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Two Different Trips
by Dr Who
Citation:   Dr Who. "Two Different Trips: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT (exp27130)". Sep 2, 2006.

15 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (capsule)


Note: This is K's journal entry. I will interject my thoughts and feelings as you read along within brackets [].

[ I am a pretty much experienced psychonaut. I've taken many, many trips on LSD, mushrooms, ecstasy, Nitrous, smoke marijuana and drink. This was my first tryptamine experience. K has smoked marijuana and eaten mushrooms a few times. Her first tryptamine exp too.]

On Saturday, D and I took a drug called Foxy (5-MeO-DiPT). I took what was said to be a dose and a half and D took a little more than me. [ Three gelatin capsules which had about 10 miligrams of Foxy in each. I ate one, K ate one, and I split up the 3rd. During which I had some on my finger and stuck my finger in my mouth. Bitter! The likes of which I've never tasted. I wanted to taste it.] We took it in downtown pittsburgh, hopped a bus, and was feeling it before we hit Oakland. [I had little trouble with the bus. I kept looking at the people and thinking about their thoughts. I began to feel a little sensual about the ride when K got sick. this my have something to do with the fact that K had eaten earlier, which I warned her about.] I had to get off the bus because I was going to throw up. The constant starting and stopping made me so sick.

We walked a little ways and had to sit down. I was still feeling so nauseated and I wanted to puke right then and there, amidst all the passing college kids, but I managed to steady myself and walk some more. We made it about a block or so and D needed to sit down. [actually I wanted to go to the park and lay in the grass.] I found that sitting made me sicker and walking seemed to make him sicker. D called his friend who really wanted us to come over but I just wanted to get home and lay down. D and I walked a few more blocks, further than I normally walk in pittsburgh. Public transportation is that way to go (when Iím not sick, that is).

We walked up to carnegie mellon and I decided I wasn't so sick anymore and we could take a bus. There was beautiful green grass behind the bus stop and D wanted to lay down in it so we did and it felt great. I looked at the clouds in the overcast sky and that's when the visuals began. First I saw these little shiny particles swirling and dancing around. Then the sky turned into hundreds of little swirls, all spinning in the same direction. It was like a grid in the sky and in each box was another prismatic swirl. I saw so many rainbows and I love rainbows so I felt very lucky. I told D what I saw and he said he saw the same thing. [I saw the entire sky over written by alex grey type grid formed out of rainbows. inside each cell there were these pink and purple swirling sunsets.]

One bus went by that we should have got on, and not wanting to miss the next one, we sat on the benches at the bus stop. It took forever for that bus to come but I was happy just sitting there watching the cars go by and the people and the trees and the sky... I still wanted to go home though so we finally caught the bus and took it to my house. [K put on this totally beautiful music by a band called Hem. At that point sitting there in an old man chair and she sitting next to me, I was so in love with her. It was something that I have never felt in my life before.] We watched Sealab 2021 for a few episodes and decided to go for a walk in the park by my house. This park is huge and when I go into it, you can't even tell you're in the city. The trees are so huge and it's incredibly beautiful.

We walked around in there for quite some time, until it got dark. I enjoyed just looking at the trees and falling in love with the sycamores. Everything was extra beautiful, what with all the rainbows I kept seeing. I loved looking at the sky through the trees. something about it was so awesome. When it started getting too dark, we went back to my house where we found [K's boyfriend] J and his friend N playing some game. I don't know if it was the drug, but it just seemed really strange... I took J upstairs and talked to him for a little while and then D and I were on our way to his friend's house.

At this point, I was still fucked up. Not as much as I was at the bus stop, though. D seemed to be coming down a lot too. [ about 4 hours after the trip I was in a pretty much stable mood.] We walked 5 blocks or so to catch a bus. We saw a guy on the corner selling pictures. They were the kind of pictures with lights behind them that make the water in the picture look real. I felt a lot more fucked up when I looked at those pictures. then we walked and walked for what seemed like a long time, but looking back, it wasn't even like a quarter of a mile... We waited for a long time and then a bus finally came but just passed us up... that was disappointing so we walked a little further to a stop where the bus could actually see us. it took at least an hour, or it felt like an hour, and finally we caught a bus and realized we were so much closer to where we wanted to be than we thought.

We made our way to D's friend's house where we hung out a while. I ate a piece of their pizza, the first time I had eaten since that morning. the pizza was loaded with meat. like steak and chicken and some other junk. it wasn't very good but I was starving. The longer I sat there, the more fucked up I felt. my perception was getting more and more distorted than it had been. I was trying to explain my trip to [D's friend] P when we saw him but I wasn't able to talk intelligently, or that's how I felt at least. There was industrial music of some sort playing and I had to ask for it to be changed because it was making me sick. I was really uncomfortable in that house. It smelled really bad, like cigarettes and... Boy, I guess. The smell was making me really sick so I asked D to come outside with me. The fresh air helped a little. When I looked up to the sky it was crazy. The stars looked different, I'm not sure how though. And there were a bunch of power lines in the distance and when I looked at the cluster of them, all I could see was a red grid-like thing over top of it all. it wasn't just straight lines, more like tons of hexagons... it was really weird and I couldn't make my eyes adjust so I could see what it really looked like. [at this point I was at normal level.]

