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Comic Book Syndrome
DOB & Cannabis
by PeoplesMind
Citation:   PeoplesMind. "Comic Book Syndrome: An Experience with DOB & Cannabis (exp26818)". Nov 13, 2004.

T+ 0:00
2 hits oral DOB (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:05   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:45   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 4:30   repeated smoked Cannabis  


Disclaimer : I claim none of the following events to be true. Despite any claims to the contrary, I hereby state I do not condone the use of any illegal drugs.

Introduction : I rarely write trip reports, but I felt the urge to due to the beautiful expierence.

I had recently acquired some blotter with a butterfly/fly alternating on them, the blotter measured out to be .4 CM x .4 CM, and all looked good. I had acquired the blotter from a clandestine source in the city of Pensacola, FL. I know (now) that I will be able to acquire more of this blotter in the future. Anyway, the whole thing started when I gained the blotter, I did the initial proofs of substance, I could quite easily tell it was not LSD (thicker than usual paper [DOB needs higher doses than LSD, hence more paper?], and a smell [whereas LSD is tasteless]).

After finding out that the blotter acquired was not LSD, I went to the local university and did a lab analysis on the blotter. After using some pretty expienseive equp (yes I'm bragging--dont worry its just a more advanced hazcat system) I found the blotter had DOB in it . So today (a long while after acquiring the blotter), having never consumed this, yet read up heavily on the chemical, I decided to consume the blotter.

T- 3:00 1 multivitiman [beta-carotene (a source of vitamin A) 3000 IU, vitamin A 2000 IU, vitamin E 25 IU, vitamin C 90 mg, folic acid 0.4 mg, vitamin B1 2.25 mg, vitamin B2 3.2 mg, niacinamide 40 mg, vitamin B6 3 mg, vitamin B12 9 g, vitamin D 400 IU, biotin 45 g, pantothenic acid 10 mg; minerals: calcium 175 mg, phosphorus 125 mg, iodine 0.15 mg, iron 10 mg, magnesium 100 mg, copper 2 mg.]
T- 3:00 2 capsules cod liver oil (extra Vit A+D) [1000IU VitA, 200IU VitD]
T- 3:00 1 capsule folic acid (1mg folic acid)
T+ 0:00 2 hits blotter

After a long dicussion ended with a few friends. Had been discussing future plans with a friend online and was going to dose the blotters that day, so proceeded to ingest the two blotters. They had been kept in the fridge, and were a bit cold.

I was sitting around talking on the computer when I decided I would go out and smoke a few bowls. Little did I know that cannabis provided an extremely good synergy with DOB. So I proceeded to light up one bowl, which was followed by the next, and the next, and it continued. After smoking aprox. 1/16 oz (a 'dime'), I then went to watch some television. After aprox. 20 mins (T+ 0:35), I noted an odd distortion with my vision, as if there were dots arranged every inch by inch in my vision. A cornfeild of these greenish/orange neon distrortations which were seen on my entire screen of view. I then consumed some chicken which I had been saving from a great local restaurant. I was heavily intoxicated (by the cannabis) when I noted the visual challenge (the first effect of the DOB as opposed to the cannabis?). After watching almost 1 hour of television with nothing but a change in my visual feild of view, I decided to smoke some more cannabis.

T+ 0:45-1:00 1/32oz Marijuana (Dank)

I noted a secon aspect before heading outside to smoke the cannabis. The second thing I noted most likly from the DOB, was metallic screeching sound. It was suttle at first but the sound gradually faded, though when I did hear metallic sounds (for the rest of the expierence) I cringed. After smoking the cannabis, I then noticed the gradually changing, drastic sensory input change. Yes, the change was so gradual and suttle yet so major that when I finally noticed it, my entire view of perception was altered (yes, I said 'view of perception'). I next realized the change in abstract thought patterns, with my entire view of situations tending to be more ultitarianistic. I then consumed the remaining amount of godiva brand ice cream (double fudge), and noticed that my taste was weird. My mind would taste not the ice cream, but the color black (the table in front of me was black, and from my line of vision that would have been the color I would have tasted if we were in a two dimensional world).

