Viagra with MDMA for Erections
Sildenafil (Viagra) & MDMA
Citation:   Brian Oblivion. "Viagra with MDMA for Erections: An Experience with Sildenafil (Viagra) & MDMA (exp27174)". Sep 28, 2003.

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Using Viagra with MDMA to facilitate erections in Males
I have seen many references to mixing MDMA and Viagra, and many warnings accompanying them. Unfortunately, most of the warnings that I have seen seem to be parroting what someone else has 'heard' as opposed to referencing any concrete scientific data. This is a mix that I have used on several occasions without any ill effects. But it is not something that someone should do casually. These two drugs can be taken safely together as long as one understands the medical issues that must be taken into account. In saying that, I would like to point out that I am NOT a medical doctor. And I strongly recommend that anyone thinking about mixing MDMA and Viagra first read scientifically authoritative research material available and draw their own conclusions. I would also recommend, if possible, that you speak with your doctor first and make him or her aware of your intention to start using Viagra.
Viagra (Sildenafil citrate) started out as a drug product designed to reduce blood pressure. It is a vaso-dilator, meaning that it expands (relaxes) blood vessels. It is unique in that its vaso-dilator properties have the side effect of producing erections in men. Viagra does NOT produce sexual stimulation, and anyone who claims that it makes them 'horny' is simply responding to a placebo effect (i.e., it can produce erections independent of sexual stimulation). Women should not take Viagra. There does not seem to be a positive sexual benefit from Viagra for women. At least, a woman should first speak to her doctor before attempting to take Viagra. (Currently there are other drugs under study for use by women for increased sexual function. Your doctor can provide more information about such drug studies and availability.)
MDMA tends to prevent erection in a percentage of males. I do not know what the exact percentages are (there is no statistical data available for this that I am aware of). However, from the reports that I have read, it appears that erectile inhibition is experienced by the majority of males while taking MDMA. I have a feeling that this occurs as a result of MDMA's interaction with the serotonin receptors, and specifically with the 5HT1a, 5-HT1b, 5-HT1c and 5-HT2 receptor sites (5HT1a has specifically been suggested as the reason why patients taking SSRI anti-depressants experience erectile inhibition). I do not have any hard scientific data to back this up with respect to MDMA (again, I don't think that any studies of this kind exists), it is just a guess on my part. Something else of note, with respect to the 5HT1a serotonin receptor, is that it is also involved in the ejaculation response. Inhibition of this receptor can result in delayed ejaculation (which, again, occurs in some male patients taking SSRIs).
Why does Viagra produce erections in males also taking MDMA?
It appears that MDMA disables the erection mechanism by turning off the 'switches' in the brain which are required to produce erections. Viagra bypasses this mechanism by directly producing smooth muscle relaxation in the corpus cavernosum and allowing inflow of blood into the penis (see: Viagra Drug Pharmacology / Sildenafil Citrate - This is effectively what the brain does during sexual excitation, except Viagra performs this action independently of any brain activity being incorporated.
Ejaculation / Orgasm
During the MDMA Experince It should be noted that, although Viagra can produce erections in males taking MDMA, it will NOT aid in achieving an ejaculation / orgasm. In fact, this mix tends to produce a condition where sexual stimulation is possible, erection is possible, but ejaculation can not occur. Depending on your goals this can be either a positive effect or a negative one. On the one hand, this mix makes it possible for a male to have uninterrupted sexual intercourse for a very long period of time. On the other hand, orgasm is not possible until after the full effects of the MDMA have subsided (i.e., when the specific 5HT receptors are 'freed up' to allow for the normal brain/erection/ejaculation process to occur). So, if one desires long periods of sexual activity then this is an ideal combination. Or, if one wishes to achieve an orgasm, this can be a very frustrating mix. Possible Post MDMA Side Effect An interesting side effect that I have noticed is that delayed ejaculation can continue for a day or two after an MDMA experience. It is by no means as pronounced as during the MDMA experience itself. But there appears to be additional 'staying power' during sex than normal. I suspect that this has something to do with the 5HT receptors 'reorienting' themselves after the MDMA experience has concluded, and that this process requires several days for the receptors to return to baseline. I have absolutely no idea what percentage of males experience this post-rolling effect.
