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Confidence From The Foil But Not Worthwhile
Crack (Freebase Cocaine)
by wonderbread
Citation:   wonderbread. "Confidence From The Foil But Not Worthwhile: An Experience with Crack (Freebase Cocaine) (exp26961)". Dec 6, 2017.

3 hits smoked Crack (powder / crystals)
  3.5 hits vaporized Crack (powder / crystals)


I have used Percocet for neck pain for about a year. Sometimes I take 3-4 for recreational purposes. I ran out of opiates last week. On a strange whim I woke up early the next morning. I had to go downtown to Western Union. It was 7am and it didnt open until 8. I had been off pain pills for 12 hours. I was drinking coffee cause I had a slight headache. I thought I would drive around and see about buying two dimes of Heroin. I have never used heroin, or bought drugs off the street. I was actually pretty nervous at the whole idea, I mean I rarely even smoke pot. I knew the lingo 'two dimes' ($20) from reading the internet. Bare in mind I am a total wonderbread white boy from the suburbs. I drive a nice little honda and am clean cut etc.

I had two clean needles at home from a diabetic friend. I was going to inject into my backside after careful ('safe') preparation of a small dose of heroin. Well now it was 745 and I was making a few rounds threw the worst part of the ghetto. I saw three 'brothers' on the corner of a back street. I circled around and pulled to the side. I turned my lights off. I was just passed dawn and was unusually dark. I think the night lasts longer there anyway. Two of them crossed the street and came to my window. I was really nervous. I am mean how do you say, 'I would like to purchase 20 dollars worth of heroin please.' I was trying to remain calm. One of them had his arm under his shirt with something in his hand. He stood behind the other. 'Whatche need,' he says. I say,'two dimes.' He says,'weed.' I said, 'No...dope.' The other one pulls out little baggies of powdered coke. He was saying, 'Whoncha buy three times, Whoncha buy three dimes.' The other said, 'You got twenty? and was saying something I didnt understand. I said yeah. He says, 'Let me see it.' I showed him two ten dollar bills. We make the exchange. I had something in my hand, and pulled away. It was two crack rocks A little larger than pencil erasers. Oh Shit, 'Crack, thats not want I wanted,' I thought. I wrapped the two rocks in a Wendy's hamburger wrapper and went on to western union. I got home half an hour later.

I decided to try my luck (or risk my life) and dug up a small wooden pot pipe with a screen. I was driving to the grocery store and took a hit like I was smoking weed. I didn't taste anything but held it for a few seconds. When I exhaled I saw the smoke. I took two more hits this way. I realized that burning the rock like weed wastes it fast. I felt a slight rush and mild euphoria. I wouldn't say it was any better than a couple of percocets, but it was fast. I went in to the grocery store and was feeling confident and had a sense of well being. I was cashing a check and was flirting with the customers service reps. I was way more outgoing than normal, probably because I am always 'on the nod' from pain pills. My face started to get red and really warm. I was definitely getting a fever fast. It had only been about 5 minutes since the 3rd hit. My heart was beating fast like I had a cup of coffee, but wasn't pounding like I had anticipated. I drove ten minutes back to my house.

I got some foil and a straw and went to the garage. I heated the foil to vaporize and 'freebase' the second rock. I took about three or four hits. Same symptoms, mild euphoria. After a few minutes I had a headache and was running a high fever. My glands and tongue became swollen and my face was beet red. I felt like I had the flu without the nausea. I laid down and felt very uncomfortable. I was rubbing my temples to relieve the headache. I felt highly agitated. The fever went away after one hour. My glands were still swollen all day which made me uncomfortable. Was I 'instantly addicted,' no. Did I go back for more crack cocaine. No thanks. It was a waste of money and too risky to feel euphoric and confident for 5 minutes. I will take a couple of percocets next time I want to feel good for a few hours. Be Careful People. Wonderbread

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26961
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 6, 2017Views: 2,125
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Crack (82) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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