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Not Quite MDMA, But Interesting
by Beaulemite
Citation:   Beaulemite. "Not Quite MDMA, But Interesting: An Experience with IAP (exp26714)". Sep 9, 2003.

37.5 mg   IAP (powder / crystals)


I've tried this substance a few times now... started at 20 mg, went to ~30, then 35-40mg. I plan to continue to go upwards a bit on the dosage, but I'm doubting any new revelations are to be had. I'm not going to give an in-depth trip report, just my thoughts on it so far.

It seems the big question on everyone's mind is this - 'how does this stuff compare to MDMA (ecstasy)?' Some might have touted this as a kinda E without the neurotoxicity. In my experience I haven't seen that. But I think the comparison is somewhat valid and interesting, so I'll use MDMA as the yardstick here.

On social anxiety: After the second experiment I remarked to someone 'If MDMA makes me Willy Wonka, I'm Fonzie on IAP'. IAP would be my drug of choice in most social situations. You're smooth, chilled out, timing of words is spot on, charismatic in an understated way. If others in your space are rolling or tripping balls to the wall though, I would opt being a lovable etard.

On creativity: Didn't make me feel especially creative. Didn't exorcize any oddball speech, didn't feel like picking up a guitar.

On the body buzz: Nice, warm, surface type buzzz. Whenever I sat down I noticed a really good tingle in my feet. Nothing deep down though. Sorta like being wrapped in a blanket wherever you went. Nice walking outside in the cool breeze.

On euphoria: Not particularly euphoric alone. Just chilling by myself, nothing. But experienced much joy in the conversations I had.

On empathy: I would rank this pretty close to MDMA in this area. It was odd because you don't feel it outright, but at the end of each experiment I definitely had attained a real closeness with those around me (5-10 people in each instance). Most of these people were fairly new acquaintances.

On mind-mush: My mind was especially clear and focused. More so than sober.

On introspection: No, not particularly.

On appetite: Rather normal, maybe a little bit of the munchies.

On fear: Have no fear, this stuff is tame. A shot of Jager I'd fear more.

On dosage/reponse curve: Pretty linear so far.

On comeup and duration: Comeup took long, about 2 hours. Pretty flat after that, seemed to last about 6-8.

On mixing with alcohol: Does seem to deepen the experience somewhat. And I'm not a fan of booze.

On being a party drug: Nope. Can't see it. This could be a good chill pill. You know, if you had a machine to make pills. It doesn't seem to 'give' you any energy you didn't already have to start with. Neutral - not fun, but not not.

On and on: Nope. That's the last colon.

So in a nutshell, this is a kick-back substance, fairly transparent - will not potentate the goofy glow-stick wielding warrior inside you. Yet socialization is the enabler. You don't want to be home alone and watch TV - thoughts such as 'I'm kinda hot. Maybe I should make some kettle corn' will iterate through your mind.

It's feasible as a therapeutic device. Work out that troubled relationship, maybe take on a first date, use at an alcohol-only party, beach, summer barbeques. You know, 'normal' life activities.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26714
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 9, 2003Views: 26,242
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