Health and Safety Issues
Determining the Correct Dosage There is nothing 'safe' about popping an E with a Viagra. Doing so 'casually' is pretty stupid. For one thing it has been surmised that both Viagra and MDMA utilize the same metabolising enzyme P450-3A4 (see: Ecstasy and Viagra - And this may result in a larger amount of Viagra being utilized then when no MDMA is present. As a result, it is important to take less Viagra then would normally be required. The correct way to determine the your dosage of Viagra is to use small amounts during multiple MDMA experiences, and increase the dose slowly for each experience until the correct amount for your system is attained. Once you have found the right dosage to produce an erection DO NOT increase the dose beyond that point. Let me say this again: 1) TAKE MDMA + A SMALL DOSE OF VIAGRA. 2) DO NOT INCREASE YOUR VIAGRA DOSE ANY FURTHER FOR THIS ROLL. 3) MARK DOWN THE VIAGRA DOSAGE AND TRY A SLIGHTLY LARGER VIAGRA DOSE THE NEXT TIME THAT YOU ROLL. 4) ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN ABLE TO ACHIEVE A SATISFACTORY ERECTION DO NOT INCREASE THE DOSE OF VIAGRA ANY FURTHER. 5) AT THAT POINT YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR MAGIC DOSAGE. Becoming familiar with Viagra's Effects It is probably wise to first try taking Viagra separately before attempting to incorporate it into the MDMA experience. This will allow you to better understand how Viagra effects your body, and give you a better idea of what to expect when mixing it with MDMA. Remember that Viagra is primarily a blood pressure medication, so you will notice that you fell somewhat different under its effects.
Dose Management
Dose increments Ultimately, the dosage which you will require for your body is largely dependent on your health and your age. It is best to initially start off with a dose of around 10 to 25 mgs. of Viagra, and then add an additional 10 to 25 mgs. for each roll until you have found your ideal dosage. Viagra is available in both 50 and 100 mg. tablets. Because of this, to obtain a smaller dose increment it is necessary to divide tablets into smaller parts. This can be done with a pill splitter, a razor blade, or even a sharp knife. When using a razor blade or knife, be especially careful not to cut yourself. Stagger your doses Do not take the MDMA and Viagra at exactly the same time. Take the Viagra first, wait 30 minutes and then take the MDMA. If you take both drugs at the same time you may experience a light headnesses, or feel that your heart is beginning to race. This is a temporary effect and it will pass in under one half hour. Just sit down and relax. Under some situations, it may not be convenient to take the Viagra first, and you may want to wait until later on after you have taken your first dose of MDMA. This is alright. but remember that it can take a while for the Viagra to work (anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour or so). The important thing is not which drug you take first, but rather, taking them in different time frames. This allows your system to metabilize them separately, and reduces any uncomfortable side effects.