After that I noticed my hand starting to have suttle tremors. At one point a friend came over (he would every two hours for the entire legnth of the trip) to check on me, and he noticed my entire right arm had a slight tremor to it. I then went to a bed room to lie down for a while, perhaps do some meditation. I now notice that my nose has become cold, and will remain so for the rest of the expierence.

I was inside the bedroom for about two minutes trying to medidtate when I realized I couldn't. So instead I kept the light off and proceeded to go under the blankets. Now, the next entire part of the journey occurs without going anywhere, so bear with me. I was sitting there just a few seconds when I realized I was blind. I went to the window and looked outside (as a blind man, using a 'third-eye' vision, an aura dector). I saw two entities outside the neighborhood. This perception was curious, because it seemed a 6th sense that was natural. I could see where entities were. I saw 'Dolits.'

[Now, this requires a bit of explination. On numerous trips ive noticed a 6th sense, which I think I perhaps possess. I have labeled this a Dolitic Sensory which are connections which have no dimentional value, but are measured by contact. IE If I have met you in real life, I have a dolitic connection with you. I have no dolitic connection with anybody I have not come in contact with in any way. Yet any contact, direct, is dolitic contact. Like anybody ive talked to online has a dolitic connection with me. Yet I have a very weak dolitic connection with you right now because you are reading this personal account. If I have, say, loved someone deeply, I have a very strong dolitic connection with them, despite their positioning in the universe (x plane, y plane, z plain, t plane/time--our 4D universe), whereas (x,y,z,t,d--my 5D universe)]

Anway, my dolitic sense was empowered during this entire expierence (the catch to Dolitic sensory is despite the fact it has nothing to do with the 4D world we live in, I can tell the 3d positioning of a human being [time being excluded]). Anyway I saw two dolitic entities close to me, perhaps neighbors I had previously had a connection with.

I was laying there on the bed, when I looked onto the roof just to see what seems now, as a one-frame animated comic (a frame of view about as big as your vision, but not quite with tattered edges), where the entire frame reacted to any sensory input (x,y,z,t,d--my 5D world). The sensory frame was filled with, quite simply, comics. If anybody is familiar with the comic artist Hy Eisman (one of my favorites, drew the katzenjammer kids comics, but others read Popeye who Mr. Eisman did as well), then you know what exactly I am talking about. Those were the exact manner of comics. This entire section is continuous open eye visual activity.

I was looking at this comic strip where at first I was sitting there looking at the comic of me sleeping down (who, ironically, had bubbles to his head and was thinking a comic strip), and first saw myself being stripped away of these privileges we take for granted of multi-dimensionalism. I then proceeded to get up and walk though multiple cities, places, events, time frames, and situations within the next two or three hours. This seemed like a lifetime in the trip (more like felt like 24 hours or so). During this period, entirely composed of OEVs I found myself totally incompasitated to any form of activity and totally engrossed in my fantasy world. The main thing from the entire expierence was the battles of society. I have a far greater understanding of the world today, due to this specific trip.

I (as an entity) would examine the relation of me to the rest of the poeple there, and the situation I was in metaphysically. I would then take one level furhter and re-examine the entire process in another completely society (think of a venn diagram with me as the smallest circle in the center and every step of the comical journey being removed as each new reconstruct of society occurs). This was the central part of the trip, in my opinion, but is too perfect to be attempted to be explained with crude language.

I had a gross battle with the verb 'to be', I think the French say it best 'Etre' (sounds more like the verb for an action should--though having a basic understanding of latin, abeo explains it the best. In latin it means 'to be changed' and that most def. explains the expierence). After blaming the verb with being arrogant and presumptuous since language implies your connection with an object. When I say the word 'comic' you automatically associate the word with what it represents, which is there. The verb to be stresses things. The word is NOT to be confused with its meaning. A Noun should NOT be confused with its subject and a verb should not be confused with the actual action. Even onamonapias suck in this aspect. Perhaps a good replacement would be 'to pretend' or the verb 'to insinuate' or even 'to suggest'. I also love the word 'that' (often left out in english--I see that you won/I see you won), since the word that shows the direct corrolation between the object being dicussed and the situation being analyzed.

