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More Tripping & Revelations
Citation:   Borkhane. "More Tripping & Revelations: An Experience with DiPT (exp26540)". Erowid.org. Sep 5, 2003. erowid.org/exp/26540

Since my first report on Diisopropyltryptamine, I have taken DIPT a few more times. I have come to some conclusions about the general effects. It seems that the non-auditory effects are a bit unpredictable. For instance, the first time I took DIPT, which was at 30 milligrams, I felt a bit spaced out for the first hour or so, but then it mellowed out quite a bit.

The last time I took DIPT, which was at the same dose level, I was significantly more intoxicated, and the experience was strikingly similar to moderate dose of psilocybin mushrooms, however with the sound effects in place of visual effects of psilocybin. I even experienced intense yawning usually associated with psilocybin. This DIPT trip lasted a good 9 hours with the sound effects lasting well over 20 hours. So even at the same dose, you could potentially have significantly different experiences from one time to the next.

I have also noticed more about the auditory effects themselves. Upon taking 40 milligrams of DIPT, I found that the degree of auditory distortion was kicked up quite a bit, and that at this level, harmonic structure was totally destroyed. I experimented with a piano for a long time. It seemed that midrange notes were altered more than very low or very high notes. This time, the middle octaves of notes on the keyboard were downshifted by 1 and a half steps. Yet further down the keyboard, the notes were only downshifted by one step. This created the effect of two octaves of the same note not sounding like the same note! This effect was extremely fascinating. The same was true for notes at the high end of the keyboard; they were only distorted by one step.

I confirmed this with the 3 other people who had taken DIPT with me. They all agreed that the same note at different octaves did not sound like the same note at all. At this level of DIPT effects, all music sounded absolutely terrible, with no harmonic structure intact at all. Music that was normally quite familiar sounded totally foreign. It was really like listening to a totally different version of the song, with the only familiar elements being the lyrics. So it seems that the degree of downshift in sounds is definitely dose related. As for the overtone effects, I am now almost certain that the overtones you hear with DIPT is actually the “real” sound coming through the “dipped” sound.

I have found that DIPT can have some unpleasant physical side effects at times. A few times, I have experienced significant nausea during the first hour of the experience. Once I experienced pressure in my ears that was enough to be actually painful. Sometimes tinnitus can be present, which, while not harmful, can be rather annoying.

Combined with opiates, the stimulating tryptamine effects of DIPT are significantly reduced, along with some of the more “trippy” mental effects. At times, it seemed that the DIPT actually potentiated some of the sedative qualities of the opiate. The opiates did not affect the auditory qualities of the DIPT whatsoever. Combined with marijuana, the psychedelic effects of DIPT are dramatically increased. Unfortunately, marijuana also seems to increase the tinnitus from the DIPT.

I have seen a couple of people experiment with vaporizing DIPT hydrochloride with good results. Each of the two individuals vaporized approximately 20 milligrams by placing it on foil and heating it from underneath. They consumed the DIPT this way in several inhalations and found that it produced a strong, instant stoning effect. The full auditory effects became present within 10 minutes, much to their delight, as this was their first experience with DIPT.

Overall, I think that DIPT is quite a compelling substance, and one that should be studied with enthusiasm. It is capable of producing some amazingly unique effects. I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with the auditory effects and how music is affected. Although I feel that my personal experimentation with DIPT is over for now, I have been inspired to produce some music with sound effects reminiscent of DIPT's wacky effects.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26540
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 5, 2003Views: 24,352
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