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Fun with a Bad Ending
Citation:   El Kabong. "Fun with a Bad Ending: An Experience with AMT (exp26947)". Mar 10, 2008.

35 mg oral AMT
  1 repeated smoked Cannabis
well... this was the best thing ive ever done, well until i got home that is...

this is kinda long, writing from a year or 2 of memory and i still dont have all the peices from that night put togeather.

ok heres what happend, this guy i know came back from bording school and was at my house for the night with his younger brother. his younger brother is my friends really and he was my brothers friend but my brother was at college. ok lets call the younger brother S and the older T. there was a fourth person my best friend we will call him M. well M was at my house when S and T showed up at about 8 PM on a saturday. after convincing us and a little reaserch T gave us some AMT.. he had powder mixed into everclear in a film container. it was all measured nicley, there was about 110 MG of amt in the container, we measured out the whole bottle into 3rds and mixed that with a little gatorade. S did not do any drugs that night he was driving for us. this way of digestion was superb. no taste no vomitting.

well at about 10 we told my parents that we were going out so S and T who hadent eaten could get some pizza and i told my dad we would probally chill up town for a while. my dad did not seem to care what we did, he was watching tv and not really paying attention to us. My dad views of T were not so great, he thought T was not going to be anything in life and he thought he was lazy, but over all he didnt mind him much, but he did have some ill feelings twards him.

so after about 35 or 36 mg of AMt each we headed to T's car and S drove us up town... the town we live in is rather small, we only have one street that is 'downtown' really. so we headed there first, to find some food for s and t. i dont know when the feeling hit me first, but i think it was when i was in the back seat of teh volvo s60 in the comfetable seats and pink floyds 'comfertably numb' was put in the cd player. crusing down the street and looking out the window was amazing. we decided not to get pizza yet but to cruse untill we wanted to stop.

cursing was execlent, T had all the right music for tripping and he was in control of out musical journey. first place we stopped was a harris teeter and we got out and went inside... man those places are bright as hell! but i dont remenber where we went first in teh store, but i can assume that ir was the free cookies box. the next thing i remenber we were in the diaper / tampon section and all the bight colored packages were crazy, i remenber spinning in circles and wacthing the colors join togeather into a large circle of pinks and purples and such, twas magnificant.

we were getting drinks, or that was one of the main obectives. we found the box with the drinks in it by the counter. i reached for a coke and T handed me a water. 'i dont want water, they have coke here' i said, T insisted that water was what i wanted and i agreed. we bought 3 bottles of h2o and headed on our way. once in the car i opened my water and, if given a choice i will buy this brand of bottled water over anything ever, i dont know the name of it i only remenber it by the label b/c it was moving with crazy designs on the label. well once we were driving agian music started and i asked t to turn it down so that i could talk to poeple, i was very talkative and my jaw was beginging to hurt. the only way i could keep my jaw from hurting was to talk to the people around me. the conversations that we had were so emotionally deep and we all connected togeather. we all under stood every idea the other tried to 'enlighten' us on.

i for got just added this after i finished typing.... we smoked a bong load or tow before the amt started kicking in and T threw up...

the next place we went i think would be the elementray school... yes we went to an elementary school, why u might ask... well we were driving by and s pulled in just to mess with us, and as he turned in his headlights turned right on to a pack of mabey 6 or 7 deer. they looked so mystical, like something out of a religous holy book. the next thing i said was i want to chase them. T said that i could but S and M thought it was a bad idea at first, but then s decided that it would be funie to see me chase come deer he said i could go.

i sprang from teh car and ran at 100 percent above my top speed, i have never fun that fast or furious in my life. it was crazy, everything to my sides seemed to melt past me and my objective which was the corner that i saw the deer run past was focused on more than anything i have ever seen. then i noticed that there was a railing of steps in my way and i jumped with out thinking and bounded over it, didnt even think twice about where i was going other than after the deer. the next thing i knew i was on the soccor field of the school. the field lights were on, and i was standing on the edge of teh field staring. the lights were creating this aura, that i could not possablly explain, it was so mystical like the gods played soccer there and it was holy.

