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A Surprisingly Emotionally Sensitive State
H.B. Woodrose
by neon green snake
Citation:   neon green snake. "A Surprisingly Emotionally Sensitive State: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp27279)". Dec 3, 2003.

10 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)


I've experimented with LSA a few times past and I noticed the effects are almost completely different each time. Every time having the same quality to it, but basically, the state of mind produced is circumstantial like with any other psychedelic. I had 20 seeds left and my friend wanted to try them so I agreed to support his curiosity. I arrived at his house at about 3pm and ground up the seeds with a coffee grinder. The house was empty and our plan was to dose and then take his dog for a walk down at the beach in mukilteo. We divided the substance and mopped the powder up with chunks of a pear to decrease the nasty taste. I suggested trying to smoke a small amount on some pot to see what the effects were. By the time we got the bowl loaded though, we were starting to come on to the dose we had already taken so when we smoked it, the pot increased what was already starting to get us high so we were unable to decipher whether or not smoking them did much.

I decided to be a goofball and stuck my nose in the empty baggie and snorted as hard as I could, my desired result be that some of the residue insufflated out of the bag enhanced my trip. That I couldn't tell for sure either, though we kept comaparing our state of mind and I was obviously higher than he was the entire time. We were gone for about an hour and a half. 45 minutes into the trip down to the beach clarity had begun to comfort me and time began to slow down to a crawl, like every song on the car stereo seemed like an entire album. The sun was shining and it was beautiful...touching...sceneric...vivid and emotionally potent. I stared at the sunny sky and the vastness of the body of water the entire time. I was in a state of silent bliss. We were walking extremely slow at the park and we quickly got back into the car after we arrived, our excuse being he didn't bring any trash bags for the poo. But I know the real reason was that driving and allowing the music to take control of our emotions and inner peace was far more comforting than walking around a bunch of people.

We got back to the house an hour and a half after dosing. My stomach had slowly over the previous 15 minutes become upset and I knew I was going to puke and the amount of willpower and energy and just simply holding the shit down was unbelievable but I managed not to puke in his car but as soon as we got to the house, I stumbled like a drunken idiot to the back yard where no one would see me, bent over and just let it all go. It felt so good, I would have chosen that experience over getting laid at that point in time. Also, as soon as I rid myself of stomach content, my psychedelic state of mind was, literally, enhanced 3 to 5-fold. We settled in, exchanging looks of hysteria, almost telepathically confirming we were both getting high as a kite. He was going to put in BEYOND THE MINDS EYE, but then he found out that I hadn't seen HOUSE OF A THOUSAND CORPSES and he immediately changed his mind.

That movie was so fucking weird, and the assumptions and suspense and the overwhelming number of failed premonitions due to the fact that the movie was meant to mislead you at every given chance, was mind blowing and put me in a state of potent grin, and also put me on the edge of uncontrollable laughter, though I kept it down with strength I never knew existed. He kept looking at me with a weird expression every time I made a comment, like I had lost my mind and eventually he said, 'maybe I was supposed to puke, I'm pretty damn high, but I don't fell nearly as high as you LOOK!' and I predicted truth and sense in his assumption/idea and thought that maybe puking after the substance sat in your stomach for about an hour and a half really DID enhance the remainder of the trip. You know, sorta like 'the more you give, the more you gain.' well, he mentioned, 1/2 way through the movie, that he wanted to lay down in his bed to get some shut-eye but he never moved from his spot on the couch. I looked over at him like 20 minutes later and he had acquired his 'shut-eye' right there on the couch just slumped over on his side as if he just snorted 80mg of oxycontin. I finished the movie in silence and mental exhilaration, and he never woke up so I left when the movie was over. I went to my house and grabbed my discman, craving horribly some music I could choose from MY collection and informed my room mate casually that I was in a state of mind equivalent to an acid trip and that if I act weird, ignore me and that I'm going for a walk to explore the depths of my expanded mentality. I walked around singing like an E-tard, and decided to sit on this majestic looking patch of grass. I sat and I looked around at the sky and the houses and the passerbys and the children running around and the birds and I was thrust into a state that was inundatingly emotionally unstable. I cried. My mind focused on every aspect of the simple factors of life...families just innocently working and getting by, raising children, trying to obtain the the closest to bliss they can manage. The sky was an angel simply there to let me know that everything, no matter how I looked at it, would be OK always. The pros would ALWAYS weigh out the cons.

I looked at myself with pride. I knew that I was completely different than the rest of the human race, which the majority is in fact, dishonest, selfish, etc. I had a mind that was wide open and I acknowledged the fact that I'm honest and considerate to all people, no matter how fucked up the majority of them were, that everyone was unique in their own way and that life is simply figuring out how to deal with anything and everything thrown at you, that karma has reason/purpose and that I will prevail in the end. I cried out of realization of greatness. I saw the meaning of life right before my eyes as if it were a stone on the side of the road. It was so obvious. I was dumbfounded by the fact that I never realized what I realized at that exact moment. The music only added to emotions. I smiled with such clarity, as tears flowed down my face with grace. I sat there spiraling and swimming around in this epiphany for hours.

The remainder of the night was simply treating everyone with as much respect as I could conjure. 'Eating seeds is a past-time activity' my perspective is enhanced due to that experience and I definitely recomend that any educated psychonaut explore the depths of the woodrose. Be safe and enjoy life. It's too short to be pissed off. Much peace and love.

Just another flaming soul singing the frays in the fabric of reality with grace

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27279
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 3, 2003Views: 12,872
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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