Other Health Issues that you should keep in mind are:
HEART if you have a heart condition you should first discuss using Viagra with your doctor. Taking either Viagra or MDMA alone can put those with a cardiovascular condition at serious risk. Combining the two may further elevate the risk factor in those with known cardiovascular problems. At the very least, if you have been diagnosed with a known heart condition, discuss this first with your doctor before attempting to use either Viagra or MDMA. Priapism this is a condition were an erection continues for an extended period of time. And can result in the penis being starved of oxygen due to the restricted blood flow. I have personally taken up to 100 mgs of Viagra and have had no problems whatsoever. However, everyone's body is different and will react differently to Viagra. If you have taken the right amount for your body, you should find that your erection will come and go. For example, if you stop having sex to go to the bathroom, your erection will/should soften a bit and will allow fresh blood to flow into your penis (also allowing for urination to occur). If you find that you have a rock hard erection that does not soften at all, then you may have taken too much Viagra. But if you find that you have a rock hard erection that lasts longer than a few hours (without breaks), you may need to seek medical attention. Nitrate Inhalants (Poppers) or Protease Inhibitors (AIDS drug therapy) NEVER NEVER NEVER use Viagra with 'poppers.' They both effect blood flow and together can produce hypotension (abnormally low blood pressure). There are also interactions which can occur with some AIDS medications. For more information see: VIAGRA Warning re 'Poppers' and Notice re Protease Inhibitors - James, John S. Dancing Keep in mind that you are taking a drug which effects your body's thermal regulation (MDMA) and blood pressure (Viagra). This is not a good combination for lots of dancing (the addition of reduced blood pressure could make you feel light headed, or have other unpleasant physical side effects). Granted, sexual activity can physically be very much like dancing. The key is to help your body regulate your heat (i.e., keep yourself cooled off). Take breaks every hour or so, drink power drinks (but don't over do the liquids), let your body cool itself off. The idea is to have fun, not to beat the world record for hanging at the edge of orgasm. So have fun! And keep cool. :) Viagra and 'other' drugs I have no experience in using Viagra in combination with other mind altering drugs. This report should not be used as a guideline for any use of Viagra outside of the Viagra + MDMA combination. Lubricants When mixing MDMA and Viagra, it is possible to have continued sexual intercourse for many hours. This also means that it is possible to have sex longer than your natural lubricants can keep up. So be sure to have additional lubricant on hand. The commercially available water based lubricants work very well, and wash off easily with water. You may need to periodically 'refresh' water based lubricants with a little water or add additional lubricant. A spray bottle of water (using a light mist) can work just fine for this. There are also commercial silicone based sexual lubricants which do not dry out (i.e., spill a few drops of them on the carpet and those droplets will still remain 'wet' 10 years later). These will wash out using soap and water. They also have the added benefit of providing lubrication even under water. So if you feel so inclined to have sex in a pool, this is the type of lubricant to use. In general, I prefer water based lubricants because clean up is so much easier. Solo Sex Using MDMA and Viagra together does not only apply to having sex with partners. It can also be used when being sexual with one's self. Just remember to use lubricants to prevent soreness the following day. Sex Toys Sex toys can also be a lot of fun, both by one's self and with a partner. Today, there are more varieties of sex toys available than ever before. From realistic flesh like dildos to full lifelike synthetic RealDoll sex surrogates, sex toys can greatly enhance your sex play. Again, just remember to use lubricants when using them. Safe Sex Remember to bring condoms with you and use them, unless you are having sex in a closed relationship where you both are 100% sure that you have no STDs. Remember that the nicest people in the world can still spread STDs. Be responsible to yourself and to everyone else (both for STD protection and to prevent unwanted pregnencies), use protection.
Viagra and MDMA can be mixed with harm reduction in mind. However, doing so requires intelligent forethought on the part of the user. What I have provided here is an outline of my opinions and experiences. I am NOT a medial doctor, and it is NOT intended that my report alone be the sole basis of anyone's decision to use Viagra and MDMA together. Read further information from reliable sources, and speak to your medical doctor, if possible. Most important KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING BEFORE YOU DO IT.
Sildenafil (Viagra) & MDMA (Ecstasy) - Erowid / April 2003 Oral Sgents in the Management of Erectile Dysfunction - J.P. Mulhall and I. Goldstein Viagra Drug Pharmacology / Sildenafil Citrate - Ecstasy and Viagra - VIAGRA Warning re 'Poppers' and Notice re Protease Inhibitors - James, John S. Viagra & Priapism - PubMed Search - NIH Neural activation following sexual behavior in the male and female rat brain - PubMed Search - NIH Involvement of 5-HT1C-receptors in drug-induced penile erections in rats - PubMed Search - NIH DRUG INDUCED SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION - Thea Moore - Pharm.D., Department of Pharmacy, W.M.M.H.C. University of Missouri-Kansas City ======================== Republication notice: I hereby grant permission to use and/or publish this document (in any form) without my expressed permission. The only restriction that I place on republishing this document is that any modifications or additions must accompany a notice stating that said modifications or additions were made, and were not part of the original document.

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