then i turend around and realized i had no clue where i was, i had only been to this schoo llike twice. i tried to retrace my steps but couldnt find where to go. finally i saw the lights of teh car and i walked to them.. when i reached the car, T S and M were laughing histerically but were also kind of worried where i was gone, we drove like 20 feet and parked, they wanted to see the field i told them about.
once out of the car we started walking and then we stumbled apon the pet pen they have at the school they have 2 goats and some chickens and stuff. wow. i started to climb the like 3 foot high fence so that i could pet the goat but T S and M told me it was a bad idea b/c the thought it would bite me or eat my shit. the living anomals that we saw in the pen totally wiped the field from my mind, they were astounding. why? i dont know, but some how i think if i could have pet the goat then i would have understood why the goat was, what teh goat was. i thought that understanding between species would come some a simple pet. oh well we moved on and left the school.

next stop was f-street, the downtown, we hunted food first.

let me explain to you about what was going on before i tell you about f street. now we got out of the car, and i had a coleman lantern that i grabbed from my house for no reason, just b/c i was feeling spontanoius. well i turned on the electral lamp and bround it with me. T is a very sketchy pot head, he has a shaggy beard and is tall and lanky and looks like a total stoner, b/c he is, he also was wearing a rasta hat and he looked like a huge stoner. S is a rich kid and he wears rich nice cloths and he wears a expensive jacket that dosent move when he walks, it looks like a shell, and it makes him look like the rich drug dealer steriotype. M is a very white kid, like hes abnormally while, its scarry, also he is very lazy like a stoner would be, hes the steriotypical lazy stoner. me? well i dont know how to classify my self in the world of steriotypes, but i look like a stoner too... if theer were any group of kids that looked like they were fucked up on f street, it was defintally us, we looked like the steriotypical stoner group, this was the topic of alot of the discussion between me and M.

oh i need to tell you this to, our town is home to a large college and there are always people out till all hours of the night on the weekends.

well we go onto f street (ill call it f street) and started walking. imedatlly teh glow form teh lantern on the stores and other people walking by made me think of like role playing games, and my imagination wandered a few steps deeper in that thought and i soon began to think very mideavil like and thinking about spells and fantisy stuff... S's jacket became the caraprice of some deamon, and T's had soon turned into some mystical hat with magical powers. all the poeple around looked like people in capes and it felt as if we were working togeather on an adventure in some role playing game. also at times i would see the world in an animateed view, like everythig would look animated, this really sparked my imagination into seeing some freaky stuff.

well T went into teh store to buy some pizza and he met one of his friends working there and she was really nice and she was flriting with us alot. we told her we were fucked up on amt and she said that she wanted to ocme chill with us but she was working and that she would chill with us on anothe date. we got pizza, but teh drik machine was sold out of water, and i had to settle for a pepsii (twas rather gross) .

after that we were sitting ona bench and this lady walked up and asked S if she could have any pizza, i have seen this lady before, she is a homeless crack addict. S was not very simpethic and was like what do you want b/c we could not understand here, he asked her if she was trying to sell him anything i thought that was funie. i looked at something up the street and back at the lady and she had transformed into some monster that we were out smatring in some rpg puzzle or something and she won hard core, b/c the next thing i knew she turned and left.

after that there was about 2 hours of walking up and down f street chilling talking to random people. i was very fucked up now. the clouds were low and thin and moving very slow while we were on f street, but something some how made them purple, this was not a vision, they were purple and very very cool, they would morph into shapes and explode into like tiny patricles that would form back into cloud. we went to the place where all the car people show off there cars at night and S and T and M were scared to go start talking to this guy who was showing off his car, i had never talked to any of these dudes before... i walked right up to the car and i was like man, you car is bad ass... and i started talking to him. once S and T and M realized that he wasent goingt o kill them they walked up to. this guys lexus was pimped out mad style... he was showing me the dvd players and the playstation you could play, he also showed me the chemelion paint he had on his car it was very very very amazing it would swirl and change , not just the color but also the picture i saw in the car, its very hard to explain. S noticed that the guy had a gun sitting on his passenger seat and said, hey is that a real gun. and the guy was like hell yea this shit is licsened and shit, cops cant touch this shit, and he took out the bullets and let us look at it. it was really cool.

