Mental Mescaline
Meditation & Caffeine
Citation:   GodOfWar. "Mental Mescaline: An Experience with Meditation & Caffeine (exp27335)". Feb 20, 2006.

  oral Caffeine
Ever since I started taking Karate some 4 years ago, and maybe a little bit before that, when I was interested by the supernatural, I've practiced the art of meditation. I've gotten pretty good, I'd say, reaching states of dissociation, dreaminess, hallucination, and ecstacy. This report relates to the the ecstatic state which had been the most impressive as of yet.

The method of mediation I do is most likened to Tai Chi, because I learned most of the techniques from a Tai Chi book. However, I pretty much just do whatever feels comfortable. Here's generally how I go about it:

1. Sit cross-legged or lie down comfortably in a light or dark room. I will probably see more visions in a dark room, however it also makes me more sleepy.
2. Throw on some tranquil music or mellow-upbeat rock and roll.
3. Close my eyes, forget the past and future, nothing is important right now, except for me to feel better, there are no deadlines, I am at peace.
4. Let my mind wander, not thinking on anything for too long. However, I have tried meditation in which I consciously focus on some sort of pleasurable scene, i.e. a forest and try to let this setting encompass my being. This is a way to transport myself to other realms and possibly see hallucinations. I've also tried to target specific areas of my brain for activity and sometimes even tried to use every area of my brain at once for some crazy mind-expansion. I don't know if that really does anything though.
5. Continue this, making sure to relax every muscle from my toes to my face (oftentimes a difficult place to relax for me).
6. Stop when I feel refreshed.

Oftentimes this is enough and I feel clear-headed or energized, but this last time was different... I didn't feel like transporting myself to another realm, so I thought I'd try to improve myself. I haven't been feeling well lately and I was tired of being sick. I was also tired of the depression I've been feeling since my run-in with a recreational dose of Benadryl a few days back.

I thought I'd try to become powerful, god-like, focus on what I'd like to see myself become. So I threw on a mix of energetic/trippy rock and roll and sat cross-legged. I had a vision of myself, only larger and healthier and I let the feeling of energy overcome me and I couldn't keep my eyes closed and then I started into Tai-Chi like movements as I visualized my fat turning into a lean, muscular body. I was overcome by a surge of energy. True, I had had tea, and chocolate that day, but no more than on a regular day. This was different, I felt like I was on cactus juice. It's quite possible I unlocked my full potential of adrenergic strength. I felt invincible, and my everything took on somewhat of a glow and mild visual effects were seen, which is also similar to cactus or my experience with Morning Glory Seeds and Yohimbe. Also of note are the thoughts I was having as I was coming up. I turned from depressive thoughts of life's futility to joy in life and a desire to become god-like, to improve the universe and make it the best universe there is. Maybe there is no heavenly afterlife, but we can create a heaven on earth. Nobody is to stand superior to me and my newfound powers. I did this practice for 15 minutes.

I hope I can maintain this feeling forever, though I wonder if it'll get somewhat boring or exhausting like psychoactive drugs. I think I'll use it when the time calls for it, but I'm sure it'll keep me awake or require lots of food energy to maintain.

Well that's about it... meditation is great stuff, there are a lot of chemicals in the brain similar to psychoactive drugs and we need to capitalize on them!

Happy meditating to everyone!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27335
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 20, 2006Views: 40,358
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