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An Afternoon Wasted
by Max
Citation:   Max. "An Afternoon Wasted: An Experience with Diphenhydramine (exp2783)". Dec 9, 2001.

9 capsls oral Diphenhydramine (capsule)


This is an account of what I did yesterday, after spending the morning reading up on it I decided to take 8 benadryl allergy pills and my friend took 6. It was about 12:40 noon, and I told him that it would probably make us sleepy to begin with, and we'll see what else it does.

I know I weigh more than him, so around 1:05 I guess I took another pill, making my total 9 and my friend took another (total of 7 now).

Waiting for it to kick in, nothing major happened. I felt kind of out of it, like I was 'on' something, and felt different than I did before I took the pills. But nothing major untill we stepped into my backyard.

The light from the sun was too intense, and I saw pink everywhere, I had to shield my eyes to make it to the tree in my backyard. We sat in the shade and talked about what we felt. He said he felt 'out of it' , and I compared it to maybe drinking 4 glasses or a couple beers, nothing too heavy.

We smoked a joint of kind bud then, not a big joint, just a little. I felt the effects immediately, and we made our way inside. It was now around 1:30.

I had the feeling for the rest of the day we werent going to accomplish much. I began to feel REALLY heavy and tired around 1:45 ~ 1:50 pm, when my friend showed up, we'll call him X. X doesn't do drugs, never has and probably wont, he couldn't tell we were messed up on anything. He hung around for a while, then my friend wanted to go somewhere so he put on his rollerblades and I got in the car with X and drove to the gas station.

The car ride was hilarious, I don't know if it was the marijuana, or maybe the benadryl..but the music he was playing was real good. It was a KMFDM album, and I had never listened to them before while on anything. What I was feeling was more the marijuana I think, the usual high feeling was completely gone by 2:00 pm.

We made our way back home, 2:20 now, and I sat down and couldnt move for an hour. We didnt talk, my friend X left soon after. I noticed my friend who had dosed 7 of the caplets, said he couldn't move even if he wanted to he just wanted to stay and watch TV. I got up around 3 pm, got something to drink and sat back down. When I hit the chair it felt like it was quicksand, I was pushed further down and down. I looked around the room, and I saw minor visuals, nothing too fantastic.

I usually get visuals from cannabis use, but it had been 90 minutes since I had smoked the joint, and I didn't feel anything anymore, just tired. The visuals happened when I would look above or below the TV, and then not focus my eyes. I forget what I saw, but I know it wasnt that big, it was a small area visual. I told my friend that the ingredients is the same they use in sleeping pills. He said 'no wonder' and layed back down.

The 3:00 hour passed really fast, and I had closed my eyes looking for visuals, I didnt see anything. Some lines were red, some were faint faint blue, everything else was black. I felt the afternoon had been wasted.

I couldn't talk, I couldn't focus on anything, coudln't move my legs (this was real, it took forever to stand up), and this was from 9 pills, which should have been a low medium dose from what i had read. Well, the day ended around 5:00 pm when I made my way to my room and fell asleep on my bed. I was soooo tired. Kind of depressed this was all there was to it too. I slept undisturbted untill midnight, when I realized my friend had fallen asleep on my chair, he soon left and I went back to sleep, untill 11 am the next day.

This experience has led me to not further my investigation into legal OTC highs. I'd rather just spend an afternoon drunk or high, and I will.. from now on.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2783
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 9, 2001Views: 29,732
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Diphenhydramine (109) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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