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Deep Dive into the Subconscious
Salvia divinorum, LSD, & MDMA
by Ana Ayahuasca
Citation:   Ana Ayahuasca. "Deep Dive into the Subconscious: An Experience with Salvia divinorum, LSD, & MDMA (exp27352)". Oct 6, 2003.

T+ 0:00
0.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 3 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)
  T+ 12:00 3 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 14:00 3 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)


My experience with hallucinogenic drugs, by the time I smoked salvia divinorum for the first time, involved only LSD. But none of the acid trips I had before could compare with the intense effects this plant invoked.

My friends got salvia by ordering on the internet. It was in form of dried leaves of the plant (I can't really tell the exact amount). We decided to go on a kind of a psychedelic picnic :) . I was with 3 more friends and we went on a mountain place with panoramic view of a lake. It was a perfect setting, the nature was wonderful and intact. At first we split hit of acid each of us. After couple of hours it was time for salvia. I didn't really expect anything, because my friends told me that it is difficult to inhale properly in order to reach the real effects of salvia divinorum, and what we had was a raw plant material and had only improvised bong. I figured out that probably nothing is going to happen. When it was my turn I took 3 large hits. When I exhaled the third hit, everything around me began to fade out, like in small waves. And the last thing I heard was the voice of my friend: 'Wow, that was a great hit' :) , fading out too.

Suddenly I found myself in a completely different environment, very strange to percept, everything physical vanished, there were only my own thoughts projecting in 3d images around me. I felt no body, only existence in form of a conscious thought. I was falling down an endless spiral stairway, which steps consisted of still frames of the last views I had from the 'physical universe', multiplying and repeating one after another by a different angle (this is a bit hard to explain; very bizarre, tough). I had no idea where I was, or what was happening to me, because at the time, I had totally forgotten that I had smoked something that induced that state, I only remembered doing acid. Some of the explanations that occurred to me were that I've probably gone insane or something, or transcended to some different level of existence or I don't know .. :) I'm aware that one must never let oneself be driven into confusion, fear or panic, so I cleared my mind and tried to adapt to the new world I was in (wherever that is :) ).

As the rush of positive thinking occupied my mind, some force got me out of the chaotic-floating-around feeling, and lifted me upwards with enormous speed. The surrounding became brighter and even more pleasant (higher astral I suppose :) ). It felt like the BEGINNING of something, all that whiteness around me. Then the most amazing part of my experience followed. All the events from my life, past, present and future were shown to me as on a fast forwarding film tape, but not only as images, it felt so real, so dense and detailed, like I'm re-living my life all over again. I was in center, on the beginning I was embryo, than baby, little girl and so on. I could actually *feel* the growth of my entire body, incredibly realistic. Everything around me was changing very quickly, I could see glimpses of my childhood, probably even the forgotten events of my earliest childhood. The changes continued and took brake on the exact moment it was for real; me sitting there with my friends. I looked at them but it seemed like I was watching from aside, I could see them but they couldn't see me.

I wanted to stay there, but I couldn't, the time accelerated again, showing the future and myself getting older and older. (I have to mention that for a moment I thought that I was in a process of dying, because it is known that near death experiences include vistas of the life fast forwarded like on a film tape. But there was no fear, on contrary, it was just the opposite.) A word appeared: enlightenment, enlightenment -- repeating all the time, I could hear my own (inner) voice saying it. I felt exquisite happiness and fulfillment, and began to climb and rise towards the white light I was seeing above me. After I reached it everything was filled only with light. And then something said END. And everything turned off. Blackness. Nothingness. (Death?)

The moment after, I came back into the 'real world'. And only THEN I realized that I had smoked salvia divinorum and that everything I had experienced was a consequence. I found myself standing (I don't know at which point had I stood up, because during the trip I was in no link with the 'reality'). I sat on the ground and yelled euphorically: 'I can't believe what just happened to me! So this is what salvia divinorum is about!' My friends smiled and said: 'She's back with us now' :) . Everything lasted only few minutes, but it didn't seem like that to me. I was left speechless and was still influenced by the intense experience, so I couldn't share it with them. I also wondered if something similar happened to them too, but it wasn't the case. My friend passed me the bong but I didn't feel like smoking again shortly after the first time, it would be overwhelming.

Some time passed after I returned to baseline (that is, baseline on acid :) ). During that time I was looking at the lake, it was very interesting how shadow and light played as my mood varied, dark and bright. Some conspirative thoughts occurred, for example that I'm able to increase and decrease the speed of passing time by my own will, or that I'm still not in everyday reality etc. But I know that powerful entheogens that deeply disturb the psyche can provoke such way of thinking, so I disregarded that kind of thoughts and didn't stick to them :) . I walked (it was somewhat narrow ground) and realized that my movement is eased, like I could estimate the correct spots I should step on with high accuracy. I was running around and I couldn't do that before because it was too narrow :) . It became chilly, so I sat down and covered myself with blanket. It felt like it was falling *through* me, and I couldn't feel my body properly, it was melted with the blanket. It was a very odd sensation and it just didn't feel comfortable to sit like that :) so I removed it. That sensation of passing *through* objects when in contact remained for the next few days (?!) only in my hands and fingertips.

Next morning we smoked salvia again, but this time it wasn't so intense. We ate pills couple of hours ago but that could not influence the effects because salvia is way more powerful. We were sitting on a beach, it was quite early, the sun was low over the lake, and everything was calm and peaceful. I took 3-4 hits, and the spiral falling down started again, but I remembered that it happened last time too, so I knew what was going on and I stopped falling and returned in normal position. The environment only slightly changed, and this time I was able to communicate with my friends and wasn't completely out. The texture of the objects around appeared like they are made of ceramics or kind of a plastic, very specific outlook that makes the world look weird and strange.

I noticed that two of my friends are having profound trips this time, and later they both told me they had encounters with other entities. I was looking at the sand and some pictures emerged from the diffused sandstones, first the faces of my parents, then I perfectly saw a head of a dog. But unlike the hallucinations on LSD, these pictures were of a different nature that I can't really explain, after they were born they expanded on all the forms of the objects around. After I saw the dog on the sand, a puppy appeared out of nowhere :) . I was seeing the whole scenery of the lake and the beach, and the puppy running across, as in a fairytale, expressing ideal harmony and calmness, which I was feeling inside too. I noticed that I'm able to control the hallucinations by my will. When I was looking at the clouds in distance, I could watch something like a cartoon on a wide screen. It was monochromatic, but not black and white, it was fluorescent purple and white :) . I could move the screen, zoom in and zoom out voluntarily.

In one moment, one of my friends said: 'Can you see those things in the air?' And the next moment we were all looking at the shiny particles floating around us. I suppose that was the static in the air that we percept in a quite unusual way, like the particles were magnified. I was also seeing some things that looked like cells, very detailed with fluorescent orange nuclei and purple cytoplasm :) . As they streamed in my direction, they became larger and larger and more numerous. I have never had similar hallucinations on LSD. I spent the whole morning in peace with myself and in enhanced spiritual mood.

Considering what I experienced with salvia divinorum, I think of this plant as a powerful tool for introspective explorations, that I would certainly like to continue in future.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27352
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 6, 2003Views: 17,647
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Salvia divinorum (44), LSD (2), MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Mystical Experiences (9), Combinations (3), General (1)

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