This was probably around 11pm or later, mind you. I took the drug at 5:30pm.

D and his friends wanted to go somewhere so I suggested this weird place D and I passed earlier when walking. It was something like an anti-advertising place or something. On the outside of the building there was a sign addressed to HUMANS. I can't remember what it said but it was fucked up. we went there and everyone was gone by then. I think it was like some kinda art exhibit place, maybe.

then we went back to D's friend's house and they continued their conversations and I was sitting there in a daze, feeling like shit. I think it had a lot to do with coming back into that stinky house after being outside.

I couldn't take their talking anymore. I found it quite annoying so I went to lay down in a bed. it was freezing to death in there. I know it wasn't actually cold, but I was cold nonetheless. When I looked around the room, that's when the visuals really started to pick back up. There were rainbows everywhere. It was like rainbow circles and rainbow outlines. When I looked at the closet doors, they were wiggling with rainbows. When I closed my eyes, it was like when you push on your eyeballs and you see all those crazy colors and shapes and effects. It was like that all the time, actually. And I saw flowers. I now know why hippies used to paint those flowers everywhere. I saw them, just like they painted them. I was awesome. I also saw things like those computer generated fractal pictures.

Eventually, I couldn't take laying in that stinky bed anymore and hearing the talking and tv down the hall, and the emptiness of the room, it being just me and a bunch of junk, it was driving me insane because I was then forced to look at all these visuals. It may sound cool, and it was, but after so long, you just want it to end. I called J at 1am and asked him to come get me. He was unable to pick me up then and asked to call him in an hour. That hour was torture. I just wanted to get the hell out of there. D gave me his phone and at 2 I called J and told him how to get to where I was.

J and N picked me up and when I got in the car, the song 'I'm better off dead' was playing. I told them, that's me. it had been 9 hours since I took the drug. D couldn't believe was still tripping. and neither could I.

[After which I watched a movie with my friend P and then went to bed. Slept well and in the morning felt fine.]

I went home and got ready for bed, slowly, and with much difficulty. I had to have J help me quite a bit. Heís very sweet for doing that for me. He is wonderful. He fell asleep fast and I was left awake, alone with the images. Foxy makes everything so beautiful and colorful. I did enjoy it, only wishing it would have ended sooner. I couldn't sleep that night. I stayed awake the whole time while J slept. I had to have music playing to keep my mind semi-occupied. the music seemed almost as strange at the visuals. Some mexican electronic shit. I had to change it, it was too much for me. around 6am I couldn't take it anymore. I got up and watched cartoons until I took a shower.

My shower was... great. although, I was freaking out at first because I realized that I was still so fucked up and it didn't look like I was getting any better. The shower, which is supposed to be white, was being covered by green water. the water was staining it all, but not me. my skin was transparent. But I forgot about all of that and decided to masturbate. I heard that Foxy makes things like sex so much better so I tried it. Oh my god. It was so intense and the orgasm lasted forever. I saw so many visuals and when I finally reached my peak, I saw a big giant red starburst. it was like the sun came down and hit me. It was amazing.

Finally, I decided I should get out of the shower, so I did, and J woke up. I didn't want him to look at me because my skin was so transparent. I just wanted to hurry up and put on makeup. That was a disaster because I could see it on top of my skin, like it didn't blend in like it was supposed to. I was freaking out so much. When I was finally dressed and everything, I got J up so he could make me some food and get ready to leave. I'm so glad he was able to help me as much as he did. I was completely unable to cook, or even stand or walk for very long. Thatís when I started crying and I couldn't stop. I just wanted to be normal.

Finally, J and I got everything into the car and he drove me home. on the way there I decided to just accept my fate and enjoy the rest of the trip. I tried explaining what I was seeing to J but I think I just ended up annoying him. It was all I could talk about. Nothing else would come out of my mouth.

Once at home, I chilled on my front porch and watched the squirrels and chipmunks and birds. The squirrels were chasing each other and it looked like they were having so much fun. They were adorable.

My mom came home after too long and showed me some beads she got at a bead show that weekend. They were so cool. They were made from rocks that I love, and with the drug, I loved them even more. I spent at least an hour just looking at her beads.

Finally, more than 24 hours after taking Foxy, I was able to sleep. I fell asleep for a few hours and woke up normal again. I was relieved as hell. It was a fun trip, but it could have lasted a few hours less. I think I'd do it again, in smaller doses. Wow.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27130
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 2, 2006Views: 8,632
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5-MeO-DiPT (57) : Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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