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Some Powerful Seeds
H.B. Woodrose
by Mark
Citation:   Mark. "Some Powerful Seeds: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp27165)". Dec 21, 2003.

7 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
I have had one previous experience with HBWS, where I ground up 5 seeds, soaked in water, then held the mixture in my mouth for 20 minutes (as I heard it can be taken sublingually). I swallowed half the mixture, spat the rest out, than chewed up one more seed directly for a total of 6. This entry dose gave me a warm euphoria that was particularly brought out with bong hits, lasting for the better part of a day (8-10 hrs). It also allowed me to review myself from a heightened perspective, and my mindset on everything was boosted with added insight. Only minor distortion in visuals to speak of, and only slight nausea at the onset (first 2 hrs, went away with cannabis). Overall it was quite pleasant, and I looked forward to trying them again.

My next venture with HBWS would prove to be far more intense. Me and 2 others ate 7 seeds, chewing them. A fourth person also ate 5 seeds along with us. Everyone felt a heavy feeling in their stomach for the first hour or two, and one 7-seed kid felt terrible and tried to force himself to throw up, with minor success. I was worried that he would have a terrible experience, as his onset seemed to be much harsher than mine.

Luckily, things improved soon, as I hoped they would. The heavy stomach and odd body high gradually (and I do mean very gradually) gave way to a strong euphoria and general well-being. 2 bowls of potent cannabis later, and we had completely forgotten about any nausea. The feeling I experienced was like an intense drunken state without any of the negative effects of alcohol like blurred vision, slurring speech, discoordination or that sort of thing, altho i was kind of disoriented. The weed boosted its psychological impact, and my mind felt somewhat detached from the body, and speech came without me even thinking about it. I stumbled along with my friends without any cares whatsoever, social inhibitions dying fast. One 7-seed friend reported seeing trails and extended light exposure stuff, while the other 7-seed guy (the one who was originally sick) became lost in a sea of gabbering bliss, and said that he could take my face and place it onto a nearby statue and have it talk. I was jealous, as I was experiencing no visuals.

My 5-seed friend, who was elsewhere, was reportedly on top of the world emotionally, and was going up to ppl being extra-friendly, almost like an MDMA high. He also reported touching the same statue my friend looked at, and the hand of the statue became warm and touched his hand like a fellow human, according to him. This lasted from about hour 2.5 to hour 4 after ingestion.

This is where the trip took a sharp turn for me. About 4 hours after ingestion, I suddenly felt violently ill with a terrible sinking feeling. I proceeded to run to the bathroom and puke several times, but seconds after I started, my mind quickly traveled away from my puking body and I hardly became aware of it. I began to grow concerned, as my mental state abruptly began to shift, to what I wasn't sure yet. The next 30 minutes were intensely different than everything before it. Time in my mind went into overdrive, and real-time slowed to a crawl. Random thoughts would rush in my head, from imagining pipes rapidly blowing steam, to intense insights about myself and the world around me. Images would come in as stills, separeted from one another awkwardly like alternating pictures. My mind kept journeying to other places, traveling infinite directions for what seemed like days. I never 'saw' any visuals, but was able to imagine rapid thoughts so quickly and so vividly, it was as if i saw them almost in a different dimension of thought. I felt a strong shift in reality, and felt as if I was walking around in my dream, traversing the hallways of my inner-consciousness. After 30 mins I managed to leave the bathroom, feeling a bit better.

I collapsed on my bed (now 4.5 hrs after ingestion) and could barely look at the TV without getting overwhelmed. My eyes drifted to my poster of 'Dogs Playing Poker', and in the dim light, all of the dogs started idly moving, shifting their cards around in their paws, pipe smoke drifting upwards, adjusting their chairs right in front of my eyes.

I tried to sleep, but my brain was still racing, and so I just lay there. I was able to take any abstract concept, like a personal relationship, or God, and manipulate it unlike ever before. I searched within my past for answers, and was able to come up with new opinions and perspectives for different things I still have now. These seeds opened my mind up in a different way than any other drug, with slight ego-death properties along with a stream of uncontrollable things, events and locations. They are fun and quite intense, certainly not just a 'replacement' for other hallucinogens, but be prepared to get a little sick at higher doses. I am not doing these again for awhile, but I am glad I did.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27165
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 21, 2003Views: 20,118
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