I 'woke' (realized I was in a state of complete absance from the phsycial world--aka not moving/working/doing anything at all) about two hours later, and decided to try and walk. This task, though it may seem easy, takes much consideration and practice to master (and even after years of doing so we still manage to fuck it up every once in a while--im trippin!) I proceeded to the living room, and after forcing myself to reacquire this trait of balancing on two legs, I was able to retain enough balance to walk precfectly to the sofa a few hundred meters away. I was then coming out of the peak of the trip, and though I was still a comic, I was now a comic in a world. I would note the comical bubble if I wasn't focusing on the world, but if I focused I noted the beauty of the world. Around the ourskirts of my view I saw the familiar 2C fractal phenethylamine.

After seeing this comical view of the world, I was then thinking about society as a whole. I steered myself into thiking I was society, and then re-examined myself (one of the more intresting, yet indescribeable expiereces of the trip). At this point I was still having lucid distrotions of everything. I remember looking around the room and seeing the books on the wall, and watching the colors melt into each other and slowly turn into one color. I looked outside at one point and saw aprox. 6-7 colored world. The sky was white, due to a lack of seeing multicolors. I could also switch out of Black+White and Color 'modes' interchangably. The colors which did show up were beautiful... It was beautiful byond words.
T+ 4:30-5:00 1/8oz Marijauna (Dank)

During the period of 1/2 an hour I sat on my back deck looking at the trees and thinking, or smoking marijauna or packing a bowl. At this point, there were many, many different visual patterns slowly rotating upon my feild of view and I had a major time dilation. At this point I realized the synergy that marijuana and DOB have. I came to the solid conclusion that I liked the DOB expierence (so far) and that I would repeat if given the chance. I also realized I am fine as a person living not being famous at all, not being wealthy, ect. I would personally have a few close friends, a beautiful lover, and a small peaceful place to be with. This conclusion was reached when re-examining the comic book adventure.

I was pretty functional at about T+ 8:00, and as right now it is T+ 14:00, and I am still feeling the strong effects of the substance, I think this (at the current rate of 'coming down', I will be completely flat at 12:00 (noon) tomorrow, or aprox. (T+ 24:00). I found my visuals to be more pastels and cartoon-like, as opposed to neon LSD visuals. I feel (like I stated earlier) this substance was very extremely utilitarian in nature, removing many of my usual walls that serve to keep me separated from the beauty of the world. Yet at the same time, instead of being a participant in the play of reality, I was an observer. By the end (or now), I think I will be glad to be down (a few times during the last few hours I have been asserting the claim I cant come down, and during points belived it to be true). DOB seems less 'natural' and is definantly a drug with a synthetic quality to it (I remember listening to an acoustic guitar and thinking--hour metallic sounding, not in harmony with nature--goes along with the pastel motif this trip bore). I don't think I will be able to sleep for a while, perhaps I will meditate now and re-enhance the expierence.

Odd Thing To Note :
1) In PiHKaL, the author of a 2mg DOB trip report labeled their 2mg expierence as : 'an incredible Moebius strip representation of reality at the intellectual level,' which clearly describes DOB.

Afterthoughts :
1) I need to most def. look into some of the magik properties related with comic strips. I wonder if in the begginning the first comic strips were DOB induced (unlikly), but perhaps one of the earlier organisms (extict? or perhaps taxonimized yet?) was a natural source of DOB, or a related molecule. the trip is EXACTLY like a comic trip so perhaps it was... In 1967, the first synth of DOB appeared, ironic how this is around the time where most of the prominiate color comic strips took off.
2) I need to most def. look into the idolry of people. How we make visual representations of people in our minds before we have ever physically seen them, and how perhaps the visual representation of them in our heads is their 'comic' metaphor for their real self.
3) As an online friend basically said it, kismet-understanding not grok.
4) Examine the synergic present between cannabis and DOB. Re-acquire a few hits of the substance.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26818
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 13, 2004Views: 16,477
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DOB (19) : General (1), Alone (16)

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