well this guy was really cool, we talked to him for while and then he left.

next i saw two cops standing around being cops, telling the drunk college kids to chill b/c they didnt want to do more peperwork that night, and it really made me think. i thought about the person that the cop mustive been before he was a cop, and i thought about what it would be like to be a op and i thought about what would happen if the cops friend smoked pot opr something... would he bust him or not? i dont know we discussed this for a while... i wasnted to go start talking to the cop to see if i could understand. we decided it was a bad idea b/c my pupils were HUGE!

this whole time we were walking around, it just seemed right to be walking, it was what we needed, exactley what we needed, we walked we talked, not jsut to us to others as well, it was very cool

next we got back to the car and go tout my cool hand drum, and we were playing that to the music and crusing, we shouted at people and drove by and talked to people we saw. a few people we talked to on bikes i remenber teh convo but its nothing to important only funie stuff. we saw everything in a positve light and we disscused any and everything we thought about. it was great

we decided that we shoudl drop off the car and go to the park and smoke a bong load out of my trippy bong and watch the coulds with teh back drop of stars. we proceded back to my house and ditched the car and dindt even go talk to my dad, we wernt really thinking it was probally 3 am or something now. well we went to the park with the lantern and the bong and the drum, we all took tunrs with teh drum and the bong. the bong was a 2 foot glass bong that was blue and swrily and had mushrooms sticking off teh chamber and they were pokaditted, it was very interstering to view. i think we were comming down fomr the trip now, but teh clouds and stuff still were changing shapes into thigs that were in very good deatle like i saw a dog, but i could make out every hair on it, every picture u saw was as clear and anything. after a while of that we headed home. back to my house at 430 am or something... we rolle din the basement door.......

this is where teh story turns mega bad.

well i wanted to stay downtairs but S and T and M wanted to go up stairs and get food/ drinks. T entered teh upstairs first and i heard my dads voice say 'WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN YOU LEFT AT LIKE 10 AND ITS 5 NOW!!!' omg i felt like my life was about to end, i was barley able to breath. then my dad yelled 'R (me) GET UP HERE RIGHT NOW!!!' i slowley walked up teh staiirs, my was furious. and he was hella drunk, not good, mega not good

he made T empty his pokets which contained a lighter and baggie. my dad proceded to scream at T...

T is 3 years older than me S or M...

my dad was like how dare you keep my kids out till 5 am !! and he grabbed T and threw him to the floor through a coffee tabel... my dad also threatned to beat T into a pulp and he started yelling at me and such, and my mom woke up then... he kicked T and S out and made them go home, aparently he had called t and s;s mom and she had gone looking for us and what not... we were in deep shit

he tried to make M go home but he would have to have him come come get him and it was 4am lol... well my mom was like come here and she looked in my eyes, and she was like 'have you been doing any psyodelices like lds or something weed dosent make ur pupils all big' and i was just eger to get to my room and try to sleep.

i told her all we did was smoke pot.

ALOT of pot

well i got into my room and tried to just go to sleep.... i couldnt sleep, i would just lay in bed, and i kept staring at my celeing fan, and when i would become mezmorized by the fan, i would have vision of my dad bursting through my door with diffrent types of wepons, and in some of the visions he had like 20 cops behind him... it was the scariest night of my life, they looked so real....

i couldnt sleep


that was my amt story... total i think i dindt sleep for 51 hours, and i didnt eat for about 62 hours, i wasent hungry and i couldnt sleep... i think the fear did something crazy to my body...

this trip REALLY changed my out look on life, i cant explain how, but my life has been diffrent since, and its not b/c of my dad.... i dont know if i can say this rip was 'fun' but it was so awesome untill we came home...

-El Kabong

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 26947
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 10, 2008Views: 9,315
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AMT (7) : Families (41), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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