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Citation:   Matt Himself. "Tranquility: An Experience with Methylone (exp26575)". Sep 2, 2003.

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T+ 0:00
150 mg oral Methylone
  T+ 3:00 150 mg oral Diphenhydramine
Substance - Methylone
Experience - first time
Setting - my basement

August 24th, 2003

Methylone is a drug I have heard many good things about. There is not as much literature available about methylone as there is other chemicals. Much of the information I have about it comes from trusted friends rather than books. Trip reports have also helped me make decisions about this drug. From the reports I decided anywhere between 125mg up to 175mg sounded like a reasonable starting dose.

For the effects, I did not know specifically what to expect. Some reports made it sound as though it was almost identical to MDMA, while others seemed to make it sound more like a narcotic than a psychedelic. Although I wasnít positive how this drug would work in my body, I was a bit re-assured reading that the only real negative aspect was that some found the effects boring.

I decided that 150mg would be a good starting point. 150mg was not too low, but not very high either. I felt this would give me a good taste of what methylone has to offer without going overboard. On this day I had just finished a long work day, and was planning on spending the evening with my girlfriend R. She is a little nervous about me taking a new drug (as she always is), but I assure her I am being safe and will emerge from the experience alive and well.

I was unable to find any gelcaps to place the decently large pile of powder into. I decided to utilize a technique taught to me at concerts for taking MDMA. I wrapped the powder in a little piece of tissue paper. Knowing how easily tissues dissolve when wet, I had no doubt that my stomach acid could eat through it.

It was exactly 11 PM when I tossed the little package into the back of my mouth. Swallowing it was actually quite hard, as once moistened the paper started breaking open, spilling terrible tasting powder into my mouth. I quickly downed a can of soda I had. The taste lingered for about a minute, but then faded. R looks a little worried, as she always does in these situations. I give her a hug, and we turn towards the television. We just sit there in each others arms, while I wait for the effects to manifest themselves.

Normally I fast before taking psychedelics to help nausea and to decrease the amount of time the drug takes to effect me. I first noticed the methylone at 11:39 PM. My visual field took on my usual MDMA look. To me it always looks as though I have just gone from watching VHS and switched to a DVD. Details of everything seem so crisp. There is no movement, but everything is pleasing to the eye. I also notice that I have a growing level of euphoria. I feel generally good. The effects really crept up on me. I did not even notice them, until I stopped to think about it.

Shortly after I noticed the first effects I began to experience a greatly hightened sense of touch. Holding R was even more pleasing now, as it physically felt amazing. I then had the idea of asking R to give me a massage. She is quite skilled at it, and I figured it might feel that much better now. Sure enough, I was correct. I could almost feel myself going deeper into the methylone world with each movement her hand made across my back. It was truly fantastic.

I looked at a clock and saw it was around 12:15 AM. I was at a modest +2. It was at this time we began to get a little frisky. Exploring Rís body was so delightful. It was pleasing to every sense I had, and some I didnít know I had. I not only felt my love for her, but her love for me. It was being experienced in a way I had not known before. The sheer feeling of her love boosted my euphoria into levels that words cannot do justice to describe.

We then made love. This is only my second time having sexual contact on a psychedelic. On 2C-T-7 I was able to perform better than usual. However methylone, unlike MDMA, gave me no trouble keeping an erection, and also made me achieve orgasm much sooner than I would have liked to. The actually act of sex was very rewarding, and we took it slowly. The intensity though, even while going at a slow pace, was too much for my nerve endings to handle. After what seemed like hours, though it was only minutes, I achieved orgasm. It was so intense that I saw flashes of light behind my eyes. When it was over, I was shaking from the amazing feeling I had just had both physically and mentally. I had merged into R for just a second, but also and eternity.

The time had come for R to leave for the night. I knew it was coming, but I would still miss her. As I walked her to the car, I felt the cool night breeze blow through my dreadlocks, sending them flying all over. It felt so nice to be outside, something I seldom get to do on my trips. I kissed her goodnight and stayed outside for a few minutes watching the stars. I love to look into the sky and wonder just how far away they are. It was a beautiful clear night.

When I returned inside I came back down and went to my computer to see if anyone was online. At this point I feel I was peaking, but I was still only at a mild +2. I was definitely comfortable, but not blown away. I looked around the room and saw slight patterning if I looked just right, but nothing visually other than that. Before settling in to talk to people via the internet, I smoked a pipe of marijuana. Usually when Iím tripping marijuana intensifies the trip, but this time it made me high like it usually does. The high blended with the effects of the methylone creating a very interesting state. I was thinking deeper now, and things seemed to shimmer a little bit more. I was now at a strong +2.

I said a few words to others online in IRC and on AOL Instant Messenger, but after a few moments I became lost in thought. R came into my head, which is never a bad thing, but I was viewing her and myself differently. I love her a tremendous amount, but right now I was questioning how adequately I show her that. I take her out to dinner, to the movies and other things, but I wonder if I make it clear how much I do love her. I worry that I havenít been treating her like the queen I see her as. I vow from this moment on the make sure that I always let her know how I really feel.

It was around 2 AM when things began to die down. I took 150mg diphenhydramine, which takes about two hours to put me to sleep. I just spend the last time talking to some of my friends who have left for college, and listening to the Beatles album ďAbbey RoadĒ, which is my personal favorite.

Around 4 AM I fell asleep with no trouble.


Methylone was good. It is as simple as that. Everything about this chemical felt right. I experienced absolutely no side effects. There was no nausea, no tight jaw, no hangover, or anything else I could complain about. It would definitely be hard to explain its actions though without making mention to MDMA. It feels as though they are brothers, each unique in there own way, but still much alike. The only downside to my experience was the mildness of it, as I only achieved a modest +2. Iím sure this was due to my low dose, as some reports indicate needing at least 175mg for a good experience. Still, my night with methylone was beautiful.

I canít see methylone become a party drug for one main reason. There is no stimulation with this one. MDMA makes me dance uncontrollably, and keeps me up and moving. Methylone made me much more content sitting down and relaxing. The body high was almost opiate like for me. It almost discourages much movement. It is more rewarding to sit back, smile, and let you mind drift away.

Mentally, methylone gets yet another high score. It was very mind revealing, yet it never was pushy. It showed me all the doors, but didnít push me through. I thought it was an excellent chemical to work with. As far as psychotherapeutic value goes, in my opinion methylone would be right at the top with MDMA. I could easily see this being beneficial to people in the proper setting.

Methylone has been placed on the list of my favorite drugs. This one seems to be an all around winner. While itís not really ďfunĒ it excels in ways other ďfunĒ drugs could not ever hope to.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26575
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 2, 2003Views: 39,774
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