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A Good Start
Citation:   Anjovis. "A Good Start: An Experience with DPT (exp27002)". Erowid.org. Oct 24, 2008. erowid.org/exp/27002

30 mg smoked DPT (freebase)
Let me start with the freebasing diary as it seem to differ from other freebasing instructions shown here:

DPT freebase preparation

10% ammonia solution (NH4OH) was put into a glass. 0.5g of DPT HCl salt poured into the glass. DPT powder floats on top of the liquid, the solution has propably too high pH for the freebasing process to work. I pour some warm tap water in and soon the DPT salt powder dissolves and turns the liquid muddy light gray. I stir the solution to make sure all DPT has been dissolved. I wait a few minutes and soon a few drops of clear oil is formed on top of the solution. Now I realize I stirred the solution too vigorously, since some part of the oil has been chop up into tiny drops floating around the solution and they are impossible to collect. So I carefully pour the ammonia solution away and keep only the big oil drops in the glass. Then I pour some more warm water in and skim the oil drops away with a spoon. The oil sticks to metal, as has been pointed here before, so this is easy. Finally I impregnate some weak marijuana with the DPT freebase oil.

A few notes: Why is the oil completely clear? With other preparation reports, they claim it should be dark red. However, if I have understood correctly, they have used NaOH solution and not real ammonia solution. Second, I used tap water, which is naturally a bad idea and might affect the colour. The oil works fine though and doesn't give any ammonia odour when smoked, so I presume it is quite good freebase. Next batch I will freebase using distilled water and the same ammonia solution, I will give a report of that too.

Distilled water freebasing was quite identical with the above, except when I managed to get the oil I skimmed it with a steel knife without diluting the ammonia subtance any further. I had to dilute the 10% ammonia solution to more than 10 times in order to make the freebasing process to start at all. The resulting DPT freebase oil was also completely colourless this time. Instead of marijuana, I used some weak damiana mixture as the base smoking material for this oil.

Here is some thoughts of the first taste of this DPT freebased form.

I was at a friends flat. My friend who had also promised to be my sitter. After the bitter experience from 5-meo-DMT without sitter I had decided to use a sitter with every new substance that I was going to take. So there I was. I became rather nervous before the critical moment, as I had the intense 5-meo-DMT memories still fresh and this was about to be only my second type of smokable tryptamine. Music is roaming in the background. I try to empty my mind from disturbing memories and concentrate on this one.

Finally I think I am ready and I put some marijuana-DPT into my bong bowl, approximately including around 15mg of the DPT freebase, and light it. I wonder for a while why it is so difficult to smoke, before I realize I had forgotten the air hole in the bong. I feel stupid to be that nervous, but honestly I was that nervous. I didn't know what to expect, even though I had read all available reports about this DPT freebase that I could find. This feeling of going into unknown territory is very exciting, but I hoped it would be a bit less exciting now. Now that I remember to plug the air hole smoking is a lot easier and I empty the bowl without much hesitance.

Smoke tastes rather mild. This is the place, where I feel like standing on a doorstep to somewhere. I am full of expectations. I am prepared to take anything that might be coming from this new world. When Columbus was sailing on the pacific ocean before finding the americas, this is how he must have felt like.

My mind gets more relaxed when I realize there is not going to be the incredibly intense rush that the 5-meo-DMT gives. This is going to be a lot smoother start and I am very happy about it. I wait for a couple of minutes and notice some very slight feelings of altered state. I decide this is not high enough so I smoke another 15mg of the marijuana-DPT mixture. The first bowl had made such a big difference to me that I could feel roughly how it had affected and where this was going to. I didn't have the excitedness of the unknown with me anymore, because I already saw a glimpse of this new world ahead of me.

T+3min Now I begin to feel the onset a lot more. My pulse has risen moderately and I start to see mild visuals. My friend has a carpet with coloured stripes on it, a very typical, propably homemade, carpet in Finland. The colours on stripes get clear and they look as if they were in an oil painting. The stripes start slowly spilling to the floor. I glance the ceiling and I see now the ceiling pattern flowing like a thick liquid. This visual distortion has become very familiar to me on my trips and it is always one of the first signs to me that I am entering a psychedelic state.

Onset is very comfortable and smooth, it almost sneaks in and before I even realize I am very high. Shpongle is playing in the background, but not loud enough for me to dive into the music completely. Smile is creeping on my face. Even though this is the first time I take this particular substance I already feel like coming home. I have been here before, definitely. This is the place where I can get lost in my thoughts, dive into music and see the world anew. It feels so good to be here again.

T+5min No body buzz at all and somehow very neutral in all other ways too, but definitely I am already very high travelling through psychedelic areas. Time dilation is getting very noticable. My sitter takes a hit of this DPT-marijuana as well, I have lost the track of time almost completely. My thoughts and conversations with the sitter create interesting patterns too.

T+10min (?) The sitters girlfriend comes home. She eats some orange and offers me a slice too. It tastes good. This high is very cannabis-like for me. Perhaps the weak marijuana where DPT was in, affects this high somewhat. The marijuana high is very strong though, so if this stone comes from the weak marijuana, the DPT must potentiate the effects quite considerably.

I conclude this is a very good substance and I have a constant feeling that I might give this impression out aloud too many times. The sitter and his girlfriend are quite experienced, so even though I feel repetitious I give myself the freedom to express my feelings aloud.

T+15min (?) I feel that I have sat there on my friends purple mattress talking this and that with him and his girlfriend for several hours, though quick check on my watch assures me it has been only for a couple of minutes. Conversation is easy and nice. I see our discussion going in patterns around my head. It feels like a slowly moving recursion drifting through all of us three.

The time dilation makes me worry about getting home in time. I tend to check my watch and tell others that I should leave soon every 3 minutes. Internally, of course, I feel that I have been there till late evening and that I am already late. This constant worrying about getting home in time, when there are still well over an hour for the train I promised my wife to catch, seem very amusing to her.

T+30min (?) I feel coming down. The psychedelic effects are waning slowly, but marijuana effects are still lingering strong. My sitter and his friend drive me to town with a van. This apparently quite conservative drive feels very exciting and fast to me. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

T+45min I take a bus back home. Bus ride is full of thoughts and beautiful sunset.

T+1:15 I am home and psychedelic effects are completely gone now. Some slight stoned feeling is still left, but it vanishes within an hour. Sleep is fine and everything seems good that evening.

All in all, very positive, interesting and mentally rewarding trip. This immediately became one of my favourite psychedelics. I will take it another time as well, perhaps changing the marijuana to some other non-active smoking material so I could see how much it affects the trip. DPT freebase has the benefit of having a short duration time, easy onset and being smokable, the dose is rather easy to control.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27002
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 24, 2008Views: 10,953
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DPT (21) : First Times (2), Preparation / Recipes (30), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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