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Tripping in a Far-Out Land
Salvia divinorum (5x extract)
Citation:   YoungExplorer. "Tripping in a Far-Out Land: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (5x extract) (exp27817)". Dec 31, 2007.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
I get that little package in the mail, feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. Looking at it, I think I must have been tricked. The so-called “Salvia 5X” looks like a bunch of coffee grounds. Nevertheless, as I will soon find out, most coffee grounds don’t have such a drastic effect upon my mind. Trying this plant for the first time takes a bit of courage, for it is not marijuana. Salvia space can be quite scary. There are certainly no guarantees as to what this plant will bring.

Remember how most people don’t get high the initial time they smoke marijuana? The same is also true, oddly enough, for the much more powerful salvia. Smoking the first few bowls, I may still think I paid $20 for a gram of old coffee. At the start, I may only get a little tease of the drug’s effects. A few colors may drift through my visual field when I close my eyes. I might experience that distinct, yet hard to pinpoint, feeling of being slightly off-baseline. This is only the beginning of my voyages with this incredible plant teacher.

I will finally break through. Light alcohol usage can help get my mind into the proper space. It doesn’t take much more than a beer to potentiate salvia. When I finally break through, the experience will take me away. There is no going back. I remember when this happened to me for the first time. I was standing out on my porch smoking a bowl, when I realized that I had better find the nearest seat. Plopping down in an outdoor lawn chair, I began a very unusual mindtrip, which culminated in my stumbling inside due to the extreme cold.

The trip usually begins with a strange body sensation. All of a sudden, I feel as if a whole ton of weight has been pressed on top my body. Gravity takes on a new meaning. This is not the motion euphoria of alcohol or DXM. On the other hand, the sensation certainly brings no pain. For me, it serves as a nice segue into the experience, a physical correlation to being pulled into another mental world. Once the effects start, I am in for quite a ride. Salvia is definitely better than that rollercoaster I went on with in Disneyland!

It would be extraordinarily complicated to describe everything that might happen to me while under the influence. Nevertheless, it is appropriate to describe a few of the many sensations I have encountered in the land of salvia. Most notably, there is the Lady Salvia, whom I will meet sometimes during my journies. Apparently, she manifests herself quite frequently when people consume salvia. All in all, the Lady is quite an extraordinary woman. As my main spirit guide, it is her responsibility to take me to the myriad states of consciosuness I will experience while I travel. More than a simple tour guide, she also happens to be an unusually talented and passionate teacher. She will direct her insights through my brain and into my conscious mind. These tidbits of information will help me live my life in a more fulfilling manner, for the Lady wants me to exist as best I can.

Like my strict high school English teacher, who looked like an old witch, the Lady Saliva prefers not to mess around. She keeps no room in her classroom for those looking to get “messed up.” Similarly, she accepts new visitors with open arms. Those who are serious will take much wisdom from her. Those who like to joke around and get high will be shipped out of class, most probably to the Vice Principal’s Office. As I learned rather quickly, salvia space is no joke.

Unlike many other psychoactives, salvia has but a few physical effects. There is a definite heaviness present throughout the trip, but not comparable to the one experienced while stoned. After I return to Earth, I feel relaxed and content, almost as if I had just taken a hot bath after a long and trying day. This might be a good time to settle down to an enjoyable book, or, for the less intellectual explorers, to turn on the television. Feeling takes on a new meaning while under the grasp of salvia, but this is difficult to describe. In a few of my experiences, for example, my hands have taken on the role of a fence between different worlds. Physical concerns usually seem unimportant during these voyages. I certainly won’t be worrying about how I am feeling while I are entering and exiting different universes.

Guidelines for the trip will make a salvia journey much more comfortable and enjoyable. As with any strong psychedelic, I do not want to control the trip too much by setting excessive limitations. However, a few common sense rules will make things easier for the user. First of all, experiences with salvia should only occur when I have plenty of time to integrate what I will learn. This is not something I take a quick “hit” of at 5:30 before going out to dinner at 6:00. The effects of this drug do not last long, so any quiet time will serve well.

Physical settings have a huge impact upon the success or failure of a particular session. A powerful psychoactive like salvia should be taken in a calm environment. I never light up a bowl of this stuff at a concert or large party. Preferably, the voyage is taken alone, so that there are as few distractions as possible. A sober trip sitter could come in handy here, but is not entirely necessary if I remain lying in my bed or large recliner. Having the experience with a few friends could add to the atmosphere of exploration and discovery. These friends, however, should be seriously dedicated to working on themselves and finding new and more creative states of mind. Once again, salvia is not something to take with my drinking buddies.

The people involved in using the drug should probably go one at a time, while the others observe. At this point, silence is essential. Most trippers want the room to be dimly lit, free of commotion, and also devoid of noise. Any movement or sound can disturb the experience, for these special states of consciousness seem to be fragile. When the person emerging from salvia space wants to talk, then it is appropriate to begin discussing what that person went through. As a sacred plant, salvia is at its heart a way to expand the mind. It is not a party drug. It is not a toy. We all need to treat it carefully and respectfully.

Most people will tell I salvia is not a fun drug. They are absolutely right. For many people, this substance just doesn’t do the trick. It certainly doesn’t fit the bill for ordinary psychoactives. That is fine. Nevertheless, some psychonauts find this material extremely valuable. It is legal, enjoyable to consume, interesting, and safe. Not many drugs meet that high of a standard.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27817
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 31, 2007Views: 6,354
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