality in place. They look at me as I struggle understanding what they want, and they laugh. The hell. I fight it, I don't want to play their game. I have to call my friend again. I am down anyway.

Long phone call again: This time it's about this challenge they put. And why only I got these effects from salvia. Apparently I'm not alone, if I carefully read other salvia trip reports that are similar to my experience, or pieces of my experience. Seeing another reality is a constant, but usually nobody understands what is going on. Also, did I really understand the REAL purpose of salvia or is it just another illusion? But it can't be just an illusion, it was too real, felt too real, too complex too. How can my brain generate such sort of weird-ass-out-of-this-universe stuff? Am I on the verge of a religious 'awakening'? Also, do they want to stop me from telling something important to others? Idea: doing salvia again, this time with the cell phone on and calling.

T+60 minutes: 1/10g 10x extract

I didn't think I needed to heighten the dose anyway, that just gives more amnesia. Basically this trip is the same as the one before. I have to put pieces of alien-reality in place, and I'm also convinced my previous life was fake. They 'guide' me to different directions, to fix their architectural structure. I stand up and walk back and forth like an idiot. I think this is why people stand up and walk aimlessly on salvia.

I try to describe something important to my friend on the phone, but guess what? The cell phone turns off by itself. THEY are laughing, now. I turn it on, they sing 'ho- you turn it on - hit menu - contacts - who do you want to call?'. I couldn't remember. I see random names in the contact list I can't even remember who the hell they are. I keep hitting the wrong buttons too. They keep laughing, as they screw up with my mind and stop me from calling him. Again, the communication devices are 'highlighted' in my mind, as a challenge they put, something like 'yeah, right, just even try to tell this to someone'. I obviously couldn't. I manage to call my friend back only when I'm down to almost baseline.

Last phone call: So, how do I interpret this? It seems all the elements of the salvia trips of other people are here, and explained. People stand up and start walking aimlessly, that's what I did, but for a precise reason. Also people get warped to other universes, they see complex 3D shapes covering this reality, etc. I don't know if all other trips can be explained with mine, but I feel like I've gone further than most people anyway.

I seem to have an ability to remember stuff in my salvia trips that is unusual. But I keep thinking all this game stuff is some way of distracting me, to stop me from looking around and SEE where I really am. When I trip on salvia I'm also too attached to this world to explore THAT fully. I think I need some aid from meditation to really understand what is going on there.

Another thing that is relevant is that that 'universe' is very complex and alien in all ways, concepts, geometry, time. BUT it is always the same. There are different laws there, but they don't change. Of course the situation changes, but like the law of physics here, there they are always the same. This means when I'm tripping there, I'm some sort of baby, trying to learn how stuff works for the first time. It may take time to fully understand its mechanics, but if I can do it, with training... well maybe I will be able to do something very interesting. That's all speculation anyway, it may be that I'm just interpreting something I can't possibly understand and I have no choice, but I'm tempted to explore this parallel universe anyway, which pretends to be more 'real' than this.

If I find out something more, I'll post it.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26316
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 7, 2007Views: 14,373
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Entities / Beings (37), Mystical Experiences (9), Alone (16)

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